Main constellations in the life story of Barack Obama

October 31st, 2012 | Articoli

Following the schedule written by Mark Anstendig, Bernd Singer, Francine Rasenberg, and published on IUF

Barack Hussein Obama II
Hour of Birth: 7:24 PM
Date: August, 4th 1961
Place: Honolulu (Island: Oahu)

ca. 2°
1963; Divorce of parents (Father scientist; Mother anthropologist, stays with his mother) :
SU/CU = SA = AS = NO/NE = ME/ZE = UR/AP = UR/HA : here the qualities of his father : bright, modern and scientific mind, disquieting personality that brings separations
MO= ZE = HA = AP : mother anthropologist
MO d (arc 2°)= SU r =HA/VU r : father and mother under awful difficulties ;
SU d (arc 2°) = PL r.: his life changes.
When Solar Arc 1°35’ : HA d = SU r : his father destroys; KR d = MO r = HA r. : a particular period of darkness for his mother. Please see below :
*In B. Obama’s childhood also the p.p. SU/HA (not only SU/CU or KR) might show his father. For a few reasons:
·20 His father was African race (Dark = Hades)
Note: Different races happen to the Creation. Stars in the sky, differently from the human beings don’t do any racial discrimination, they only show the situations.
·21 SU/HA = Local Meridian Nairobi (imagine of Kenia, local ground of his father)
·22 SU/HA = UR/AD = NO/SA : his father brought traumatic situations and separations.
·23 When HA d. (arc 1°35’) reached SU r, his parents were ready to divorce.
The constellation SU/HA is an important reading key of his life. Its meanings are numerous, for ex : he has an African-American identity; In his childhood he suffered loneliness. In adult life he chose to serve African American people (in Chicago, USA), working as a professional expert in special groups or associations.
Note : about Hads, please see the Final Notes in the last page
ca. 9-10°
1971; after Hawai; from Indonesia to grandmother, saw father for the last time
SU d (arc 9°35’)= SU/KR the father; SA d = NO r = SA+CU r. separation from family; SU/KR d = KR r = SA/CU ; NO/CU d (arc 9°35’) = SU r . separation from father, member of the family.
Just NE/AD d (arc 9°) = SU r his life changes definitively
AS d (arc 9°) = NO r = SA+CU r = SA d. family separation
About his family in the childhood, please see below the pp. NO/CU and AS:
NO/CU r=SA/HA r=UR r sudden hard familiar problems. When NO/CU d. (arc 1°35’) = NO r = SA+HA r : connection with separation.
AS = UR/HA = SA = SU/CU : The AS axis is very hard, it tells about difficult circumstances and separations in his family, from a member of the family.
ca. 17°
1979; Finishes High School, Occidental College, Los Angeles, California
SA/AP d(arc 17°) = AD r = MC/SU r. the end of the studies, with body and soul involved.
ca. 17-19°
1979-1981; Columbia University, NY 
SA/AP d (arc 16°40) = Local Ascendent (L.A.) New York City : He studies in NYC.
SA/PO d (arc 19°) = KR r : high education
ca. 20°
1982; Death father at UN 
SU/HA d (arc 20°) = KR r = MA/HA r = SA/CU r ; MA/HA d (arc 20°) = SU+KR;
The death of his father
ca. 21°
1983; BA-Graduation; Political Science, employee at the scientific board of the Business International Corporation in New York 
SU d (arc 21°)= AP r = HA r = MO r = ZE r : his knowledge in scientific fields starts in public
SA+PO-KR d (arc 21°40’) = Aries (AR) = PL r = KR/AD r : Expert (graduation) in a special field
SA/PO d (22°20’) = SU r = KR+VU-AP : He is a specialist in political fields;
MA d (22°20’) = PO r = LA NYC /(CU/AP): his activity in the business international corporation in NYC.
ca. 23°
1985; worked 5 years for a general organisation –helping inhabitants of the poor area with work-trainings ; 3 further years of studying Law at the Harvard Law School 
MC d (arc 23°30’)= MA r = PO r = CU+HA-NO r : his moral behaviour in a poor community;
MA d (arc 23°30’)= NE : working for the future
VE+KR d (arc 24°15) = MO r = ZE r = SU r : his great helping in public
Note: natal constellations: SU = VE+ZE = SA/PO =AS/MA show that he is able to work with devotion being a model, a guide , and also working together with the others.
When solar arc reaches the 28°, we can see that :
VE+ZE d (arc 28°) = AS r = SA r = CU+HA-VE r : the end of his devoted activity in the community of poor people.
ca. 28°30
1991; J.D.- Laureate; Master of Law, Dr.jur; magna cum laude
SA/AP d (arc 28°30’) = MC+SU d = KR r : special success as student
KR d (arc 28° 15’) = AR r = VU r : strong and special event in the public life
SA+AP-MC d (arc 28°30’) = MC r= SU+KR r : he is a very special student
PL d (arc 28°30’) = ME+ZE-AR r = MC/SU r: Big changes in life, he becomes lawyer.
Please note: it would be necessary to know the day of his graduation to watch the transiting p.p. connected with this event. The following pp. shows the a strong success for him starts as a lawyer : MC d (arc 29°) = SU r = AP/VU r ;
AR d (arc 29°) = KR/AP r = AR/MC r : he is a lawyer in public
ca. 29°30
1992; Moves to Chicago 
SU d ( 29°30’) = L.A. Chicago : he stays in the ground of Chicago
18.10.1992, Marriage (Michelle Robinson *17.01.1964; Michelle R. comes from a black working class family in south Chicago. She took her BA graduation in sociology in 1985 and her Master Degree in Law 1988 at Harvard . Mrs Obama worked in a Lawyers Office in Chicago. (where she met her husband in 1989 ) and in a social aid organisation. Since 2005 she is Vicepresident of The University Clinic of Chicago)
SU/MO d (arc 30°) = MA r = NO t (of the day): connected with the act of wedding
SU/VE d (arc 30°) = NO/VE r = CU t : Union of love
MA/CU d (arc 30°) = JU r = SU/MO : happy marriage
VE t (day) = UR t (day) = MC r : his soul is in a romantic frame
SU t (day) = NO/VE t = MO r = ZE r = AS r = SA r = HA r = SU/CU r : The day where he marries in love connection with a dynamic lady: It is also a day of responsibility (for all the life : Saturn when it is not separate). A few (older) African American people are present (SA=AS older people of the environment, parents; HA = AS African American people)
