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From the main constellations of 2008 to the ones of 2009.
USA : from 1980 to 2008
A glance at the New Moon of October 2008
USA 2009
President Barack Obama
Italy 2009

From the main constellations of 2008 to the ones of 2009.

The past constellations of 2008 (see my article: World Horoscope 2008 in this same web) were concentrated on the awful planetary picture: Kronos andMars/Hadès = Aries point, with the bad meaning “World dominated by an incompetent and disruptive power”. People could wait for something very bad to happen in 2008: like incompetence or disregard of the natural laws, indifference for justice and equality of rights and for the life of human beings. Also abuse of power and immorality. In general the events reinforced the forecast of these bad constellations so the year 2009 begins in a collapsed world that it is necessary to rebuild.

The world horoscope 2009, generally puts the accent on the world crisis (Saturn+Neptun = Aries point/Hadès) and on the working of the governments who must handle the past mistakes together with the actual hard time of stand-still and recession. (Aries point =Mars/Kronos = Saturn/Admetos = Hadès+Vulcanus =…). The “evil” still rules the world but there is a better atmosphere of connection and relationship between governments (…=Venus= Moon Node /Kronos =): it is a hard way to go but dialogue is fundamental (… = Mercury/Cupido). (see 1st Dial 90°, World Horoscope )

Particularly in the constellations of 2009, economy and finance, recession and stand-still are pressing problems which must find a solution (Jupiter = Apollon = Kronos = Aries point // Neptun/Admetos = Neptun/Pluto: the economic and financial word is totally changed). (see 2nd Dial 90°World Horoscopel). The economic and financial crisis which exploded in the USA at the end of 2008, involves many countries connected all together within the global economy of the earth planet.

USA : from 1980 to 2008

America today is a mirror reflecting the economic cycle started in the years ’80 with the liberal era of president Reagan (deregulation of economy, explosive growing, technological boom). This system showed its first cracks 20 years later, in 2000. Twenty years are the duration of the Jupiter-Saturn cycle, which is a traditional signal for the growing or the diminishing of economy. In the period 1980-81, the “deregulation” of president Reagan met the favourable cycle of Jupiter-Saturn in a good connection with the uranian planets : Apollon (particular growth in the fields of technology and economy ) and Vulcanus (the great strength). This formula made the success of the free market possible, bringing a huge development of science and technique (telephone, internet, communications). Here below the equation of the twenty-years period 1980-2000 :

Jupiter = Saturn = Apollon =Vulcanus = Uranus/Hadès

The “liberal” expansion of the economy met the reverse of the medal just in this chain. Looking at the planetary picture Uranus/Hadès we find that: it was full of bad presages. Twenty years later is the beginning of president Bush jr. at a new Jupiter-Saturn cycle (2000-2020), as follows:

Jupiter=Saturn= Admetos= Uranus= Vulcanus

This time the cycle Jupiter-Saturn is not favourable for an advanced technological country like the USA caused by the uranian planet Admetos (death, destruction) connected to Vulcanus (strength) and Uranus (the unforeseen). All together these dramatic constellations made the frame of a traumatic situation (Uranus-Admetos) : violence and “terror” with a sudden terrible disruptive power (Vulcanus). In fact America was at the door of 11th September 2001 with the attack of the Twins Towers. Then with the Afghanistan war, and in 2003 with the Iraqi war. The “power of the Evil ”clamps America in a vice : Hadès transiting on Vulcanus hooks onto the political power (Kronos/Vulcanus) in the USA (Sun USA/Aries Axis) and also onto the relationship between the USA and the other countries (the meaning of the Ascendent in uranian astrology is “the others”). So the “evil” comes not only from the exterior ( the so-called “terrorism of the scoundrel countries”) but it is also an internal factor hidden within the strong and invisible powers.

