January 21st, 2014 | Articoli, News


by Lietta Catoni

Edited by Catherine Thomas


Graph n . 1 : EARTH HOROSCOPE 2014: The trend for the year 2014

Earth Horoscope 2014 -graph 1

The 2010 Cancer ingress (10th house of the Earth Horoscope, according Alfred Witte , spiritus rector of the Hamburg School Astrology) the Uranian ( Transneptunian ) planet, HADES, began to destabilize the World in many ways . The first concerns politics since the 10th house is an expression of governments and governance. Already there is the presence of two Transneptunians, KRONOS and VULCANUS, in the 10th house, which express political incompetent leaderships, or , at best, inadequate leadership skills to cope with the complex situations related to the economic crisis of the West which began in 2008. HADES is connected to the past and to other realities which now operate like obsolete and losing models (both economic and social).

The three Transneptunians ( TNp ) are firmly installed in the 10th House . Vulcanus will move to the 11th house during 2016 and definitively leaves the 10th house in mid 2018. The other two Transneptunians are expected to remain there for a long time ) . It is the expressed hope that with Vulcanus leaving the 10th house that the “violence” factor will also be removed from the world political stage.

In 2014, the 10th House also welcomes JUPITER, which, for the best, will act out through powerful financial economic resources . Both the banks and the large joint-stock companies are connected with the point of Aries (World Axis ) and are visible in the 90 ° Dial with their financial power through the planetary figures : CUPIDO / KRONOS = ARIES POINT = JUPITER / VULCANUS . In the same axis we find the sensitive point ” of ties with politics ” : KRONOS + VULCANUS – NODE . Economic , political and financial power and secret / occult powers ( HADES in the 10th H. ) dominate the world !

Annual Horoscope 2014, graph 2

Observing the constellation: HADES = CUPIDO + JUPITER-APOLLON whose meanings change in relation to the various countries. From: “Criminals Capitalism” to: “Politicians and Financiers at the service of big capitalists”, to the “need for the rulers to take care of the community of people who are destitute and unemployed.” This constellation during the year 2014 seems to confirm ( in certain areas of the World) an economic cycle that produces inflation and impoverishment of the workers ( = Hades). This is even more true if the natal Sun of a nation and its annual AS or MC (AS t., MC t.) are located in the 10th house (see Italy).

The Transneptunian ( TNp ) APOLLON on the 360° DIAL

The absolute piece of news in 2014 is that the TNp APOLLON , now at 29 ° 57 Libra, on February 27th 2014 will enter Scorpio in the 2nd financial house of the Earth Horoscope . In general this means that ” business ” resumes moving and growing economic relations between countries . For Italy, Apollon is in the 4th house and can score a recovery in the internal economy .

However, the 2nd house of the Earth Horoscope contains the LUNAR NODE , the TNp.POSEIDON and SATURN . This suggests that economic growth is a mathematical variable that depends not only on recovery of business but also on the ” rigor” of the public finances , spending cuts and other restrictive economic measures or virtuous (cuts wastage ) . Not only does the second variable to which the recovery comes from, it must be ethical , intellectual and cultural . To say the least, the world’s resources are not just economic ones. The TNp Poseidon starting from a few years ago proposed that the world adopts a system of ” virtuous principles ” that can interact with Policy and the Economy in order to create a fair framework of rules. Pursuit of Wealth to the exclusion of all else will not be acceptable or the main driving force under these “virtuous principles”.

(Legend: natal planets : r . , Planets direct solar arc : d. , Transiting planets : t ., Transneptunians : TNp)


Annual Horoscope 2014, graph 3

The AS Annual of Italy is located in the 10th House. Annual Earth Horoscope . In place of the government of the country, the Premier and or the President of the Republic represents the country. HADES in its meaning of impoverishment of governance and political underworld , expresses the ” dark side” of TNp . Considering that the 10th house , in the vision of H.Lefeldt , is the ” reflection” of 12th house ** (place of secrecy, hidden powers ) TNp Kronos in the 12th house. Annual Earth Horoscope of Italy , suggests difficulties in taking independent initiatives of the government , or just released from secret constraints from a long practice of misrule , which is very difficult to overcome.

