World Horoscope 2013

January 3rd, 2013 | Articoli, News, primobloccohome

World Horoscope 2013

by Lietta Catoni

Hamburg School Astrology

Edited by Catherine Thomas

ARIES AXIS means “the path of the world ”

Graphic n. 0 : EARTH HOROSCOPE : General trends for the 2013

The Uranian (Transneptunian) planet, HADES, is still destabilising planet Earth. In many ways the situation all over the world is critical! In the Western Countries, Hadés underlines the “lack” of moral standards and the subsequent moral decay of habits and behaviour and also shows the economic crisis (Hades is in the 10th Earth house) where the weakest groups of people become poorer and poorer.
About the Emergent Countries which in general have strong economies, in connection with the social imbalance there will be a slowing in development (Look at Saturn’s position on the Dial 360° for confirmation) . The “blue collar-workers” belong to Hadés live in very hard conditions because of the crisis and many are at risk of losing their job. We know that social justice doesn’t belong to the meanings of Hadés while the terms, shortage, destitution, rubbish/garbage, wickedness, mistakes from the past and the “going back in time” belongs to Hadés. Concerning poor countries this makes things worse or stationary.

HADES also refers to natural disasters : food shortage, pollution of the air, ground and water . It demands explanations from Leaders for their wrong choices and their indifference towards the balance and respect of the ecosystems. Particularly starting in 2008 when the Uranian planet, KRONOS (authority), covered HADES on the Earth Axis of the World. The meaning of Hadés as “ incompetent authority figures who do not work in the interest of the Planet become clearly self-evident”.
We can partially justify this way of thinking for countries with strong economic foundations that in a crisis or in a recession, make the argument that environment safety is too expensive. Saturn in 2nd House meant that money was scarce or that money had been spent for some other aims in mind.

In 2013 the mid-point HADES/KRONOS il mid-point HADES/KRONOS falls on the following constellations (DIAL 90°-graphic : a)







The possible meaning of the Uranian chain is : The world is on its way to change (Aries/Pluto) though there are two paths : the first one directs itself towards change for the better if the political leaders will put themselves in a position “to serve” (Hadés/Kronos) the serious problems of both Earth and its inhabitants. The second one is a change for the worst, if the aggressive forces dominate. This scenario is a case where the bad decisions will provoke the same negative reactions. The “held back energy” will explode all of the sudden (Zeus = Uranus) creating natural disasters, human bad carelessness and rebellion of various population. . Please remember what happened in 2012 : natural environmental disasters (in Italy : earthquake and flood. In the US : the hurricane Sandy which struck the Big Apple in such a way that has never occurred before). Also, we have watched the resumption of turf claiming claiming (Israel-Palestine, Syria, Egypt, etc).

Firearms (guns) are a problem (Zeus = Mars/Vulcanus) : the constellations show that the energies in motion have to be kept under control to avoid their explosiveness (Mars/Vulcanus). So it is necessary that the Leaders must have in mind tactics that clearly tackle (Mercury/Jupiter) these tough topics. The world is ill (Saturn/Neptune) and is at risk of falling seriously ill during 2013, especially if aggressive and non-partisan politics prevail. Since the tensions can become violent, it is possible that the wars will go on around the world with the possibility of opening up on new fronts.

We find the following two significant factors in the chart : Mercury, as symbol of “communication” lies in the 3rd house while the planetary pictures URANUS/POSEIDON = MOON/MERCURY = ZEUS/APOLLON = ZEUS/VULCANUS are on the Aries Axis (Dial 90°, see below). The possible meaning is: all the forms of communication which broadcast the visibility of the events (Uranus/Poseidon) are a key for information and diffusion for the people (Moon/Mercury) for all over the world ! Indeed this signifies the strong power of the “Internet” for people who try to find a shared solution to the actual problems (Zeus/Apollon). These groups are motivated by powerful urges (Zeus/Vulcanus).

Now let’s go to the info on the general status of the Earth planet in 2013 just by looking at the ARIES AXIS on the Dial 90°.

ARIES axis =












After having read the delineation on the full factors of the dominant geometric figure we’ll go on to read the mid-points one after the other (* see the italics below) having the following possible meaning : °° Some of the Leaders try to push forward changes and developments because they are pressed by people’s opinions in quick motion . These are reactive, and they try to find practical solutions to the problems of their countries. These solutions will probably involve the channels of major information platforms (media, TV, Internet) in their efforts . The dominant topic is the uncertainty of daily living, job insecurity and in general lack of perspective on the future. It is possible people will change their Leaders since they appear too conservative and outdated. In any case the “structure” of the society is evolving and people want models of life that are more balanced and just°°..

