6th IUF Bangkok Congress. Lecture by Lietta Catoni – Hamburg School Astrology – Edited by Clara Mucci

October 31st, 2012 | Articoli, Meeting Uraniani

From the Abstract : Point N. 1.

Historical Synthesis : The cultural European scene of the XIII° century was frantic as it often happens during periods of expansion and re-distribution of the wealth. Between the years 1170 / 1250 the feudal Society reached an higher degree of development. It was a political, economic and social oligarchic structure , “legitimated by God” at its top. So the power of Kings, Emperors and Popes came from God! In turn they gave much power to their privileged subjects, i.e. “Feudal Lords and High Clergy”. In order to maintain or expand their own privileges they fought many wars.

Both the real Courts and the aristocratic Manors became centres of literary life where artists and poets were protected by Kings and Lords. In Italy there were cases of political and cultural independent realities, for ex. in Florence, the town of the most famous Italian poet Dante Alighieri. In the religious field, the Catholic Church guided by Pope Innocenzo III°, reached the top of the political economic power.

The phenomena of the Middle-Age Inquisition also belongs to took place in this century.

In 1231st the Roman Catholic Pope appoints the group of “permanent inquisitors” choosing them among Dominicans and Franciscans. But only in 1252nd following the murderer of one inquisitor, Pope Innocenzo IV° enacted the decretal “ad estirpanda”(to be eradicated) where the Inquisition became a repressive structure under the very control of the Roman Pope.

The pope’s diktat underlined the beginning of the religious darkness having as aim to eradicate the heretical phenomena against people considered subversive of the true faith. Let’s go to the Dial 360°to look at it.

1. On the EARTH HOROSCOPE 1252nd we’ll watch only the tendencies.

2. On the ASCENDENT HOROSCOPE of ROMA we’ll see the events of the year.


Cardinal Axes = MARS/VULCANUS : “great power and violence in the world “.

The TNp KRONOS in 4th House is opposite to NEPTUN in 10th : “The Authority rules in absence of truth “. Or: “Manipulation of the power “.

Please put into connection the two significant “trines”: KR+PO-CU (2nd house of the values) and SA/HA ( 6th : everyday life ). Meaning: “The religious congregation Head (Catholic Church) acts through coercion “.

AS Roma (= place of Pope residence ) lies in 10th H. (governs, sovereigns).

HOROSCOPE of the ASCENDENT. Graphic. N. 2. (Pointer on AS Roma). We’ll find intriguing planetary pictures in 3 of the 16 key-points of the Dial 360°: VULCANUS in 11th, HADES in 10th and the half-sum URANUS/ADMETOS jointed in 8th House. With the meaning: “Disquieting, wicked, cruel, violent and oppressive reforms (11th ) in Rome. These pictures are the astrological perfect translation of the Papal sentence “ad estirpanda” (10th ), befalling like an earthquake and provoking death (8th ).

Besides the full factors we’ll find the following half-sums and sensitive points on the AS axis =… =MA/NE = KR+VU-PO = NE+PO-AP. Meaning : “Deceitful actions from the High Religious Power against the many heretics”.

MARS and POSEIDON constellations reinforce the previous meaning a.f. :

MARS = PLUTO = APOLLON = MOON ( all full factors) = HA/KR = SA/AD = AS Roma/ZE. “Beginning (PL) of the ignoble action(MA) of the investigating authority (HA/KR), – that is of the Inquisitor – against many people (AP, MO). This own aggression (AS/ZE) started in Roma will last long (SA/AD)”.

POSEIDON = MERCURY joint to KRONOS : “Religious diktat “

From the Abstract : POINT N. 2. : THE XIVth century .

The main points of the XIVth century are the following:

In Rome : The Pope initiated a great religious and solemn celebration (UNIVERSAL JUBILEE ) giving the plenary indulgence to all people visiting St.Peter or St. Paulus basilica in Roma.

In Europe : Age of economic, financial and population crisis for famine (1315-18) and Black Death (1346-1354). North-Central Italy, South France, Germany, England became quite depopulated. There were social tensions, claims and strikes in England and North Europe, Poland included and in Italy the town of Firenze (1346).

At the beginning of 1300 century the European States had to spend much more money to maintain their courts, the bureaucracy and the army. They raised funds by new taxes, also asking for some loans to the bankers and even depreciating their own currency. A few bankers become short of money, made speculations and went bankrupt.