**By placing the pointer on the AS , in the 360° Dial , the planet JUPITER and the two TNp. KRONOS and HADES plus the Sun of Italy, are all in 12th House radix (the position of the Sun in particular reveals the sacrifice that the country is called upon to perform, the anti-social factors and the enemies of the state that dwell therein. (Graph. 2).

On the 90 ° Dial, Jupiter is closely related to the asteroid 477 ” ITALY ” and to the asteroid 4867 POLITES ( politics indicator ) . We find in the axis of JUPITER the following constellations :

JUPITER = SUN r . Italy / Point of Aries (the public and financial life of Italy)

= Asteroid ITALY = Asteroid Polites = JUPITER / NEPTUNE = ZEUS / NEPTUNE = MARS / VULCANUS = CUPIDO / POSEIDON = HADES / ASTEROID POLIT . , With the following meaning: “In Italy, the financial crisis affects both politics and finance, where transparency is often denied. Finding a stable direction is difficult for many souls in Italian politics. The exercise of the power is very contentious and remains mired in the past models and connected to factors of secrecy. Culture and art could potentially be financial channels , but politics is very deficient in this respect”

Annual Horoscope 2014, graph 4

Another indicator comes from TNp ADMETOS : it indicates restrictive situations and obstacles that a nation must endure before reaching a new stability . Admetos is moving slowly and will be out of range of Italy only in early summer 2014. At the end of the year and for the first three months of 2015 will retrograde and predictably will continue in one way or another to influence Italy. On the date of entry of the Sun at 0 ° Capricorn, 12/21/2013 , ADMETOS ( transit ) is still connected to both the natal SUN of Italy and to the natal SUN of the Prime Minister, Enrico Letta. In fact, just at the end of April , May and June, 2013, ADMETOS was close to Letta’s Sun , when he became premier in charge of forming a government of ” broad agreements ” . His task was immediately proved difficult for the filibuster ( Admetos ) of part of the government team . In his personal annual horoscope the SUN is still connected with Admetos in transit , confirming that his task remains difficult . But the other planetary figures on the axis of his Sun catch a glimpse of an unblocking of the situation even if not a radical change. A.f : SUN r . = URANUS d. = URANUS / NEPTUNE t = ADMETOS t . The motion of Admetos will create a space of greater stability for the Premier, starting from April 2014 .

The new secretary of the Democratic Party, Matteo Renzi, who was elected on December 8th, 2013, with an overwhelming majority, is a political leader who can create and open up new opportunities. Renzi is closely related to Italy (Sun r. Renzi = AS t. Italy), let’s look at his SUN direct (graph 5) as follows:

Annual Horoscope 2014, graph 5

SUN d. Renzi = CUPIDO t. = NEPTUNE/ADMETOS t. = SUN d. Letta /ZEUS t. = (Asteroid Italia = JUPITER) t. / (SUN r. Letta / ADMETOS t) with the meaning : “Renzi wants to dissolve the fixed patterns of political parties and schedule a new direction together with Letta. But Letta is very cautious”.

The axis of SUN direct continues with the following constellations: = MARS and AS. R. = KRONOS / VULCANUS r. = SATURN r. = HADES / VULCANUS t. = (Aries Point = KRONOS SUN) r. / Asteroid POLIT t. : with the following meaning: “The jolt that Renzi gives to policy in 2014 is a dangerous and poisonous situation. It is a matter of political forcing that he plays with the skill of a true leader. The planet JUPITER t. = SUN / KRONOS d. can ensure success.