*Note : ZEUS = APOLLON = MERCURY = NEPTUNE “The emphasis is on the uncertainty or on the incapacity for bold choices.

THE COSTELLATIONS IN THE HOUSES (fluctuations from the year 2012 )


In comparison to last year, in 2013 this planet has moved to the 2nd Earth House (= the World) . It is not the best position for the Economy. The economic recovery will be slow or the growth will be in very small increments. So although the crisis bites the Western countries, Saturn impedes the growth of the Emerging countries as well. The meanings of this planet : financial losses, financial insecurity unless politicians develop economic rigour and method. Generally speaking the growth is curbed while financial insecurity grows. MARS will be in the 5th Earth house as early as January 2013. This means more speculative attacks can move quickly, creating difficulties for some countries. Please see the following constellation :

JUPITER/NEPTUNE = ARIES Point/SATURN = MARS = MARS/ADMETOS . Particularly the planetary picture MARS/ADMETOS is typical of the terrorist attacks. Indeed it doesn’t recognize democratic rules.

An important message comes from taking a look at Saturn on the DIAL 90°(both the mid-points and the full factors around its axis, that is : SATURN = JUPITER/PLUTO = NEPTUNE = ZEUS) reveals that “ lucky transformations needs time, the good changes are not yet well stabilized or established. Nevertheless we may glimpse this at an improvement perhaps on a submerged level ”.

Often we look at Jupiter as the only key of interpretation for economic recovery. Its axis : JUPITER = HADES = SATURN/PLUTO = ITALY ANNUAL ASCENDENT. The current recovery presents difficulties for Italy and growth is still hindered by past mistakes (HADES).


Usually this Uranian planet is favourable for expansion in money and business, but the world has to wait till the end of 2013 when APOLLON will make its entrance into the economic 2nd house. May-be it will balance the negative effects of SATURN opening a door to recovery. So as far as the economic and financial aspects are concerned, the year 2013 is still influenced by the crisis started with MARS/HADES on the Aries Axis in 2008th .

Nevertheless the Uranian planet POSEIDON in the 2nd house together with SATURN brings a beam of light. SATURN-POSEIDON meaning is the constellation of the “guide” : problems are clarified. So we can think that the world will not be blind since some “bright, qualified and clear minded individuals” will take charge of the economic financial problems proposing more effective treatments.
By JUPITER in the 9th Earth house makes it possible to hope about a moral reawakening of both politicians and experts especially in the second part of the year when Jupiter makes its entrance in the 10th Earth House offering a financial assistance to the markets.

The APOLLON axis by its mid-points and full factors on the Dial 90° is as follows : =KRONOS = MERCURY = URANUS/PLUTO = HADES/ADMETOS = POSEIDON = JUPITER+VULCANUS : “the opinions and voices of the people from prominent or important or densely populated nations will start to win respect in the public life in order to quickly change difficult situations and to repair shortages like joblessness, economic needs, exploitation of labour. People are more and more aware of being subjugated to economic power. These constellations find some ethical principles which will be listened to”.


It is positioned in the 6th house referring to current work problems . This planet generally deprives one of job security which has been a dominant factor for some years. While the positive meaning of Neptune casts the emphasis on both voluntary work and non-profit organizations. Please look at the Dial 90° and see that Neptune lays on the Saturn and Zeus axis, with the meanings mentioned above.

We now take a look at some Countries in the world starting with Italy.

On the DIAL 360° (graphic n. 1) we’ll find the following personal points: 2013 MC and AS plus both the natal and directed Sun of Italy.

The graph points to the deprivation that Italy is experiencing with the Uranian planet HADES, its meanings has already been mentioned above.
The annual MC of Italy lies in the 4th house which is angular, while the AS remains in the 7th angular house.
The MC is positioned on the Earth axis of Economy while the AS occupies the sector where Italy communicates, discusses, quarrels, but…can also create agreements. The mid-point MC/AS falls into the 5th house of “speculations”. The main problem for Italy is the Economy : the national debt, the markets and the speculative attacks. The 4th house is where the MC is positioned which points to the Italian problems in Italian- family which could refer to the weakest segments of the population, especially the : retired, unemployed people, and those who have lost their jobs and their house, etc. HADES in opposition from the 10th house focuses on the economic crisis which will continue on throughout 2013. In addition the natal SUN of Italy ( 19°06’ Gemini) is connected with the axis of the Uranian planet ADMETOS (in the 2nd house of the Annual Horoscope of Italy ). This means that the recession and economic phase have not as yet finished!

