Cases of personality disorders : sexual crimes, perversion, abuse by Lietta Catoni

November 14th, 2012 | Meeting Uraniani

Cases of personality disorders : sexual crimes, perversion, abuse

by Lietta Catoni

Dear president Liane

Dear Friends of the Uranian Society

Dear All

I am glad to be here in New York City for the second time since 2005 at the occasion for the 25th Anniversary of the Uranian Society. Turning my thoughts back I realise that the bridge of friendship among Uranian people started just then. After four annual meetings in Europe in the last few years we have today a new delightful opportunity to be all together once again. This time in NYC. My master Udo Rudolph would be very happy of it.

Now in my lecture I want to present you a third chapter of my research on planetary pictures relating to personality disorders. In the last 2-3 years I have worked on this issue then presenting the results at the conferences in Riga (2008) and Hamburg (2009)..

It all started in a working cooperation with an Italian woman psychotherapist, member of the Kernberg-Institute in New York.- she has no problem in asking patients for their birthdates !-. By working on concrete cases I was able to identify an astrological key for pathologies of borderlines and psychotics mainly by means of the constellation URANUS-ADMETOS. And not so much to my surprise, I encountered the same constellation in themes of famous American, English and Italian psychoanalysts, demonstrating that patients and therapists share the same mechanisms of access to a certain type of pathology.

Today in this so qualified ambience for sharing and evaluating experiences in the field of the Uranian research, I’ll analyse the PERVERSIONS in subjects who were the protagonists of aberrant events that have gone around the world. I will refer mainly to the recent phenomena of paedofile catholic priests with an extension of sadistic personalities and abused subjects.

PAEDOFILY and SADISM are criminal behaviours in the field of sexual or human relationships. It concerns a compulsive impulse to commit a crime by the mechanism of repetition, severely violating human rights with cruelty, harshness and moral indifference.

I’ll present you two cases of paedofily, one of abuse, one of sadism. In the first three charts where birth-time is unknown I have worked on the Sun at noon time taking as personal points only the Sun and the Moon Node of course. Since I couldn’t rely too much on my rectification of the birth-hour for the other personal points.

CASE N. 1 : PAEDOFILY : father BRENDAN SMYTH Born in Belfast 8/6/1927 – birth-hour unknown .Short biography (info :INTERNET)

He was a catholic priest who became notorious for molesting children misusing his position in church to have access to his victims. He abused for 40 years more than 100 childrenin the parishes of Belfast, Dublin and later in the USA (Rhode Island and North Dakota). A Priest from the same congregation undertook many attempts to warn the High catholic hierarchies for the abuses perpetrated by father Smyth. He was arrested only in 1994 and died in prison of a heart attack in August 1997. For fear of actions of vandalism he was buried in church.

On this case we will look at 2 axes : the Priest and the I.

1. Here’s the graphic n. 1 : constellation of the PRIEST : as we see the sensitive point of the priest: VE+PO-SU is strongly structured within the symmetry. We see 3 full factors : NO = PO = AP together with the planetary picture of the orphanage CU+HA-KR . They show that father Brendan stays together with many other religious people in the orphanage. The TNp Apollon refers both to his individuality as a priest (without limit – it can be dangerous) as well as to the orphanages also abroad. The half-sums of SU, MA and VE are connected with NE and AD. Please pay attention to both these factors that – in a negative meaning – reveal a hidden secret lifestyle (MA/NE and SU/NE), merciless (MA/AD and SU/AD) to satisfy his erotic imagination (VE/NE) within the exclusive circle (VE/AD) of the orphanages (CU+HA-KR) .

2. Let us look at the Sun axis (graphic n. 2) for confirmation. The Sun at noon is = MA = NE = AD = VE . Here we find as FULL FACTORS the ones which were half-sums in the previous axis. Let us concentrate on the full factors.