Also interesting is his Sun direct mid-point with the Sun of Italy which reveals the following planetary pictures in his chart (no graphs):

SUN d. Renzi/ SUN r.Italia = NODE and KRONOS r. = JUPITER and ZEUS d. = CUPIDO d. = MOON t. HADES t. = SUN r. LETTA / MARS r. = SUN d. Letta / NODE t: “To Italy Renzi is a leader amongst leaders able to begin a phase of lucky activity, despite the dark shadows cast by powerful groups in the nation. Renzi is closely related to Letta. Together they could strive for the goals of the government.

At the end of 2013, many in Italy are wondering if the collaboration of Letta/ Renzi will produce concrete results about the reforms that Italy urgently needs, and also if Renzi can continue to break government deadlock.

Looking at the constellation in transit: URANUS t. = KRONOS t./ SUN d.ITALIA = ASTEROID POLIT .t. with the meaning : “Leadership under pressure for reform. Great political tensions”, we realize that the planetary chain of figures is not comforting . As follows :

= SUN r . Renzi / MERCURY t: Renzi is aware of the goals of reform and strives to achieve them …

= VULCANUS t . / SUN r . ITALY : in the field of major reforms …

= SATURN t. / ( ADMETOS t. = SUN r . Letta ) … but the Prime Minister Letta sounds blocked.

If we look at the constellation of political parties we become more aware of the situation :

KRONOS +VULCANUS – CUPID = SUN r . ITALY / URANUS and KRONOS t . : How the political parties in Italy face the issue of major reforms,

= MERCURY / HADES t . Not with progressive ideas but taking refuge in outdated models of the past. This figure is a planetary point of “darkness” and closure of the political parties.

= SATURN / CUPIDO t . They tend to separate rather than unite

= NODE / MARS t . : and are so fighting and aggressive

= SUN r . RENZI : The secretary of the PD , Renzi, has to deal with this difficult reality.

= APOLLON / ( ADMETOS = SUN r . Letta ) t . : Premier Letta is poised between beginning large

reforms and closure imposed by politicians …

= SUN d. Letta / VENUS t.: … he just has to mediate, using diplomacy.

Note: In summary Letta, in his role as Premier is more influenced by politicians while Renzi has more freedom to act.


Annual Horoscope 2014, graph 6

The Meridian (MC) of Italy , that isthe imagethat the country reflects in the outside world about its institutions , politics , social services , as well as the prevailing mentality of its inhabitants, there is a significant constellation of the climate that reigns during 2014. It is KRONOS + VULCANUS – NODE = MC, with the meaning : “Political parties , political organizations , and in general the associations of power dictate the agenda of 2014 in Italy ! “

The answer is indicated by the planetary figures in the axis of the MC, as follows:

= MOON several changes

= ARIES Point / MOON confirmation of the rapid changes in public life

= MERCURY / MARS: usual bickering = POSEIDON / MARS: the instinct prevails over intellect. On the positive : critical comparisons, discussions, leading to clarity and from which intelligent actions derive. We cannot exclude that in certain circumstances the last meaning prevails.

= URANUS / CUPIDO the approach to social problems tends to reformism or proceeds “in state of excitement.”

= VENUS / NEPTUNE A climate in which it is difficult to achieve the goals or the hopes unless the politics does have a clear vision of the future of this country.

= JUPITER and Asteriod ITALY / APOLLON = ZEUS / APOLLON: this constellation promises an economic recovery, following precise directions. At the same time, continuing internal conflicts among the parties relating to justice and reforms.

= NODE / PLUTO: Together, things can start to change.

As for the economic recovery, this is not the case with too many illusions : the development seems to proceed at a slow rhythm . The current block will melt very slowly. As the following constellations shows :


Other Italian issues

In Italy everyone is wondering if there will be elections in the Spring 2014 or if “Letta’s Government”, with the help of Matteo Renzi, will survive until 2015.