Powerful information comes from the Uranian planet, KRONOS, which is connected both with the directed Sun of Italy and with the following planetary pictures:
KRONOS = SUN d. Italy = MERCURY = APOLLON = JUPITER+VULCANUS = URANUS/ADMETOS, meaning : “The news from Italy says that the country is at the mercy of the economic and financial power (of the great banks ). Tensions can be disruptive ”.

Hence, the Italian problems are serious and difficult to solve. It will be necessary for strong cohesion of all the political forces in order to really face the crisis, but this goal doesn’t sound possible. In fact:

(KRONOS+VULCANUS-SUN r. ITALIA – the political forces in Italy- = MC = HADES =JUPITER : are permeated with egoism!)

Nevertheless the 7th house opens up to the possibility of creating agreements. That depends on the kind of work the Italian government will be capable of doing after the political elections take place, late February 2013. The Uranian planet, URANUS, (in 7th house together with the AS of Italy) can bring forth either positive news or quick and provoking tensions in the internal relationships among groups of power. Don’t forget that the 7th is the house of the National debates within the different political groups in Parliament . The KRONOS/HADES axis has talked about its meaning on the Aries Axis is connected also with ITALY as follows : (= AS t /SUN d. Italy). We will see if the new government will “reform” the inefficient political government of the last few years and will open up the road to reforms instead of persisting in continuous instability ”.

One event seems reassuring. The Italian political elections bring changes in the life of the country, society and among the people. The Italian life-style will change in comparison to the past.

Let’s take a glance on the DIAL 90° (Election axis):

NODE/ZEUS ( elections…))

= AS Italia (…in Italy)

= NEPTUNE/ADMETOS ( …bring radical changes)

=CUPIDO = MOON (…in the society and among the people, changing the Italian life-style)

In the meantime the planet, JUPITER, occupies one of the 16 main points on the DIAL 360° and enters into contact both with Italy and with HADES. It lies in the 9th House of the Earth Horoscope which is in the place of politics and relations with foreign countries . We may hope that this planet can mitigate HADES’ bad meanings especially in the fields already mentioned above : politics , financial societies and banks (Jupiter is connected with money). Italians will have to pay attention to the BCE (European Central Bank) which keeps Italy under control by the following constellation :

JUPITER+KRONOS-L.M. Brussels (=BCE)= SUN d. Italy/Aries Point, with the meaning : the role of Italy in the World and within the European Community).

As Jupiter is quincunx to Saturn in the 2nd house, Italy unlike prior years will have to give a guarantee about correct behaviors and assume responsibilities in order to receive attention and assistance.

Let’s get some more information from the DIAL 90° on the HADES axis in relation to Italy in 2013.

HADES = AS Italy = MC Italy = AS/MC Italy : (Italy is under negative and disruptive influences due to the mistakes of the past. These bad influences combine together to form a recession, lack, moral degradation and criminality*** (please note the last mid-point below). Notwithstanding the negative meaning of Hades, in its positive aspect it makes possible the capability to discriminate revealing the reasons of the disturbances in the Italian way of life. Since Hades = JUPITER we might have some hopes towards a better outcome. Nevertheless the Italian relationship with Jupiter and Hades underlines the strong power of criminality in both submerged economy and the illegal activities.
Hades axis continues as follows :

= SUN r. Italy / MOON (: the Italian country and its people. In addition the planetary picture can mean that 2013 will be a year of changes, reversals and changes of scenery)
= SUN d. Italy / POSEIDON (This would be a positive factor which can direct Italy towards rational and intelligent choices. To handle difficulties with large and bright vision leads to possible solutions regarding the current problems).
= KRONOS / POSEIDON (it is the confirmation that some statesmen or some prominent politicians will be capable of operating with an intelligent vision during 2013).
= NODE / SATURN = SATURN/PLUTO (Present times are so difficult that problems cannot be solved quickly. Pluto makes me think that the process is getting in motion. Otherwise, there would be a worsening of the situation. KRONOS/POSEIDON, points to a little optimism )
= ***CUPIDO / ADMETOS (Italy cannot run the risk of isolation from the world! It’s the warning of this planetary picture ). A different interpretation can be considered, thinking that both Jupiter and Hades belong to the Italian country (MC = AS). In this case we must keep in mind organized crime which is peculiar to the Italian situation. It permeates economic business inwardly and outwardly, in this way destroying its soul, its principles and ideals.