At first sight the presence of Venus and Mars in the Sun axis indicates that father Brendan needs connections with others (because of VE), that he cannot live alone and that he needs to “act” upon them through his Mars. If VE=MA means: “act in love”, “act in harmony”, when we think of sexual contacts we must ask ourselves if harmony takes part in the quality of these contacts. Both NE – factor of insecurity and secrecy but also of idealism- and AD, factor of harshness and isolation but also of profoundness, we first must understand if they act in a constructive or destructive way being connected with Mars – the active energy-. The half sums and the sum of the chain, in the context of the full factors will give an answer to us taking a step in the right direction.

In my opinion they reveal the quality of his being, of his wishes and of his sexuality.

A first KEY point for the interpretation is the pp.: HA+VU (=SU….and so on). It is the worst Uranian constellation. It shows viciousness, wickedness, perversion and the outburst of all the most ignoble passions. Being a “sum”, HA+VU =SU shows an inner predisposition which can manifest itself outwardly. So his interiority is underlined by this disquieting trait.

Through KR/VU he exercises his power and expresses his authority with great energy. UR/PL may confirm the violence and the manipulation in this context. Therefore the full factors of his chart sound negative. In this case MA=AD becomes the pp. of a person who is able to commit terrorist actions while the only AD continuously repeats its pattern (it always runs around itself going back to the starting point). REPETITION action is the key-word of Admetos-Mars here. So VENUS – love and harmony- is submitted to Mars while Neptun acts upon the feelings by “poisoning” them and giving them a colouring of perversion.

This behaviour finds its confirmation not only in his hard-heartedness and in his viciousness but also in a general frame of immoral and psychological deficiency. Please see in this axis at the sensitive point HA+PO-SA, constellation of the mental disease.

“Separations because of removal” we find in AR/SA and JU/SA, as did happen and was enacted by the high catholic hierarchies who are used to transferring these “subjects” to cause the same damage “elsewhere”.

At second sight we can read the Sun axis from a psychopathological point of view.

To my opinion in this case the pp: Admetos and Admetos/Neptune are the key points of the interpretation. With a dominant Admetos the DRIVE of Mars ( DRIVE is a psychoanalytic term) is destructive because the feelings of VE are blocked by AD. Reading together the pp. NE=AD = SU… constitute a “block of ice” i.e an impenetrable but protective barrier of the I. In psychological terms it creates a “complex” . When Mars or other energetic factors perforate the block it crumbles and explodes. This experience touches the psychic I structure and becomes a vital centre for the subject, unstoppable (AD) in its destructive drive because of the constellation HA+VU=SU, first key of the interpretationNow if we move the pointer on MA directed (solar arc 23°) it covers the natal Neptun = Admetos. And UR directed (solar arc 28°) covers VE=MA . So between more or less the age of 23 and 28 years “the ice” most probably was broken! Perhaps it occurred also before but in those years we have no doubt that it happened. Broken the ice of the pp. NE=AD=SU father Brendan may act how he would be under the effect of drugs, so his behaviour becomes uncontrollable.

To conclude: in his sexual behaviour it is possible to recognise traits of criminality. The axes have revealed us :

-cheating, destructive, violent and pitiless compulsive acting, with harshness, cruelty and mercilessness, vice, sexual continuously repeated violence, having the power over others. If we ask ourselves who are these others then we find on the Sun axis :

(CU+HA-KR orphanage / ( VE+PO-SU the priest)




don Lelio Cantini, Italian priest born28 January 1923 in Montespertoli (Fl), unknown birthhour.

Short biography : Ex prior of the parish Regina Pace in Florence, actually 87 years he was accused in 2004 by a letter to the Bishop’s Court in Florence (from twenty followers and some priests) of sexual and psychological violence, as well as embezzling and extortion of money for restructuring works and other initiatives. In that letter it was written that he had “delirious visions of the future”.

Other letters were written in 2006 and 2007 first to the Archbishop then to the Vatican. In the same year 2007 Pope Benedict had instigated a canonic process. When the press and especially the TV program ”Annozero” revealed “don Cantini scandal”, the cardinal of Florence declared that don Cantini was guilty of crimes of sexual abuse from ‘73 to ‘87 as well as of false mysticism and dominion of consciences. For 5 years he was forbidden to confess and celebrate Mass. In 2008 it was announced the opening of a penal enquiry in his regard. But till today he is still a free man.

