Udo Rudolph – Anniversary ot the Uranian Society

ottobre 19th, 2012 | Meeting Uraniani

I want to thank you dear Liane, for the invitation to the 25th anniversary of the “Uranian Society“. I think this is a good occasion to come together, to speak together and to experience that we of the Hamburg School and the Uranian School are sitting together in one boat, which is called Hamburg School in Germany and “Uranian Astrology”

In the english speaking countries. Days of jubilee give us the opportunity to look back, think and talk about the past and take a look into the future. Particularly astrologers are busy with the task of obtaining a picture of the qualities of the future.

Wittes Astrology between U.S.A. and Germany in the past:


Alfred Witte created his Astrology in the twenties of the last century and.gave important innovations for a new Astrology. This Astrology has been checked out in many parts of the world within the last 80 years and developed further by students all over the world. Witte himself has not written a textbook about his innovations, but he has left us 40 articles in which he has demonstrated his mode of operation, by examples. We have combined these articles in the book: “Man a receiver of cosmic suggestions.” This book is the source of Wittès Astrology. Hermann Sporner an early student and a good writer, has commented and explained the individual articles of Witte. The “Astrological Studies-Society Hamburg School” was founded in 1948 and in 1961 we started the quaterly “Hamburger Hefte”. Numerous students, who dealt with special topics from Wittès Astrology, completed Wittes renewals, developed their own ways and wrote books about their findings. I am sure that similar new developments have also arisen here in the United States and I think we will enrich each other if we exchange our knowledge.

United States:

Richard Svehla who runs the Phenix-Bookshop in Cleveland/Ohio, was the first Astrologer from the U.S.A. to show interest in Wittes Astrology, contacted my father in the thirties. Svehla translated the first rules-book and has written several good lessons for students in the States.

Hans Niggemann has shown his interest after the second world war and asked for books and working tools for the Witte Astrology. He called this Astrology “Uranian-Astrology” after my father had written to him, that Witte was a pure “Uranian” whose Astrology will be the Astrology for tomorrow, for the “Aquarian Age.” Mr. Niggemann worked together with Dr.Wagner. In New York, they studied eagerly and taught the “Uranian Astrology” in a little group. Fritz Raider from Racine/Wisconsin did a lot of work to distribute books and working tools about the Hamburg School of Astrology in the States. Roger Jacobsen wrote the wonderful book: “The language of Uranian Astrology” that has also found many grateful readers in Germany. Mrs. Penelope Bertucelli from Florida invited me several times to come to the States to give lectures for interested students in Miami. I was impressed wth the industriousness and the engagement of the young students around Penny.

Together with Astrologers from many parts of the world, Penny published the quaterly “Uranian Forum” for many years,, , which contained useful articles covering all areas of life. The Uranian Society has published the Journal “Urania” since 1980 and spread the “Uranian Astrology” into the United States. You have published much astrological knowledge about Witte. I’m sure, that these efforts to study and to publish the Witte-Astrology will help to respect Astrology as an important knowledge for the people of our planet in the future. Astrology is not only a hobby, but also a sensible counsellor for the life.

I think, our most important task for today is: Uniting astrological knowledge with religious efforts in which all denominations and beliefs are welcome and with the serious striving to come into harmony with the cosmic laws as a preqequisite..

The Transneptunians.

The founder of the Theosophial Society, Helena Petrowna Blavatsky, has announced four planets, in her “secret doctrin” (1875) which can be seen by no telescope and the astronomers know nothing about these planets. (Kosmogenesis Page 186/187) She was right and Alfred Witte was the man, who has discovered four Transneptunians: I think it’s good to know this!

Wittès and Sieggrun’s discoveries of the “Transneptunians” in the twenties, was a sensation and a great shock for the “astrological world.” No man has been able to see them, they have remained invisible till today. This fact is a reason for many people saying no to the invisible Transneptunians.The way to discover effective sky strengths and determining their positions arithmetically, was unusual and impossible in the opinion of most Astrologers.
Astrologers however, who have worked with this invisible power-fields – as I call them – have learned in nearly 80 years, that they are extremely effective, we wouldn’t like to work without these additional statements!

The question, how it was possible to find celestial power-fields this way, without astronomical telescopes, must find an answer! Witte didn’t give us any answer to this question. I think we have to find an explanation for this question!
Richard Wagner a famous german composer perhaps can help us to understand, what has happened here? Wagner was asked by a journalist; “What do you feel, if you are composing? ” Wagner answered:

“I am convinced that all comprehensive currents of divine thoughts exist, and are swinging in the ether everywhere. Everybody who can be aware of these vibrations, is inspired. It is important that he/she is conscious of this process and has the knowledge to represent these vibrations in a convincing way, being a composer, an architect, a painter, a sculptor or an inventor.”