NOTE : In the Annual Horoscope of Italy (DIAL 360°- graphic. n. 3) it is not incidental that HADES falling in the 4th House, which is at the root of every evil in the Italian-family structure.

The worse Uranian planet warns us that the old difficult problems of the country should have been resolved long ago (for ex: the unsolved problem of the waste, both household garbage and toxic waste in a few regions. In addition consider also lethal pollution – as in the case of ILVA- etc). As time goes on these problems deteriorate.

Conclusions for ITALY

Italy’s constellations show a pressing necessity to manage serious problems which have been neglected in the past few years or put off into the future .
The Earth Horoscope invites us to increase the efforts towards change, to transform and improve the Italian situation. (ARIES Point = PLUTO+KRONOS-ZEUS = SUN d. Italia).
The tasks involved are very serious and demanding. Italian newspapers write about the necessity to change the public administration according to the European standards, to carry on the reformation of the law against corruption, to work on a plan about deregulation, to bring back in force the law against “false accounting”, to make a law on the so called “conflict of interests”, to maintain faith to the commitments towards the Europe Community . And everything else we have already mentioned.

From the Italian newspaper “La Repubblica” on 12/30/2012 : In order to bring forth all the commitments it is necessary to form a large alliance among political and social forces which must accept this program.. Constellations don’t seem to agree with these aims. Nevertheless some kind of change can start with the election results of 24th -25th , February 2013, according to the will of people who want changes and also according to a new strong determination.
Let’s look at the planetary pictures below

MOON /SUN r. Italy = AS : Italian people in 2013
= PLUTO/POSEIDON : they changes vision
= MARS / JUPITER : about the way to face things successfully
= HADES = JUPITER : serious Italian economic problems. Italians know that is necessary to make sacrifices.
= KRONOS+VULCANUS – NODE : Politics tries to do the same.
= NODE / SATURN : but it’s possible to break agreements so any efforts will be frustrated.

SECOND PART : A brief outline of the horoscopes of other countries .

Let’s start with the UNITED STATES (grafico 1b : Dial 360°, EARTH HOROSCOPE)

The United States has Meridian (MC or M) in the 1st Earth house. They are still the protagonists in the world scene and the Ascendant (AS or A) in the 3rd house, it intensifies the lack of communication inwardly and outwardly. There is further confirmation of this via the AS, Sagittarius (foreign countries); along with Mercury (communications) whose importance we have already explained looking at the general examination of the Aries Axis.

Jupiter in the 9th Earth house (co-significant of Sagittarius) gives confirmation of the relations with the foreign countries on the political and diplomatic level .

Looking at the Annual Horoscope of the AS, we find JUPITER is in the 6th house. It forms a YOD with Saturn-Pluto (11th -1st). So the inner political matters seem to be more complicated and problematic than the external ones. The 6th house deals with daily life, social duties, while the 11th house deals with radical groups of opinions and in 1st house there is the public who look at the decisions of the main political party (Democrats). To mediate between common people (low-middle class) and radical groups (perhaps the Republicans?) about economy will be a hard work for President Obama. Success is not certain because the opposite forces can be conflicting as they work under stressful conditions. It is necessary to reach some sort of compromise through the Libra, the MC sign. Fortunately, the door is open. Let’s see how it looks in the DIAL 90°.

The graph shows the serious (HADES) financial problems (JUPITER NEPTUNE) of the United States which has resonance concerning life of the country. Although the situation could improve (=JUPITER), the image of the country (MC) has been damaged after the crisis of the year 2008 (Lehman Brothers’ crisis).
HADES reveals that at present the situation is not as yet resolved and that the mistakes of the past still burden the US. Now that we are at the end of the year, newspapers all over the world look at President Obama engaged in the dangers of the “fiscal cliff” and wait for his interventions in order to reduce the deficit and to support the growth of the economy. On the Uranian planet, APOLLON, (economy), the US and its President (KRONOS), reply through this planetary picture :
HADES=MC // ADMETOS), this shows a stuck financial condition. The US President proposes to the rich American Citizens to pay more taxes (fiscal embitterment of the upper class). His model for a social-economic re-adjustment has been a strong point in his program during the Presidential elections. Now the Senate of the US works especially through two leaders, one Republican and the other one Democratic in order to complete this difficult mission and find a legal and acceptable compromise. Constellations inform us that the compromise is a good way towards a solution, and that many attempts will be made in this direction. It seems that negotiations are under way but the results are not certain. In fact looking at the Meridian (MC) axis, we will find the following constellations :