Let’s look at the DIAL : General examination of the Earth Horoscope:

ANNUAL EARTH HOROSCOPE 1300 – graphic. N 3: It is the horoscope of the beginning century horoscope that will show the general signs for the next 100 years events.

The TNp HADES, VULCANUS and ADMETOS on the cardinal axes dominated the scenery through their disquieting meaning of violence, wickedness, death, penury.

In the meantime we’ll see : MARS at 1°48′ Capricorn , KRONOS and PLUTO in one of the 16 key-points of the DIAL (5^H.) with SATURN in opposition from the 11^House. All together they suggested “a century permeated with both violence and cruelty of the governors (HA and VU in 10^H), screwed (AD) on their own narrow positions. It was also the failure (SA) of both confrontation and renewal (5^-11^). The Power concentrated on precise objectives through a fanatically agreement to its own plans and resorting to force and cruelty : MA is opposite to HA and VU)”.

The constellations HA=VU=KR and PL reveal the degraded power.

Some other constellations:

Sovereigns and Bankers (graphic N. 3)

On the Cardinal axes and on a few of the 16 key-points we’ll find :

JUPITER =APOLLON = JUPITER+SATURN = URANUS = POSEIDON: “The big capitals suffer from crisis”… ( 8^economic/financial House ). “Situation of bankrupt” (UR=PO)

Economic Crisis

The constellation : HADES = ADMETOS on the cardinal axes shows “the negative economic trend in general and particularly in the agriculture (Admetos). The connection with SATURN reveals that “problems are serious”, and the one with PLUTO joint to KRONOS tells about the “slow inversion of tendency because of the inadequacy of the governors “.

Only by the graphic you’ll see the constellations of FAMINE, PLAGUE, MASS REVOLT and STRIKES :

While for the Jubilee please see the graphic N 4:

AS ROME =KRONOS + VULCANUS + POSEIDON (10° Capricorno) = JUPITER = URANUS = POSEIDON : “The big sudden and lucky event is a propaganda for the great spiritual power of the Catholic Church in Roma”.

From the ABSTRACT point N. 3 : Annual Horoscope 1452.

The 1400 century is an age of big political, economic, religious and social upsets. According the historians it is a bondage time between the Low Middle-Age and the Modern Age. While the Ottoman Empire rapidly expands in the East through the Turks’ action, in the West the Modern States arise, among them the monarchies of France, England and Spain. In the field of economy it was the America discovery at the end of the century to open the way for the colonial expansion which widened to almost infinity the European horizon moving the trades from the Mediterranean sea to the North Europe towards the Atlantic ocean.

In 1452 year, the Transneptunian ADMETOS stays at 29°48′ Gemini (graphic. N.5). It informs about the coming of major TECHNICAL innovations in the next few years. In fact during the 1455 year there will be the invention of the printing through movable characters from the German Gutenberg which revolutionized the spread of the knowledge and the circulation of the information. 1452 is also a year of political conspiracies, of great tensions connected with both power and leadership (URANUS/KRONOS = ARIES Point = ADMETOS) . Through Admetos the end of old traditions arrives, for ex: the crowning of the emperors by the Popes. The word END refers also at the end of the 100 years war between France and England, at the fall of Constantinople (1453) in the hands of Turks, and at end of the Byzantine Empire .

Even if Middle-Age is considered a closed age towards the renewal, in any case it produced a lot of technical, mathematical, astronomic and intellectual conquests putting the basis for the growth of the philosophical thought in the next centuries.

While in Europe this age was called Low Middle-Age, in Italy it was just considered as Renaissance which traditionally is placed within the middle of XV° and the middle of XVI° century.

Around the 14/04/1452 the universal genius LEONARDO DA VINCI was born near FLORENCE (IT). Painter, sculptor, architect, engineer, mathematician, anatomist, musician, inventor and scientist, Leonardo is considered the greatest talented man of the Renaissance and one of the greatest genius of the humanity.

The following constellation is sufficient to show his greatness :

(AR=AD)/SU Leonardo = KR = AP = SA = PL = VU… “a genius was born in the world!”


In the graphic N.6 we can see that the TNp HADES ( 29°52′ Sagittarius) dominates the cardinal axes together with PLUTO (29°56′ Virgo). The combined meaning of the two planets is : “gradual worsening of the events in the public life”.

