THE RESIGNATION OF POPE BENEDICT XVI: Secrets and Mysteries of the Vatican

March 1st, 2013 | Articoli, News, primobloccohome

THE RESIGNATION OF POPE BENEDICT XVI: Secrets and Mysteries of the Vatican

By Lietta Catoni
Hamburg School Astrology
Edited by Catherine Thomas

Papa Ratzinger Graf 1

The chart shows Uranus in the 90 °Dial to have at least one critical point in the fate of Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger, elected Pope in Rome on April 19, 2005 (KRONOS + VULCANUS-POSEIDON = MC) with the name of Benedict XVI.

The Aries axis, that is, his public role as a great spiritual leader of a special community that enabled him to rise to fame and honors in the world (KRONOS + POSEIDON-ZEUS = SUN / APOLLON = Aries Point), is subject to the possibility of sudden irrevocable breakdowns with the members of the elite to which he belongs and with whom it is difficult to find a compromise  (KRONOS / Admetos = ARIES POINT).

Meanwhile, here are a few comments: If the NODE Moon is a factor of great impact on exclusive relationships with the congregation and the Papal Curia (Aries Point = Node), it is in the sense of a totally different point of Aries. It represents the outside world (public, national and international press) that has the power to influence his choices which he cannot approach with his usual reserve (MC / HADES = Aries point). An example of this has to do with the scandal of pedophile priests, (a known press publication, – vox populi said that the Vatican was aware of this issue). Press publications such as “La Retenon” continued to keep fanning the flames in a dramatic fashion on this issue, that has made it very difficult for the Pope to convince the Public and his congregation that the church is taking this issue very seriously indeed.

His personality is that of a very finely spiritual, intensely sensitive and artistic (LUNA = VENUS and PLUTO), educated and high-brow individual (MERCURY = POSEIDON, KRONOS / POSEIDON = MC), contains two conflicting veins: one of timidity (SATURN) and the other, independence (MARS and URANUS). When acting together, in terrible circumstances of external life (highlighted by planetary transits and progressions), causing stress and unbearable tension. In complex situations that are difficult or rough, sorrow and indignation combined with the sense of honor, these become decision factors in choosing to exit a sort of imprisonment (SATURN / URANUS = VULCANUS ). The end of his reign is indicated by the constellation: KRONOS / Admetos = Aries Point). The inner tension commands his will to finally restore inner balance.

The constellations of Aries born in Axis (Figure 1), the meaning of which we have just described above, are as follows:


During the summer of 2010, Uranus transited the Aries axis and has since settled into the sign of Aries as of March 2011. More or less at the same time, Hades also did the same. The Uranian lightning brought down the murky mysteries of Hades, whose dark evil practices continue to loom over the world. Unmentionable secrets have been revealed (Pedophilia). For Pope Ratzinger, hit by both adverse transits on his difficult Aries axis, marked the beginning of a very challenging, disruptive period regarding power management in the VATICAN.

Papa Ratzinger Graf. 1bis

The rest (Figure 1a), his natal Sun (the ego in the external dimension) seems to tell his story of the Pope. Cs: SUN = VULCANUS = PLUTO / KRONOS = (Aries Point = LUNAR NODE) / HADES = MARS / URANUS = HADES / HADES: “Man destined to high position but severely hampered in his public role by powerful enemies.”

While the direct sun for solar arc, on the day of his resignation, pointing emphasis on the following planetary pictures: SUN d. NEPTUNE = t. = KRONOS / POSEIDON r. KRONOS = r. / HADES d. SUN = t. / SUN r. R = MC. SATURN t. / URANUS d. ZEUS = r. / D Admetos

With the following meaning: “The spiritual man, joined himself body and soul, expresses his intentions, secret until now. On February 13, 2013, declares his resignation, but it is not certain that the reasons are the whole truth. He had come to a final decision.”

Returning to examine, in the abstract, its axis constellations of Aries, we can understand that URANUS, often inhibited by a sense of duty to SATURN, can be triggered suddenly by events when it is stimulated by transits or progressions of powerful transformative planets. On April 19, 2005, when Ratzinger appeared in public for the first time since his election to the papacy of the Roman Catholic Church, the planet URANUS (directed by solar arc) was involved in the following strong constellations (graph no. 2):

Papa Ratzinger Elezione graf.2

URANUS d. ZEUS = t. = SUN / KRONOS r. = SUN / CUPIDO d. = NEPTUNE / Admetos r. SUN = r. / POSEIDON t with the following meaning: “Suddenly my life changed radically and began my journey of spiritual leadership”.

If we move exactly Axis of Aries d., the day 19/04/2005, we collect additional information from the constellations aspects, that indicate a sad omen. These are as follows:

ARIES POINT d. = T = THE SUN. ROME Admetos = r = t Admetos. = CUPIDO / Admetos r. (Figure 2 b.)

Papa Ratzinger Elezioni Graf 2 bis

Admetos twice dominates the entire planetary picture (which includes Uranus, the Moon’s Node and Mars), the day of his election. So as if to signify his relationship difficulties “narrow” (AD) with members (NODE) of the Curia (CU / AD), fights (MA), turbulence (UR) and sudden disasters (UR = AD). His reign would not be easy!