The constellations of the POLITICAL ELECTIONS ( NODE / ZEUS, NODE+ ZEUS – SUN radix or minus AS t. or MC t . of the country concerned, NODE / ZEUS / / KRONOS / VULCANUS ) are underlined in the annual horoscope, so it will affect more than one country . In Italy, it could be a fixed idea of politics, but the words do not seem to have real consequences according the following constellations ( = KRONOS / VULCANUS t . = MERCURY t . = NEPTUNE t . ) .However, in 2014, Italy will have the regional and municipal elections, and in May 2014, the European Elections will take place in May 2014.

NOTE : From a glance of the Annual Horoscope 2015, it sounds that there will be political elections in Italy in the year 2015 ( NODE / ZEUS / / KRONOS / VULCANUS ) t . = ARIES Point / SUN r . ITALY



Italy was one of the founding countries of the European Union . In 2014 Italy will hold the presidency of the European Parliament . Therefore, it is appropriate to look to the European chart, re-negotiated at Maastricht in 1992.

Teatry of Maastricht graph 7

The European Union was founded as a “common market” March 25, 1957 through the Treaty of Rome. The Sun 4 ° 48 ‘ Aries, has been transited by Uranus in recent years (from June 2011 to March 2012 , then on January 2013) and some jolt occurred with the southern European countries resulting in economic difficulties.

On December 31st 1957 Brussels was established as the headquarters of the Community . The Sun is at 10 ° 02 ‘ Capricorn and is now transited by Pluto. This indicates important changes are a foot.

But let’s focus our investigation on the map of Maastricht ( graph 7 )

The cluster VULCANUS = URANUS = APOLLON = VENUS reveals the prevailing technocratic and economic character of the Community. Other information is collected through otherplanetary figures arranged symmetrically about this axis. = MARS / PLUTO with the meaning of ” tendency to act decisively and firmly on economic objectives .”

The mentality is ” materialistic ” and rigid , methodical , vigilant and inspection : = SUN / JUPITER = SATURN / KRONOS . In the new year 2014, this cluster progressed for solar arc will add the Transneptunian (TNp) KRONOS and this confirms that the ” politics of the Community” is moving steadily along this trajectory .

On the SUN of the Community the TNp HADES is transiting. In its meaning of “delay” , the Community does not open to the future but to the past again . The confirmation is given by the constellation SUN d. = HADES r., formed in the summer of 2013 and still active.

Moving along the axis of Politics, we find:

KRONOS / VULCANUS = SUN : The Politician subject…

= JUPITER / HADES …is lacking, focused only on economic conditions ( of the member states)

= CUPIDO / ZEUS = CUPIDO / ADMETOS = ARIES POINT / PLUTO : The Community changes, grows and turns, and all that is new takes time to develop . While slows or stops ( Admetos ) the political project .

= MERCURY / CUPIDO = MERCURY and ADMETOS / PLUTO : ” The mental patterns of the community go through stages of stiffness or immobility .” Overall, these constellations are inclined to put obstacles, limitations or restrictions in the Community. The thought is conservative and rigid. Stuck at the political level, it is in fact a technical body only motivated to control the economic parameters . Moreover, looking it through the point of Aries = MARS = ADMETOS= MERCURY , the Community was established with constellations tending to stifle initiatives and new ideas.

In Spring 2014 there will be elections . The chart clearly indicates them, as follows: NODE / ZEUS t. (elections ) = KRONOS / VULCANUS r . = SUN r . ( politics of the Union ) .

IRAN:  Teheran: SUN radix 11 ° 06 ‘Aries (proclamation of the Islamic Republic of 01/04/1979). Annual AS (t): 18 ° 44 ‘Leo, MC t. 12 ° 21 ‘Taurus. Sun radix President Hassan Rouhani, reformist, in power from August 2013 (time unknown) : SUN r. at midday, 20 ° Scorpio.

Annual Horoscope 2014, graph 8

The Sun radix Iran ranks 9th house in the birthplace horoscope, that is the place of religion and abroad. In the horoscope of 2014, the SUN r. = PLUTO t.: “something in Iran is beginning to change.”