I would like to add, that this also applies to the Astrologer, when he has been aware of the divine vibrations. Richard Wagner completed this conversation and said:

” This universal, vibrating strength connects the human soul with the all-powerful central force. Therefore I think one of life principles is: all of us owe our existence to it. This strength is the link for us to the highest power of the universe, of which all of us are a part. Who is able to do this, is inspired.”

I think these very clear words from Wagner can be understood and strongly used also for the finding of the Transneptunians from Witte and Sieggrun. Wagner’s words are from the book: “Conversations with famous composers” by Arthur M. Abell, who also asked the same question of other composers, including + Richard Strauss, Johannes Brams, Giacomo Puccini, Engelbert Humperding and Edvard Grieg. All of them said the same, even if in other words.

When we agree with these very clear declarations of Wagner and when we are able to accept the same declarations for Wittes and Sieggrun’s finding of the Transneptunians, then we have made an experience which is connected to a special responsibility at the same time. First we must be conscious that spirits of a higher, invisible dimension exist, and are able to communicate with us. It wasn’t possible for illumination and inspiration only in biblical times.

We must remember this and becoming conscious, that we can build bridges to the higher spiritual dimensions through us, as the priest-astrologers in Egypt have done. Important thoughts of higher Spirits can be revealed (offenbart) to the people by inspiration.

Friedrich Sieggrun has reported about the discovery of the invisible Poseidon, he has mentioned the exact time also telling that he was illuminated. His report, printed in the “Hamburger Heft” IV/95 shows us, that Sieggrun (winning green) was conscious of the personal process of the Poseidon-discovery. In this report he wrote about the minute of the discovery and also he showed its connection to his personal horoscope. We find here

“The starting-point” for the: “Spiritual Astrology of the Hamburg School”

Here are the data of the discovery: 19.9.1937; at 17:11::05 = GMT in Hamburg-Altona, Long. – 9°56’13″ ; Lat. 53°32’52″

“Spiritual Astrology!” 

The planetary picture for the spiritual Astrologie is Uranus+Apollon-PoseidonCarl Perch one of our best teachers in Hamburg gave us very special planetary pictures to the topics: Personality, birth and death. He said: A person is a unity of body, soul and spirit and we can express this in three sums as follows Sun + Meridian + Poseidon Body, soul and spirit in unity. This is the point of personality. The body is our working suit: It is visible, mortal and for many people, the most important part of the unity. The inner self of the body, is the life-element: Meridian + Poseidon invisible and immortal. When we are dying, only the body dies and destroys this unity. We are writing: Meridian + Poseidon - Sun. Meaning: “separation of the body, from the life element,” The life-element goes into another dimension and prepares itself for another incarnation. We distinguish: (unterscheiden) Life – element in the body: = Meridian + Poseidon (sum) and the life-element outside the body = Meridian / Poseidon (halfsum).

Speaking about: “Spiritual Astrology” we must be able to define the word spirit. This isn’t so very simple; soul and spirit are often mistaken for each other. Dr.Gottfried von Purucker, head of the Theosophical Association from 1929 untill his death in 1942 gave the following definition:

“The divine spirit of man is connected to universe,
since he is a beam of the universe in a very mysterious meaning.
A soul is a being, which develops by experience.
She isn’t a spirit, because she is the carrier of the spirit.”


The Agni-Yoga life-teaching was given in 1924. It is a call for a conscious cooperation with the spiritual strengths of the bright hierarchy of light. It also is a present to mankind, to live an ingenious life respecting the cosmic laws. The responsible spiritual source and sender of this Agni Yoga teachings is named:

“Master Morya” the “Avatar of synthesis.” Mediator and receiver of the teachings was: Helen Ivanovna Roerich, the wife of the great Russian painter Nicolas Konstantinowitsch Reorich.

Many of his 8000 paintings can be seen as an expression of this life teaching. I have visited the Roerich-Museum in New York 25 years ago and I was happy about the beauty of these pictures. Agni Yoga is a renewal and expansion of the Theosophy, which was given also by “Master Morya” and received by Helen Petrowna Blavatsky approximately in 1875. Agni Yoga has 14 books, and the titles have a mysterious connection to the 8 names of our Transneptunians. I have elected the Agni yoga teaching as a base for my astrological work for two reasons: 1st. I think the union between Astrology and religion (rebinding to our spiritual homeland) is important and is a good partnership. 2nd. the high value which is given Astrology in this teachings has filled me with enthusiasm. Listen please for some quotations from Agni Yoga.