TWO EVENTS of the year 1478

After the Middle-Age Inquisition, the ruling Pope SISTO IV° instituted the SPANISH INQUISITION following the Spanish Sovereigns’ very request. It was also extended to the Sicily viceroyalty (Italy) and to the South America colonies which were both under the Spanish domination. Please take a look at the following constellations (Graphic. n. 6) :

Local AS. Madrid (15°40′Cancer) = ADMETOS = CUPIDO = JUPITER = MERCURY = VE/PO = UR+VU-PO = MA+VU-HA = Annual AS Madrid (16°54′Taurus)/MOON ” Church (VE/PO=CU) decrees (ME) restrictions (AD) to the people (MO) of Madrid /of Spain. It is a religious diktat in the sign of inexpressive violence”.

In FLORENCE (Italy) the conspiracy of the Florentine bankers “de’ Pazzi” explodes, manipulated from Pope Sisto IV° against the great patrons of literature and art : the two Lords LORENZO and GIULIANO de’ MEDICI. Giuliano was murdered and Lorenzo “the Magnificent” escaped miraculously.

The annual constellations (graphic. N 7) show violence and intrigues.

-Local Ascendent Firenze = MA=VU “Violent actions in Firenze”

-MARS / SATURN = ZEUS = NEPTUN = KRONOS =URANUS/ADMETOS = AS FIRENZE / HADES : ” Sneaky murder committed with brutality and violence against high-ranking people ( Medici) in Florence – horrible place “.

From the ABSTRACT point N.5 – Annual Horoscope 1492 : AMERICA DISCOVERY.

Even if the discovery of America took place round the end of the year (12/10/1492), the Annual Horoscope on 12/12/1491 (Sun 0° Capricorn) announces a great event because the TNp KRONOS lies at 0°25′ Cancer!

In the graphic n. 8 St. Salvador ASCENDENT is joint to KRONOS on the cardinal axes of the world events. So something out of the normality would involve St. Salvador!

Please consider the following constellations :

AS =KR = AR= ADMETOS = NE = MA/UR = ME : “All of the sudden there is a special news, indeed a great revolutionary event at St.Salvador. It is the discovery of a new GROUND. (Please look at Neptun involved with Admetos: nothing will be like before !)”

From the ABSTRACT point N. 6 : The 10/01/1500 CUPIDO enters 0° Capricorn.


The beginning of the Renaissance historically coincides with the discovery of America, but an artistic and cultural development within European history found its centre in the Italian town of FIRENZE/FLORENCE between the end of the Middle-Age and the beginning of the Modern Age (about from the half of the XIV° century to the half of XVI°) . Indeed Florence was ahead of its time because already in1302 the painter GIOTTO introduced an artistic innovative technique which could be referred to the style of the Renaissance .

The cultural scientific movement of the Renaissance starting from Florence around the middle of the XVth century spread in many Italian art towns and later in all Europe around the XVIth century. Italy was the chief of arts and literature. Particularly the Italian Renaissance was launched by rich towns such as: Florence, Rome, Naples, Ferrara, Milan, Venice. The merchants of these town who had control over the great financial and trade flows in all Europe supported the blossoming of the arts through their wealth. ( You can see that APOLLON is in one of the 16 punti key-points of the cardinal axes in the Annual Horoscope 1500)

The renewal of arts and literature brought to light the humane values and the modern conscience after the period of decline and “darkness” of the Middle-Age. The HUMAN BEING finds again his self-respect considering himself how “the free and unique maker of his life” while the Divine Power to which human beings were subjugated in the past, now remained in the background. A new style-life established itself combining the human and literary ideals with the moral and religious ones. Individualism and pragmatism are exalted in this way giving the Renaissance a strong complexity of motivations and also creative force and vitality. The idea that the human being dominates Nature increased the trust into science and modern technologies which resulted in big steps of progress. Great thinkers like the Italian Machiavelli had an indelible impact over the constitution of the Modern State. Also the humanistic studies were encouraged and supported by the “lords” of the Italian towns just mentioned.

Artists too shared the same values leaving to the next generations artistic masterpieces and also monuments which represent the very identity of Western culture. First of all the art of the Renaissance concentrated in Florence, then Rome became the undisputed centre of art thanks to Leonardo, Michelangelo and Raffaello. In Europe the Flemish Renaissance blossomed thanks to Erasm from Rotterdam. In Germany, the genial painter Albrecht DURER came to Italy in order to snatch the secrets and the naturalness of the Italian paintings.