Please note : year 1989 : SU/VE d (arc 28°) = UR/VU r = LA Chicago : he falls in love strongly and suddenly in Chicago
MO+CU-NO d (arc 28°) = SU r : a tie which leads to marriage for him
VE d (arc 28°40) = JU r = CU r = SU/MO r :happy love connection- couple in love.
ca. 30°30
1993; Works in a Lawyers Society specialised in civil right Miner, Barnhill and Galland in Chicago. 
MA d (arc 30°) = AR r = KR/AD r : Public working as a specialist
KR/AP d (arc 30°) = MC r = PO r : fine, intelligent lawyer
KR+AP-CU d* (arc 30°30’) = NO r : connected with an association of lawyers
Please note in his natal pp: KR+AP-CU r* = LA Chicago = SA/AD r = SU/NO r : these are the constellations of the association of lawyer where he is connected in Chicago to work in the fields of miner etc (SA/AD);
SU r = JU+PO-AS r** = VE/MA r = AS/MA r = VE+ZE r : He works with love and devotion for the rights** of the people together with others.
ca. 32°30 1995; Publishes Biografy (First Edition 2004)
ME+PO-HA d (arc 32°30’) = AR/ME r = MC/SU r : he published his memories
10.11.1996; Elected in the Senate of the State of Illinois
UR/PL d (arc 33° 30’) = LA Chicago : changes in Chicago are coming;
SU d (arc 34°) = CU r = JU r = KR/VU r : his role and ability as a senator
KR/VU t (day) = SU t /NO r = KR/VU t = NO t = MO d (34°) = ZE d (34°) = AP d (34°) = HA d (34°) : he is connected with the Senate to serve with success ;
MA/KR t (day) = SU d (arc 34°) = JU r = CU r = ME t = UR t = HA t = AR/MO r : his very special working and his ability . He speaks rapidly with historical sense of the situation of the people (or : having in mind the African American people?).
04.07.1999; Birth first daughter (Malia Ann) 
MA+JU-MO d (arc 36°35’) = VE/MA r = SU r : his daughter’s birth makes him harmonious;
SU/MO d (arc 36°35’) = PL r : change for the couple
07.06.2001; Birth second daughter (Natasha “Sasha”)
MA+JU-MO d (arc 38°27’) = PL r = AR/SU r = VE/AP r second daughter brings changes in his “visible” life and much harmony.
SU d (arc 38°27’) = MC r = MO/CU r : his family grows
ca. 41°20
till 2004; Professor of Constitutional Law at the faculty of Law at the University of Chicago.
SU d (arc 41°20’) = NE r = KR r = SA/PO d ( arc 41°20’) : high standard of university teaching (note: NE in 9^ House is a symbol of high level of idealism in politics or teaching. It is good for Diplomacy in connection with KR)
MC/KR d (41°20’) = SA+AP-ME : he is an authority in the teaching
ME d (41°20’) = KR/AP r = CU+AP-KR r : leading thinker in the faculty of law
JU/KR d (41°20’) = SU r = SA/PO r successful leader as teacher
ca. 41°10
March 2004; won the preselection for candidate of the US-Senate
NO+ME-MA d (41°10’) = AS r = SU/CU r = NO/MA r = KR+VU-MC r: he is a candidate* to work as member of a community which exercises the power of the state.
Note : the pp NO+ME-MA = AS is the one for “candidate”
41°47 02.11.2004; Won the selection for the US-Senate 
NO/ZE d (41°47’) = NO r = MA/JU r : connected with the success of the election
SU d (41°47) = KR r : He is prominent as authority of the state
04.01.2005; Oath of office as US-Senator 
ME+KR-JU d (41°57’) = MA r = PO r = MC/KR r the oath for his prominent intellectual working…
KR+VU d ( 41°57) = MC r : …to exercise the power of the state
ca. 42°57
January 2006; trip to Fernost -Kuweit, Irak, Israel 
ME+SA-NE d (42°57’) = ZE/KR r = SU/MA : trips are a strategy working
ca. 43°30
August 2006; trip to South Africa, Kenia 
The same constellation than above, plus the following:
SU d (arc 43°30’) = MO r = ZE r = AP r = HA r : he is together with many African people.
10.02.2007; Announcement candidate presidency :
MC/(MO=ZE)d = NO/(ZE=MO)r : He is the candidate… = MA r = PO r = NE d = MC/KR r = NO/ZE r … who works having the mirage to be elected for the President …=SU USA / KR r …of the United States;
PL t = PL d = NE+AD d = MC r (=PO d) / UR t = JU+(VU=AR)-ME : irreversible changes , he is visible in television, excited and hopeful;
SU t = SA t = NE/AD t = CU t = MC d / AR r = SU/KR d : the day of the social responsibilities and irreversible changes for his role in the external life as President;
from 04.05.2007; safety guard by the Secret Service
SA+VU-AS d (arc 44°13’) = PL r = NE+AD r = AR d = SU/AS d : to be watched in the relationship with others in public; this is the first definitive change for him;
03.06.2008; victory of the pre-selection democratic candidate 
NO/ZE t = KR/VU r = JU r = JU d = SU/MO r = KR+VU-CU* r = AR/KR r = MC/VE d = MA/SA t : the lucky election in the political party* he is associated, gives him the power in public and love from the public; the working is finished!
MA+JU t = SU r = SU d : his victory;
SU t = AD r = AD d = NO t = KR+VU t = MC d / SU r : The day of the stability (or: of the beginning?), connected with his political task of life;
04.11.2008; election for presidency : FORECAST
SU t = HA t = SU r = SU d = NO t +ZE t – SU USA = PL/KR d = JU/CU d = AS/MA r : The day of the USA election is Hads day, with some of its meanings. Obama is involved on personal level (SU d). He grows in his rank ;
NE/AD t = SU/MO r = CU r = KR/VU r = SU/KR d = JU r = SU t / MO r= NO/JUt  = JU/PL t : The day of positive and definitive change for his political role; will he be the lucky president ?
20.01.2009; inauguration President of the United States : FORECAST
SU t = ME t = JU r = SU/KR d = CU r = KR/VU r = NE/AD t = SU USA /KR t : the day of Obama’s speech (inauguration day) as the President of the USA
Please look at the following constellation, in the case that the previous forecast is correct :
SU+HA-KR d = PL d = NE+AD d = AR r = VU r : starting the definitive change for the Obama, African American president.