On this second case, for Don Cantini I will show three graphics. They do not represent the whole but can be sufficient to show the frame of his personality. In the hand-outs you’ll find explanations more in detail. Speaking I must synthesize the interpretation mainly working on the keys of the axes.

The axes of investigation are : The Priest, the I, the Violent action

1).Let us look at the PRIEST axis (graphic n. 4), on the sensitive point VE+PO-SU. We can see the most important p. pictures of the chain. As in Hamburg School every p.picture is Equal to all the others in the chain of the axis, it is especially important to find the planetary picture which is the key of the interpretation, considering it as the trait of union of the reading. The pp.KR/AD = AP is the key, I think because it shows how particular and original as a priest he is, without “limit” like father Smyth. Please note that in this case Zeus enforces the meaning of KR.

His originality is negative because of the pp. SU/HA which is connected with KR/AD=AP. So we see an obscure and exalted person. Besides he privileges the sexual connections (VE+MA) with inferior people (NO/HA) and this shouldn’t be the rule for a catholic priest!

Capable to be persuasive, he makes propaganda of his particular ideas or ideology (ME/PO is = KR/AD !) which may show also his apocalyptical visions. He loves to make money and speculations in the community too (VE/JU,NE;CU : it is so unlikely that this pp. can mean “idealism”.). So we have the image of a disquieting priest, whose behaviour is not to be foreseen.

2) In the SUN Axis (graphic n. 5) the KEY-POINT is the pp. UR/AD , the picture of the personality disorders that I found in my research in the last few years. This constellation can have both positive and negative meanings, everything depending upon the quality of the planetary pictures involved in the axis. Unfortunately in don Cantini’s natal chart the chain of the pp. is not so good. Through MA/UR strongly connected with UR/AD he does whatever he wants through an uncontrolled behaviour and he uses his “religious” power to convince others in a seductive way – for love connections (ME//NO=VE also with young girls) -. He holds the staff of command in his hands( ZE=KR//PO).

3) The MARS axis (graphic n. 6) shows the direction of the libido, ie the quality of his “drives”. Please consider that MA is equal to AD and to UR :(all of a sudden : terrorist actions, cruelty) using his strong power and his authority (ZE=KR//VU) to satisfy his boundless ego (SU/AP). The situation was getting worse (PL/HA) until a new direction announced the end of his power (SA/ZE=KR).

In synthesis we can recognise in his constellations the traits of an exalted personality. He considers himself above the common morality. Through his Mars we could see that he was a perpetrator of violence. Wishing to have more confirmations on this topic you can look at graphic n. 3 : love connections. It is possible to see how disharmonious is his affectivity so his capability of love is strongly endangered. Also his behaviour can be better understood through the axis of the mental disorder ( graphic. N 7 : stubbornness : HA/PO = SA = SU/AD) that shows how he is not capable to get off his mental mechanism . And if we ask ourselves: what this mechanism was? The answer is : THE VICE, THE PERVERSION. In fact looking at the axis n. 8 : a vicious priest: (VE+PO-SU//MA=AD) = HA = VU you’ll find that the priest enacts Evil.

Note : in this version for the we’ll find also the graphic n. 3, 7, 8.

Now the final question if don Lelio is conscious of committing acts of criminal violence, I may answer YES, he is, because of the quality of his Mercury’s constellations. ME/PO in the axis of the Priest shows that he is capable of having a clear vision of his behaviour. So he is stubborn, visionary but not a stupid!


Born in Torino on 22-11-1976 unknown birthhour

Short biography (info: INTERNET) . In 2008 the book “I was six and a half years” was published by the Italian Editor Fazi. The author tells that at that age he was approached and raped by an unknown individual. He calls this man – who is not a priest – “the Falcon”. As time went on the Falcon put into his mind that he himself was guilty for what happened. So he hated himself.