Looking at the economy, from 2000 to 2003 we find the collapse of the “technological bubble”. The exponential growth of the technological credit instruments during the period 1992-2000 falls down, while the economy enters in a slowdown just in 2001 by Pluto in Sagittarius and Uranus-Neptun in Aquarius (usually in Aquarius the production decreases in the USA). At the end of June 2007, the crisis of the Sub-Prime Credit starts at the cycle of the opposition of Saturn-Neptun (traditionally it is a signal of crisis). Sub-Prime Credit is the most dangerous financial product of the modern era. Jupiter in Sagittarius joined with Pluto: it was considered to have a slowdown effect on the economy. Moving to Capricorn in 2008, Jupiter started its opposition to the USA Sun just in February. We have to remember that the past year 2008 was born under the constellation Mars-Kronos /Hadès= Aries point: world dominated by an incompetent and disruptive power”. America was involved in it with Sun/Pluto (= my fall down). During Summer 2008 there was the failure of the Lehman Brothers investment bank. In October 2008, the New Moon showed the crack of the American economy and financial markets. Pluto dominated together with Hadès with the following constellations : Pluto=Hadès = Sun USA/(Pluto/Hadès) :the old mistakes brought the USA to the abyss.

Now let’s have a look at the New Moon axis ( for better understanding, please see my article in this web : the crisis of the financial markets).

A look at the New Moon 29/09/2008 (graphic n° 3)

This horoscope involved the USA, especially through the following constellations in the Dial 90° in New York City:

New Moon = Neptun = Cupido = Saturn/Cupido= Apollon+Vulcanus= ( USA natal Sun = Jupiter* / Aries point) = (USA natal Sun = Jupiter*/ Pluto and Hadès) = MC / Pluto and Hadés = Moon Node / Admetos.

Its meaning is : Chaos in economy, losses for the community, failure, crack and fall down of both the welfare and fortune in the USA. Since Aries point is involved with the USA Sun, the imagine (MC) of the American crack will affect the whole world.

Actually Jupiter in the Dial 360° is in opposition with the Sun of the USA and traditionally this aspect is not good for the USA.

USA 2009

Let’s come back to the constellations of the world economic crisis. In the annual horoscope of the USA (see the two graphics: Dial 360° for Washington and Dial 90° n° 4 ) we find the country in a crisis of recession, forced to change behaviour and mentality in order to solve hard problems, buffets of the fate, and with people blocked in a critic situation (Ascendent = Jupiter/Neptun= Uranus/Pluto= Saturn/Hadès = Admetos/Vulcanus = Moon/Admetos = MC/Sun d. USA). Please note : Jupiter is the ruler of the Ascendent Sagittarius both in the annual horoscope and in the natal of USA. And Vulcanus, invisible ruler of Sagittarius places in the 8th house of the annual horoscope.

You can see through the houses 1st and 7th how the government will work (7th H: USA Sun natal, Kronos, Hadès; 1st house: Mars, Pluto, Mercury). The government quickly works to change the real situation but this will be hard and painful for the population (Kronos/Hadès= Pluto=Moon = USA natal Sun/Uranus). We find in the constellations of the economic and financial crack that America is confused but at the same time starts to keep on looking at the future (see graphic n° 4b) : Jupiter= Apollon= Kronos= Neptun/Pluto= Moon Node/Sun r. USA = Mars/Zeus = AS//Mars/Zeus = Sun d. USA / Uranus .

The financial houses (2nd and 8th ) show the big power of recession, connected with some hard consequences on the daily and working life (Admetos in the 6th house). In fact in the 2nd House, we find the following planets: Jupiter (ruler), Moon Node, Venus and Neptun. Except Venus which can have, also, a financial meaning (wishes of economic safety) the other three are connected with the economic cycles.

Jupiter-Neptun* (see the note at the end of this paragraph) now shows the situation of economic recession and also underlines the crisis of the great American banks of investment, but it could show also the danger of inflation (too much issue of paper currency), while the constellation Neptun-Moon Node which showed the collapse during 2008, perhaps will start to grow at the end of 2009- without a true solution of the crisis- and then it will rise again in 2011.

In the 8th house there is Vulcanus (invisible ruler) to do the “counter-melody” for the difficult planets in the 2nd house. Vulcanus greatly reinforces their positions, underlying that the crisis is very hard to face and to overcome. The American people (Moon) are represented in the 11th house, a place of hopes for the future. Even if the hope of the American dream (safety, welfare and money) will not leave the population, the Moon axis (people) shows its tremendous difficulties : (Moon=Pluto=Mars/Neptun= Admetos/Poseidon=Mercury/Urano = AS/Admetos = Sun r.USA /Uranus), so people should be conscious of the actual painful changes (Pluto in 1st H), and that nothing will be as before. The financial “stress” will be the main theme to face, and people will suffer for that in the daily and working life (Admetos in the 6th house).