Final Notes : speaking of HADES

The meanings of Hads are numerous both in positive and negative. In the chart of Barack Obama, this constellation often appears during the significant events of his life (alone or in symmetry- halfsums). We just saw in the first page of this schedule how Hads worked during his childhood. But also in his youth Hads indicated a difficult period of inner loneliness. For these reasons he started to use drugs. He himself wrote this. Please look at the following pp:
SU/NE = HA : he takes cocaine or drugs
More less around 14-15 years old (solar arc), we can find in his chart : SU/NE d = HA d = UR r = ME r = MA/AD r = SU/PL r : the young boy is suddenly attracted by drugs. He takes it in a bad behaviour on himself.
Perhaps he continued to use drug till 24-26 years old, when first Sun direct reached Pluto radix, then when Hads direct (=SU/NE d) reached Pluto radix : irreversible change as regards with the past. In fact Pluto= Neptun+Admetos means both irreversible change and drug. It can underline the end of an old behaviour. In the meantime, at 26ー solar arc, Mars direct reaches Hads, Apollon, Moon and Zeus all radix, while Jupiter direct reaches the Moon Node, and especially Poseidon direct reaches Hads : the spirit illuminates his bad behaviour. Also luck helps him.
HADES will be present in the day of the presidential election to show the importance of the racial component in the choices of the USA electors. Newspapers in USA and all over the world underline the importance of the racial factor as an element of unforeseeability during the pre-electoral opinion polls and for the final result.