Later on Simone began to understand that he had been a victim of abuse. As he suffered panic attacks it was not possible for him to bear this disease any longer. Through regressive hypnosis he went into the depth of his “Calvary”.

(Graphic n. 1- SdM) .At noon hour, we find SU = MA = UR/AD = MA/UR = SA/NE :

The KEY-points in this axis are MARS and URANUS (trauma and wound on the body). They are strongly connected with UR/AD (picture of the personality disorders) and with SA/NE (picture of disease). All these pictures are equal to VE+MA-HA/VU (sexual violence). So we can think that HE himself is a traumatised person who was terrorised by a sexual violence.

Also looking at the axis VE/MA (graphic n. 3 SDM) through the key-points ADMETOS and PLUTO which are = MA/HA and JU* = MA/VU we see how the horrible experience of the sexual violence brings a profound change in his affectivity and sexuality. Also we cannot think that JU*=HA makes HA less negative, on the contrary it amplifies and increases the evil. But Pluto=Admetos can work for the evolution as time goes on, because also the pp.ME/SA = SA/PO are involved in this axis. Both promise understanding. So ADMETOS, here in the meaning of the ISOLATION, in connection with Pluto finds the path to go into the depth of the past, step by step.

To escape from any doubt that he was the victim not the perpetrator of the violence let us look at the Solar arc of SU, MA and VE six degrees and a half – graphic n. 4 when the violence happened : SU d = MA d = NO/(HA=JU) r = AD/VU r : in that time he received a blow of the fate through a disquieting and unfortunate (JU=HA) connection .

VE d = MA r = UR r = AR+HA-UR r. = VE+MA-HA/VU r : all demonstrate trauma and sexual violence in horrible circumstances . At that age he couldn’t be the perpetrator only the victim!

CASE N. 4 : SADISM – Heinrich Himmler (born in Munchen on 7/10/1900, hrs. 3:30 PM – source Astrotheme-FR)

Head of the SS of Hitler .

Himmler is an example of a sadistic criminal and fanatical personality.

1)Let’s look at MARS axis (Graphic n. 1 HH) : The key-points are of course the full factors VE=AD=SU plus the Sum MA+HA. Looking at all the pp. we can see how malignity (ME+HA-ZE), cruelty, destructiveness (MA+HA is an inner predisposition to the violence) are deeply rooted into the INDIFFERENCE (AD). All go together with a gentle attitude (VE) to hide his coolness. Mentally sick (SA+NE-ME) and may-be sexual impotent too (VE+HA-SAeNE).

Mars demonstrates that his destructive “drive” is so strong as the passion for life in confrontation with individuals who have a positive Mars. Freud might say that this Mars “enacts the death instinct”.

2. let’s look at MERCURY axis (graphic n. 2 HH): it reveals two traits of his personality : FANATISM and a first indication of SADISM.

The key-points are PO = UR/AD = MA/UR They show his mental disorder and his fanatic and excited mind which feeds an ideological component (PO) expressed through a disquieting political power (= KR+VU-HA) in connection with other authorities (of the same level of the aberrant and sick mentality = AS / NO = AS/KR = NO/(SA= NE) .

The mental attitude of love towards himself = ME+VE-SU is strong and boundless (AP/VU). It can bring on the path of the pathological narcissism (SA=NE)/ZE.

The Austrian Newyorker psychoanalyst Otto Kernberg states that “when the self love is positive, it is a psychic connector that supports the mental experiences. But when the narcissism develops defensive and anti-libidical patterns, a pathological selfstructure permeated with sadism, omnipotence and destructiveness” can be the result.

3. Now we go to the sensitive point HA+AD+PO (long. 45°07’): (graphic n. 3 HH) This is a formula for INDIFFERENCE OR MORAL APATHY ( Often Udo Rudolph and I tested the three sums. We could verify that there is a very strong cohesive component in them).