AgniYoga about Astrology:

“Even simple heads have thoughts about the destiny of some towns. The result of the cooperation of physicists, Astrochemists, biologists and Astrologers without mysticism, would give the best answer. The implementation (Verwirklichung) of large towns must be planned carefully.”
From the book “Leaves of the Garden Morya” II

“By astrology the cosmic magnetism can be stated exactly, if it turns out well, determining the run of the events; then one can determine them exactly, if one accepts the cosmic magnetism as the ruling, making [creative] strength. All life appearances can be calculated. One can obtain knowledge of all events and appearances of spiritual and planetary beings.
A cosmic magnetism collects the highest aspects of a cosmic attraction. The spirit who responds to the attraction becomes that part of the cosmic reason in the same measure, this is confirmed as the commandment (Gebot) of being! Beauty is contained in that commandment. The same commandment frees the spirit of the planet, grants the illumination which leads to the higher spheres.” 
From the book: “Without limits” par 129

“At present much attention is paid to Astrology. Science finally is aware of the cosmic laws, too. But one can notic, that even inaccuracies often arise in the context of exact calculations. One should know what is at the root of these fluctuations. We must see clearly, that the planet is just wrapped in difficult layers now and that by such a saturated atmosphere chemical beams can be broken. The relativity of conclusions arises from this situation which has never been.” From the book: “Fiery world” I par 258

The twenties of the last century were a special time for transfering new knowledge from “the higher dimensions of light” to that of mankind. The transneptunians from Witte and Sieggrun were discovered in the twenties, at the same time that Madame Roerich received the “Agni-Yoga life-teachings” .
I think that this is not incidental and regard this observation as remarkable.

Charles Emerson

I have met Charles in 1989 here in New York in his home. We had cheese and wine together and we became friends. I have made his horoscope for this day of our meeting here in New York for the 25 Anniversarry of the Uranian Society that was founded by him. This is a “three- levels-regarding [view, analysis]” as we call the horoscope [chart], when we have natal, solar arc and transit together on the same paper. My intention for this experiment is to find out if we will have a spiritual connection with his immortal, invisible life-element in this hour here and now in New York city.

The astrological definition for the life-element, outside the body, is the halfsum between Meridian and Poseidon (MeridianPoseidon) I found the following planetary pictures in this axis:

(MeridianPoseidon) d The immortal life element of
Charles Emerson (Solar-arc: 79°38′)

(MeridianPoseidon) d (26°53)

=North Moon Node=North Moon Node/Sunt=Sun/Sun d=(Uranus/Apollon)/(Cupido/Zeus)/(Uranus/Apollon)d/(Cupido/Zeus)d
=L.A. N.Y.=Mercury t=(Sun/Moon) t=Ascendent/Moon t

The immortal life element of Charles Emerson is harmoniously connected on this day, in this hour, with his astrological research-group, which is speaking about him, [which is discussing with him] in the city of NewYork.


=Kronos/Moon t=Aries d/Moon t= d=Cupido/Poseidon=Mercury d=Apollon/Pluto t=Pluto/Uranus+Apollon-Poseidon
=Jupiter/=Mars d =Neptune/Admetos=(Jupiter/Kronos)d =Moon d/Cupido = Hades/Apollon d

The hour of this day is a special hour. A serious spiritul comunity is talking about developing towards a spiritual Astrology by deepening itself into the metaphysics and the invisible worlds. Succesful concentration in this direction and the actions resulting from it, can cause complete changes [in our] condition and confirm the knowledge of the past.

I have learned by many examples, that a horoscope can be used also after the physical death of a person.

Dear Lady President, dear Liana!
Dear friends of the Uranian Astrology!

I want to thank you for the invitation to this memorable anniversary of the Uranian SocietyCharles Emerson the founder of the Uranian Society lives in another dimension now. We feel connected with him today and want to thank him for creating this honorable association to develop the Astrology for the future. His activities for the “Uranian Society were an important step for the evolution of Astrology. Groups only are able to do research work, they can support and complete each other, they can avoid faults, and they can finish greater common work in connection with other groups and unions. Astrological communities which have the same aims will attain meaning in the future, if they are capably of using the laws of polarity correctly and bring everything into balance. Such communities will be succesfully in the future!

The wonderful “principle-explanation” of Charles, that is written in front of every version of the “Urania Journal”, radiates confidence!

“The Uranian Society is dedicated to the advancement of Astrology as an art and a sience. Our definition of “Uranian” is inclusive of the astrological insights and system developed by Alfred Witte and his associates, and the principles symbolized by the sign Aquarius, and its modern ruler Uranus; the spirit of universal brotherhood and sisterhood, open-mindednes and free inquiry!”

I would like to wish the U.S. “Uranian Society” a flourishing, a growing and a prospering on their way into the “Aquarian Age” and want to express my great pleasure at having met you here in New York City. We are working on the same serious aim to develope the “Uranian Astrology” and prepare this wonderful knowledge for the future. I’m sure that we have an important task for this time to help mankind understand the sense of life, by taking into account the cosmic laws and by finding the inner way to God!

For this we need to have a good cooperation between the Hamburg School and the “Uranian Society”