The Uranian cycle is a cycle of seven. Look at the constellations of February 13, 2013 (solar arc of seven years and a half after the election to the papacy) (Figure no. 3), focusing on the planet URANUS: (Key: r: natal planets, d: direct solar arc planets, t: transiting planets, p: planets in secondary progression)

Papa Ratzinger Graf 3

URANUS r. HADES = t. T = SATURN. / R HADES. = SUN / SUN KRONOS d = d. / APOLLON t. SUN = d. / ROME MARS = t. / SATURN PLUTO t = r. / KRONOS r. “Difficult circumstances to the Supreme Leader, strongly hindered in his role as Universal Head (SU / AP) in Rome, problems of health and / or enmities. Forced separation. The Chief leaves. “


Papa Ratzinger Graf 4

URANUS t. PLUTO = d. = (HADES p.) = LUNA d. CUPIDO = r. MARS = p. KRONOS = d. JUPITER = d. APOLLON = t. = L.A. ROME LUNAR NODE = t. = VENUS d. = HADES / Admetos r. SUN = r. / MC d = (MERCURY POSEIDON =) / (= MOON PLUTO): Literally, the meaning is the following: “Turn sadly and quickly informing the public of his decisions Congregation of Rome (seat of the Papal States). His gesture of renunciation, born of an inner conviction, expressed outwardly, is dictated by the feeling of love for the Community combined with great and profound sadness. It is externalized with the scholarly authority of the supreme leader and wise in the face of adverse situations.”


Papa Ratzinger Graf.5

URANUS / MARS d. = Aries Point d. LUNAR NODE = d. ZEUS = t. D = SATURN. CUPIDO = t. = (KRONOS p.) = SUN / HADES r. = SUN / CUPIDO r. = HADES / VULCANUS r. = CUPIDO / VULCANUS r. = SATURN / Admetos r. = SATURN / NEPTUNE r = + KRONOS VULCANUS-POSEIDON t. HADES = + VULCANUS ZEUS-t. = (T URANUS. PLUTO = d.) / MARS t. With the following meaning: “It triggers the sudden rupture patterns (which we have already said about in the Aries axis) now converge on the powerful spiritual Communities (CU t) and CURIA (NO d: the members of the government restricted VATICAN) of which the Pope even though he was the supreme leader, is helpless in the face of unmovable members in a rough situation (in fact the constellation: HA + VU-ZE t. t = CU. NODE = d. suggests that at least one of the lobbies has a sense of organized crime behind it). Therefore, the confidentiality of which is usually followed, gives the impact of factors / constellations so heavy and dark secrets that are hidden is disturbing. The members of “deviant” Community characters appear as vicious and perverse that have put the Pope in a corner he cannot get out of (HA / VU r. = NO d. = SA / AD r). He rebels against the status quo. Frees himself from the tensions with the strong gesture of resignation. Choose “exile” perhaps to clear the top of the Curia (UR t. = PL d.) / (MA t.)

Note: The reasons given for his resignation are those of the state of his health. The constellations UP / HA = SA / AD = SA / NE may indicate either physical illness that is depressive in nature. But there are also other underlying reasons.

This decision by Pope Benedict XVI to resign can be traced back to as early as 2011, with the transits of Uranus and Hades on the Aries axis (the World axis).

This is confirmed by the position of ADMETOS d. exactly conjunct natal Aries point (see Figure 1). “It’s the end of his public role and his reign (KR / AD = AD = Aries Point d.). And it is a traumatic event. ”

CONCLUSIONS: (confirmed by the constellations)

On 21 February 2013, the newspaper, La Repubblica, published the first investigative article, dell’editorialista, Conchita De Gregorio, entitled “Gender and career, blackmail of the Vatican behind the resignation of Benedict XVI.”

The journalist quoted the speech by the Pope on 11 October 2012, on the occasion of the 50th anniversary of the opening of the Second Vatican Council:
“In other words, the Year of Faith is an opportunity for Catholics to experience a conversion – to turn back to Jesus and enter into a deeper relationship with him. The “door of faith” is opened at one’s baptism, but during this year, Catholics are called to open it again, walk through it and rediscover and renew their relationship with Christ and his Church.”
Citizens in Italy and in the world, knew the scandals of the Vati-leaks with the leak of confidential correspondence from the Pope by his valet. A mysterious story that perhaps was intended to lift the veil on some of the evils that were afflicting the Church. Now we talk of it openly in newspapers and on TV. The powerful domestic lobbies of those of gay sexual orientation (the constellations do not think homosexuality but perversions) of influences (i.e. blackmail born of malfeasance), and the work of the Vatican bank immoral. One wonders if the investigation commissioned by the Pope which shed light on some of the above also brought three elderly high profile cardinals under scrutiny.

On Ash Wednesday, February 13, 2013, the Pope resigned.

The Angelus, last Sunday, before his retirement, said: “We need to expose the temptations of power who exploit God for their own interests.”

Montepulciano, February 21, 2013