Since the Jewish writer Elie Wiesel, Nobelprice for peace, has written : “the contrary of love is not hate but indifference”, we observe and evaluate better the importance of this axis which is not by coincidence the axis of the MC:

= AR = MO = SA = NE = JU = HA = …. Through all these full factors we can understand how complex or complicated his personality was (Ego=MC). In private life we can see his difficulties in the emotional sphere and in relationship with the feminine principle (MO) till reaching the state of pathology (please look at SA=NE : the pp. of the illness which gives its colouring to this axis) . Also we see how he is ill of egoism (MC=JU=HA) . In my opinion HADES – the EVIL- is the key-point of interpretation.

This axis also demonstrates clearly how his disquieting personality reacts when he exercises the strong power of the command in his country (see CU+KR-MA ), ie. in public life (AR=MC). His insensibility and indifference ( HA+AD+PO) is expressed – or fixed upon – against unprotected people : AR=MO=SA=NE = … = HA. According to Ludwig Rudolph,

Udo’s father AR=MO means a lot of people, multitude, a population. And we know what population was involved.

Let us not forget that the Sun, the exterior ego was = MA+HA so he is capable of low and mean actions even to kill or to murder. Besides SU/PO = SU/ME in connection with NE and SA inclines towards mental problems amplified through the disquieting HA=JU=MC : he enjoys doing EVIL! And VE/PO = VE/ME = SA=NE=HA….are the of a godless person who laughs at the faith of the others.

We can translate in psychological terms the 2 factors of fanatism and indifference as traits of the criminal personality..

4. SADISM (graphic n. 4)

According to Freud it is eros+death instinct

According to E. Fromm sexual sadism is only a part of the total sadism. To his opinion the core of sadism is “ the passion to exercise an absolute and unlimited control over a living being (animal, child or person)”. And adds : “ the intensity of this passion is not counter balanced by love for life.” We have just seen how his Mars enacts the death instinct. Now if we add at the axis of the MERIDIAN the sensitive point : VE+MA-VE/NE we put his disquieting, obscure and frustrating personality in the frame of a possible impotence or in the pathological negation of the sexual urge. Both incline to perversity through the power and the control OVER OTHERS (AR=MO).

The dominant HADES could work only on the way of the EVIL also through the pp. HA+ZE-AR/PO that means mental sadism and hate. The pp. HA-ZE often is the basis for hate as well as sadism.

E. Fromm defines Himmler a sadistic, vicious character. An authoritarian sadist. We just have had a confirmation of it.

To conclude


Four different pathological personalities have been presented of whom the axes testify through negative and difficult chains and single pictures.

In all these cases the dominant energy is that of the hard invisible planet ADMETOS followed by the pp. HA-VU symbol of the “vice”, of the uncontrollable violence, of the diabolic forces and of the ignominy. The bad constellations fall into the frame of the personality disorders through the pp. UR/AD connected to the destructive drive of MARS.

Udo Rudolph, Meira Epstein and Nona Press gave excellent examples of the positive meanings of the Transneptunian ADMETOS.

This premised, in the analysed cases however the value of Admetos could only be negative..

In its negativity Admetos has put in relevance a lot of meanings but especially the mechanism of the REPETITION. This is typical in compulsive behaviours of people who are used to performing tortures with indifference.

Please note:

Father Smyth, don Cantini and Himmler don’t seem to have had any doubt about their inauspicious choices. The German philosopher Nietzsche asserted that is not the doubt but the certainty to drive a person mad. It is not incidental that today we have recognised in these subjects the seed of the mental disorder. On the contrary Simone di Maggio nourished himself with doubts running back through his disquieting past in order to make clearness and then to start again with a new existence. For this reason he saved himself from psychosis.

Evil dominates the scenery of this lecture through hate, indifference, prevarication, violence, and hurt. On top we have recognised traits of disease of the ego, mental distortion, affective solitude and human aberrations.

Against Evil, people can oppose many positive values but since it is so difficult to defeat it, it would be auspicious to fight it denouncing horrors and injustices and having the courage to refuse to be accomplices of indifference.

Thank you for your attention

New York City, 23rd October 2010