Now that Pluto entered definitely in Capricorn, (it was in Capricorn during the first 6 months of the past year), the USA will have this planet “against” until 2024. In 2014 – within 5 years- it will reach the opposition with the USA natal Sun : a rendez-vous which possibly will create a change in the powers of the government, like in the past. Looking at the past, during the years ’30, Pluto in Cancer joined the USA Sun, so the times to transform the society were very hard during the great crisis but the re-birth of the country was possible. At present the crisis is again hard : it embraces the whole world not only America (the American debt is a global problem that America maybe cannot solve by herself). People must know the truth : the American problem cannot be solved in a short time. The natal Sun of president Obama sits in the 2009 in the 8th house, and his directed Sun sits in the 10th H of the annual horoscope USA: the government of president Obama will pay the highest importance to the economic-financial crisis.

Natal Sun of the USA places itself in the 7th house of the annual horoscope 2009. This is a place of meeting and dialogues but also of fights and conflicts between members of government and opponents ( in the 7th house we find Congress and Senate where all the parties are represented. Here the government lives the national fights). Now the possibility to collaborate between the two different political alignments is a signal of the present hard time (Aries point/Apollon-Jupiter= Sun natal USA).

In the 7th house Hadès places itself, so the mistakes of the past are a burden which will painfully influence the actual choices.

Through such an important 7th H. the absolutist era of the USA ends. Now America will confront the other countries in the world, and also allies and declared enemies. The government must act according to the changed times (Mars, Pluto and Mercury in the 1st house; also (see graphic n° 5) :Mars/Kronos = Aries point = Sun.r USA/Cupido = Mercury/Cupido = Neptun/Poseidon = Venus = Jupiter and Apollon/ Sun d. USA = Saturn // Neptun/Admetos = Moon Node/Kronos), to face economic and financial problems, depression or recession speaking to the social groups with harmony and knowing that its behaviour will reflect on the world. By the constellations Mars/Kronos = Neptun/Poseidon, I who am writing this horoscope-research can read here the style of president Obama (see below) and his wish to help the people also with money. Media and journals will inform the people (Uranus in the 3rd house) showing the necessity to change the style of life . Mental flexibility is a fundamental factor.

In order to set in motion the system it will take time. In this frame of hard economic recession (Sun natal USA / Kronos = Jupiter/Saturn= Admetos) the political-economic power (Kronos+Vulcanus // Apollon+Vulcanus) will act (Mars) in very difficult circumstances (Mars/Hadès). It is impossible to solve problems in a short time (Aries point/Saturn) .

President Obama (see below) will move with a clear mind. He will have a favourable wind from Jupiter transiting on his constellations during the next months of the year 2009.

Note: * Jupiter-Neptun traditionally is a constellation connected both to cycles of inflation or depression. It worked during the great depression in 1929, then in 1931 during the crisis of the European banks. Also in 1997 when in the USA the slowdown of economy started.

President Barack OBAMA (graphic n° 6)

In the light of the economic-financial crisis and recession, on the 4th of November 2008 candidate Barack Obama was elected president of the USA (see natal graphic : 4 August 1961, h. 7:24 PM, Honolulu. Source : birth certificate. More information on this web see article “the main constellations of B. Obama”).

The new president will face this hard situation with a special instrument : the wisdom of the Leader (Kronos-Poseidon). Obama is the “new man for America”. He is able to act in a new way (Sun Leo, Aquarius Ascendent and Mercury=

Uranus) : being different from the others. His personality is original and reformative, able to act with passion (Sun= Mars/Venus), bright mind and idealism (Mars=Poseidon =Neptun= Sun/Mercury= MC/Kronos : “we can”. Perhaps this formula can work also in the future being an integral part of his chromosomes (= natal constellations). It was not incidental that the day after the presidential election The New York Times listed : catharsis!

Obama is not a violent person (look above at his Mars), he always acts through his clear mind, proposing to bring a renewal in society (Pluto-Cupido).

As president of the USA he will be an innovator (Meridian=Kronos/Uranus): his soul looks at the open horizons to build some new frontiers (Jupiter/Apollon). But the way will be really hard. Many tasks are scheduled for him : after the economic crisis and recession, he will find the foreign policy ( first of all Iran, then the opened war fronts, in particular the strategic ground of Afghanistan). War doesn’t stop under the unhappy cycle (2000-2020) of Jupiter-Saturn= Admetos= Uranus. Then there will be the relationship with Russia where it is necessary to discuss about the energy problems. There will be to face the problem of the climate change. It is not incidental that Saturn (problems) poses itself in the 9th House (the foreign) reflecting – according the Hamburg School Astrology- into the 7th house where we find the USA natal Sun. In the next 2010, the disquieting invisible Hadès will enter in Cancer starting its transiting in the axis of the world : who will continue to ignore the problems of foods, manipulation of nourishment, pollution, toxicity ? Indifference could be disruptive and criminal.