MC=POSEIDON+APOLLON-KRONOS (high level of clarification)
= MERCURY + MARS – NODE (agreement by a common clarification )
= MERCURY+PLUTO-MOON (adaptation).
Nonetheless together with these positive factors we find :
= SATURN/PLUTO (difficult adaptation)
= HADES = JUPITER : (development hindered by hard feelings).

To personally comment on these constellations : if the spirit of service towards the country (instead of self- interests) prevails, it will put in motion the only positive side of HADES. In this case the success (JUPITER) of the negotiations is certainty. Otherwise the US will meet with hard times, and consequently it will be hard for the world as well. One unbalanced compromise is also possible (HADES=JUPITER).
On 12/31/2012 the two leaders of the US Senate and US Congress reached a positive agreement, but the real decision concerning this problem will appear again during the 1st quarter of 2013, – topic “Cutting on the public expenditure”. The solution cannot be taken for granted…

Let’s move on to take a look at GREECE (MC and MERCURY axes)

Its Meridian for the year 2013 is at 11°23’Capricorn. It lays on the ADMETOS axis which is a Uranian planet and ex presses the following meanings : blockage, compulsion, difficulty of getting out from going around in circles (Admetos’s movement is similar to the earth’s rotation). Nevertheless when it arrives at the end of its tour, it will start a new cycle in the sign of : becoming.
Here’s the whole axis in the graphic of the Ascendant (AS):

MC = ADMETOS (2nd house of the AS) : Greece is forced to do some great sacrifices in order to cut their losses and to get back on top.
=MOON/PLUTO (12th -9th ) : It is under the sign of public changes, endless changes in a climate of great insecurity among the people.
=AS/HADES (1st -3rd ) : Greece is now a place of pain and poverty because of the mistakes made in the past.
=MERCURY/SATURN (9th -7th ) : Hard times under the crisis. It is necessary to mediate but it is also necessary to follow the directives from Brussels (see below the MERCURY axis)
=SATURN/APOLLON (7th) : As it is an economic planetary picture , it needs rigorous accountability in order to leave a road open to the economic recovery.
=POSEIDON/VULCANUS = POSEIDON/MARS : Greece needs wisdom, bold activism but honor and dignity too.
=NEPTUNE/KRONOS : It doesn’t seem that country has some bright personalities who are capable of handling the problems competently.
=VENERE/HADES : There is an atmosphere of disharmony in the country.
=ARIES POINT/JUPITER : although the hope to overcome the difficulties cannot be abandoned.
Note : we can also insert the following planetary picture in the Meridian axis : ZEUS/KRONOS = ADMETOS : “tensions in the country are so strong that armed violence could explode.

Let’s go to the axis of MERCURY (9th house : communications with and from foreign countries)

It is a real significant axis by its two “full factors” APOLLON and KRONOS on which the Local Ascendant Brussels (L.A) dominates. It is the place of both the European Parliament and BCE (Central European Bank) . It is all closely connected to MC e AS Athens.
See the constellations :

= AS Greece / SATURN
= MC Greece / HADES
= Aries Point / MOON

The meaning is as follows: Authorities (KRONOS) in Brussels in connection with the BCE (JU+VU) imposes on Greece to adopt a new economical and financial method (SA+AP) following a different style in this field in comparison to the one that the Country would like to follow (MERCURY in 9th house). The reasons of such an imposition lie in the financial isolation and shortage. Harmony among the Greek people (ARIES/MOON) is lacking (SA/VE).



Its MERIDIAN (MC) 23°06’ Capricorn, is connected with both JUPITER and HADES plus some other constellations about negotiations. Since the MC of Syria coincides with the one of the USA and ITALY, perhaps one of these countries or both of them can play the role of mediator concerning the awful situation of civil war in Syria. Negotiations will not be easy (SATURN/PLUTO), also they need time to find a solution; nevertheless the planetary picture SATURN/PLUTO makes us think that President Bashar-el-Assad will abandon the country during the year 2013. (The graph of the MC has been omitted because it is the same as the MC-USA in the DIAL 90° . For a significant graph it is better to take into consideration the planetary picture SATURN/KRONOS mentioned above).