Grafico N.9 : Annual Horoscope1500. The ingress of CUPIDO at 0° Capricorn happened in the next few days, the annual constellations let us know about the atmosphere of this century. On the cardinal axes, besides Cupido we find APOLLON and SATURN : with the meaning ” expansion of the horizons both in the fields of artistic associations and trade, technique, science”. Saturn together with Apollon involves the educational models and also the method, then the half-sum ME/NE connected with CU and AP are significant of literary creativity.

Putting the pointer on AS-Roma (please see the graphic N. 9 : only the representation without the lines) we find the planetary pictures of the artistic (MA=NE : painting and sense of the form =MO), the intellectual language (=ME/CU=PO), and the great artistic creations (=ZE/VU).

From the Abstract point. N. 7 : MARTIN LUTHER’ REFORM. Annual Horoscope 1517: PLUTO is just entered into the Capricorn (0°15′).

The Protestant Reform took place at Wittenberg (DE) on 31/10/1517 and the annual horoscope shows some important information about it. :

The sequence of the cardinal axes includes (graph. N 10.) : PLUTO = CUPIDO = ZEUS = POSEIDON = VENUS = MO/KR = Annual AS Wittenberg / PO. Besides : NE/PO at 0°54′ Pisces in 6^th house , in “operative” sextile with PLUTO indicates “evolution (PL) of the religious creed (NE/PO) in the daily reality (6^H ). So during the year we can foresee a creative event in Wittenberg (ZE) concerning both religion (VE=PO) and Church (VE=PO=CU). This event will be of great emotional resonance for the people (MO/KR).

The Protestant Reform deteriorated the catholic unity forever. It was born by the monk Martin Luther with the aim to destroy the lack of education within the Low-Clergy (often the country priests were illiterates so that they were not able to read the “missal book” or to explain the verses of the Bible). Therefore the lay culture had taken the place of religion. The Protestantism quickly spread and the protestant intellectual people undertook to support the personal study of the Bible which was considered of overriding importance with regard to the role and the teaching of the Catholic Church which was used to giving orders from the top.

From the ABSTRACT point N. 8 : Annual Horos

cope 1545-46 : The TNp ZEUS ingress to 0° Libra (no graphic)

ZEUS underlines the beginning of new enterprises, of economic social and colonial expansion which strongly enlarged the European horizons since the heart of the commercial life moved from the Mediterranean sea towards North Europe and the Atlantic ocean.

Europe lives into the full expression of the Renaissance with remarkable expansions and conquests in many fields. About the ZEUS planetary pictures on the Libra-Cardinal axis we find JU/AP (lucky expansion of business and trade) and PL/VU which underlines its powerful and quickly evolution. The world changes rapidly while the will to make new things even through arms (ZEUS) is growing.

In the religious field, just in 1542 Pope Paulus III°, alarmed from the spread of the Protestantism also in Italy, instituted the ” Holy Office Congregation” in Roma, having full powers over the whole Church. It was known with the name of “Roman Inquisition”. It considered the heresy particularly under the doctrinal plan taking care of theological writings. It opens the door to Counter-Reformation in 1545 instituting the Seminaries for the intellectual religious education of the aspiring priests in such a way to face the widespread Protestantism and also in order to destroy the intellectual lay supremacy and its influence over the people especially in Europe. In Italy, the Roman Court of Inquisition uprooted any protestant tendency condemning the heretic Giordano Bruno to the stake and compelled the astronomer scientist Galileo Galilei to retract his statements also putting him into a state of seclusion. Such an arrogance was possible because Italy lacked a united State which would have faced the absolutism of the Catholic Roman Church.

In the Annual Horoscope 1542, the town of Rome (AS) is positioned over the cardinal axes (of the world events). Here’s the Graphic. N. 11

-Cardinal Axes = Jupiter = AS Roma : “the law, the religion in Roma”

-While : MC Roma = Uranus = Admetos = Cupido = Poseidon : “the image of Roma reflects the sudden violence of the Church “.

- Let’s look at the sensitive point : KR+VU-PO (26°17′ Pisces) = HA = PL = VU = AS/SA : “religious power evolves towards wickedness and repression “.

The new XVII° century would have meant the end of the Renaissance in Europe even if its decline in Italy happened before then. A few historians placed it just on 6/05/1527 when the Spanish and German troops sacked Roma. According to others it can be traced back to 1542, year of the Counter-Reforming .

Conclusions :