In the next months of his presidency, Jupiter will transit on his natal Ascendent. Traditionally it is not good for the USA (slowdown of production when Jupiter transits Aquarius) but for Obama it can be favourable to act by bringing new laws and interventions. Obama will not permit America to be in isolation (Sun natal USA in the 7th house). I just wrote : by dialogue.

So the USA of president Obama seem to be in a good operating start, to face the crisis even if a total solution cannot be found in one year (see above).

ITALY 2009


In the annual horoscope 2009 (see graphic n° 2 –Dial 360° for Roma and n° 7-Dial 90°) the Sun natal of Italy is placed in 2nd House (economy). Its cusp is ruled by the dangerous invisible uranian planet Admetos with the symbology of lack and recession. Being in the cusp it embraces the entire 2nd and 8th axis (“profits and losses”). Here the chain :

Admetos=Jupiter and Apollon / Saturn = Sun d. Italy /Mercury = Mercury/Kronos = AS/Poseidon, means: It is not possible to create wealth even if propaganda of the government.

The natal Sun of Italy is connected with Uranus (news, tensions, instability or improvisation). This planet suggests that at present the situation is changed so that it would be fundamental to break with the traditional models in order to face new challenges. Uranus in the 11th house shows where are the reforming or rebel energies of the country : in the independent or nonaligned groups who act with idealism ( see graphic n° 8)

Moon=Cupido+Admetos-Poseidon- opinion groups-= Mars/Neptun = Mercury/Uranus and Sun Italy. It is not the case to underestimate them because of the violent constellation : Hadès/Vulcanus= Uranus and Sun natal Italy.

The bad crisis needs both wisdom and clearness of the government (see graphic n° 9) (Kronos/Poseidon =…). But, different from the USA, this very hard constellation for all authorities over the world to face the crisis(… =Pluto/Hadès = Saturn/Neptun =…), is more problematic for Italy because of Admetos and Uranus in the following planetary pictures (=…Sun Italy/Admetos = Uranus /Admetos): the situation is full of thrill and bad surprises. To find a way to create harmony is to use the best meaning of both Admetos and Uranus, that is to face the problems by getting to the root of them (Admetos) and bringing REFORMS. On the contrary the constellations of the Kronos/Poseidon axis are so negative that the situation could deteriorate.

Italy directed (solar arc progression) is placed in 4th House. The Dial 90° (graphic n° 10) shows :

Sun directed of Italy = Kronos = Jupiter = Apollon = Vulcanus = Neptun/Pluto = Hadès/Admetos = Mercury/Poseidon = Moon Node / Zeus: so the Italian government could even not be able to get to the bottom of the problems, also it doesn’t realize how hard the situation is also during the propaganda for the elections. Italy takes the risk to close herself in a tight spot refusing the external influences and going into an isolation. This possibility finds its confirmation in the hard constellation of the 9th house (where is the ruler of the chart: Mars). As a matter of fact, the 3rd –9th houses show the great difficulties in the fields of politics, opinions, religion, foreigners, fundamentalism. With Mars, Pluto and Mercury placed in the 9th house while Kronos and Hadès are in 3rd house, it is very difficult that the government will be able to open itself for ideas of others or for large agreements and mutual understandings in politics. Another risk is manipulation of the public opinion through the source of information (media : TV, magazines, journals). Actually it may seem that there is no clearness among the authorities of the government, whereas it should be important to create internal agreement and external attention to the world. A way to break the dangerous mechanism is possible. In the 7th house, economy should hold all the parts together. Then since the 4th house reflects the 12th house where also the Aries point (the world) is placed, Italy should align herself with the politics of the EU (it would be positive for the meaning of both the 4th and the 12th houses : EU in 4th as “the European home” and the 12th house for meditation on the world situation ). The USA Ascendent in 2009 is Sagittarius, in the 9th house of the annual horoscope of Italy

To take a suggestion from the USA could be useful.

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