The Ascendant (AS) at 6°33’ Taurus reveals the tragic situation of violence and death within the Syrian community (=MOON = CUPIDO = ARIES p./ VULCANUS = MARS/HADES). Two constellations open to some hope, i.e. : URANUS/JUPITER = NEPTUN/ADMETOS = ZEUS ADMETOS with the meaning : “the blocked situation suddenly can clear up, and as a cycle reaches its end another one starts”.

Let’s look at IRAN

ASCENDANT (AS) axis at 27°04’ Taurus

It finds itself in the 8th house of the Earth horoscope, that is in a place of change and transformation. The planetary pictures of the axis are the following (please note that ADMETOS is the only full factor so it dominates every mid-point):

AS Teheran = ADMETOS : It seems that a cycle is arrived at its end. The Uranian planet means also “atom”. So it is clear that this country keeps on enriching uranium. But the aim of this project is not clear yet.

= ZEUS / (PLUTO/KRONOS) : The political leader changes and country will take the road of a new direction.

= Aries p. /JUPITER :.. nevertheless the country remains connected to its isolation. There are gains, thanks to raw materials while the situation remains intricate,

= NEPTUNE / PLUTO The path of the evolution is not clear

= VULCANUS / POSEIDON (=ADMETOS –please remember it -) Strong religious fundamentalism remains .

= MOON / NODE : Women are humiliated but in the case that ADMETOS has concluded its cycle, things could change.

= VENUS / HADES :harmony is not present and the country closed in on itself (isolated), doesn’t seek confrontation with others.

= ZEUS / KRONOS (=AD) The country is authoritative and aggressive. It prefers conflict instead of diplomacy. Because of NODE/MOON, people (women included) might rebel. So Iran takes the risk of a civil war.

Let’s look at EGYPT

Pointer on the Meridian (MC) :

The main constellation is : MERCURY/KRONOS=POSEIDON.
This means that in Egypt (MC) what prevails is the power and the will of the Authority of the State against the rebellion of the groups of people who feel oppressed and fight with determination. The planet MARS is very strong and active. The atmosphere in the country is violent and disruptive while Authorities strongly repress any claims.

Let’s look at ISRAEL

Choosing the graph of the ASCENDANT (AS) we can see on the DIAL 90° that it is positioned on both the AS of Teheran and on MC of Athens. Something violent or extreme or unmovable characterizes the three countries which have the Uranian planet, ADMETOS, as a full factor.
Nevertheless there are some differences among the constellations of the three countries. These can be interpreted in a different ways keeping in mind the particular reality of each country.

AS JERUSALEM = ADMETOS = MARTE : Prevale il clima aggressivo e di terrorismo. Israele sembra ancora girare sul perno del “territorio” (ADMETOS) da difendere (MARTE).

Sembra prevalere una mentalità ristretta

AS JERUSALEM = ADMETOS = MARS : The aggressive and terroristic atmosphere prevails. Israel seems to revolve around the pivot of the “territory” (ADMETOS) to be defended (MARS). A sort of narrow-minded mentality seems to prevail.
=MC/HADES = MC/Aries Point : The Country reflects a negative image of itself onto the world in a sort of withdraws into itself.
=ZEUS/KRONOS : These planetary pictures can mean both “diplomacy” or “war”. One doesn’t rule out the other.
=MC/(MERCURY+MARS-NODE) : The Country seems to look for agreements and clarifications but …
=MERCURY/SATURN = SATURN/APOLLON : a true conversation doesn’t seem possible and there are dictatorial tendencies or separation intentions.
=VULCANUS/POSEIDON : There is the conviction to assert ones’ rights, and pride is the foundation for such behaviors . Perhaps there is the fear of falling into disrepute too.
=NEPTUNE/KRONOS : Leaders do not seem capable of taking a decisive role.
=VENUS/HADES : The Country suffers from unbalance and disharmony.
=MOON/PLUTO = MOON/NODE : People could have a transformative influence on the tense atmosphere of the country.
=AS TEHERAN : There could be a conflict between the two countries.


Many more countries should be examined , for ex. India, Russia, and some countries of Latin America. So the provisional panorama of the world is not totally complete. But for now, we will stop here!

Montepulciano (Italy), the 2nd January 2013