However, the AS t. = SATURN = ARIES Point / (KRONOS / MARS) = NODE / ZEUS = ADMETOS / POSEIDON points out in IRAN how the level of governmental powers united in the military, is still in place the doctrine or the behavior of fundamentalist morality.

It ‘s interesting to look at the mid-point (axis) between SUN radix IRAN and SUN radix Rouhani . It is the following:

= KRONOS = ASTEROID POLIT : ” IRAN and its President. Politics is dominant “

= APOLLON = URANUS = ” rapidly expanding, growing technological and business ( opening to the world ) . But it can cause tensions, probably because Rouhani , as a political leader , has to deal with the legacy of the past of his country”. In fact, SUN r . Rouhani = HADES t = KRONOS t . = VULCANUS t. : the weight of the past in his leadership is still strong.

= HADES / ADMETOS = NODE + ZEUS ” is ready to lead the country towards a certain direction , in agreement with other powerful leaders. The direction can be the ” renunciation of the nuclear ” or rather “the nuclear deal” . There has been some thaw in diplomatic relations with the West due in part to the renegotiated agreement . As follows:

= SUN r . USA / SUN r . EUROPEAN UNION = NEPTUNE + ADMETOS t . ( thaw ) = KRONOS t. ( diplomatic , with the West ) = URANUS t . ( but tensions remain and may undermine the agreement )

As for the U.S. , particularly in the axis we find the following constellation :

= SUN r. USA ( 13 ° 19 ‘ Cancer) / AS t . USA ( 2 ° 27 ‘ Aries) . It ‘s a sign of a thaw between the two countries, first time from the fall of the Shah Reza Palhevi in 1979. But the other constellations do not guarantee against possible breakage. In fact, we find:

= AS t. Washington / SUN r . USA = MARS / URANUS as a factor of intolerance or sudden tension.

To conclude:

= NEPTUNE / POSEIDON: “Rouhani is high-minded, clear, even as religious.” As a leader of his country, the previous planetary figure MARS / URANUS means that “not intimidated. He acts as a reformist. “

ISRAEL (in brief).

Annual Horoscope 2014, graph 9

With the Annual MC (t) at 25 ° 36 ‘Aries and the Annual AS (t) at 3 ° 55′ Leo, the mid- point between the two significant points of the state of Israel (its territory, the image that it projects by its institutions and its politics) falls on APOLLON t. = MARS t. = KRONOS t. Perhaps not surprisingly in connection with IRAN (= SUN r. Rouhani / SUN r. IRAN).

Therefore ISRAEL continues to pursue its active leadership in an independent manner, taking a precautionary stance (Apollon) right now against IRAN which is represented by President Rouhani. The constellations are continuing with: = SATURN / PLUTO t. = SATURN / ADMETOS t. which indicate “between the two states there is a kind of relentless opposition. The agreement is still far away. “= HADES / ADMETOS t. = ARIES Point / ZEUS t. “Is going on with coldness and with weapons against the hated enemy.” = MERCURY / NEPTUNE t. “Susceptibility, strong influence of thegovernment and negative thoughts seem to dominate the scene in Israel towards Iran.”

The U.S. may have a role of “change” about Israel during the year. In fact: SUN r. U.S. / SUN r. ISRAEL = AS t. ISRAEL = PLUTO t. However Pluto can be both evolutionary and complex, and since PLUTO t. = SUN r. ISRAEL / ADMETOS t., the state of Israel seems to hold its course.

INDIA : DELHI : AS t. 08 ° 39 ‘ Virgo , MC t. 07 ° 30 ‘ Gemini, SUN r . India 05 ° 40 ‘ Aquarius ( January 26, 1950 Proclamation of the Republic ) .

Annual Horoscope 2014, graph.10

From a first glance at the 90° DIAL (graph 10) , we find:

JUPITER / APOLLON = AS t.( 2014) ( = the country India ) = MOON / Aries Point = SUN r. India /PLUTO = MERCURY / MARS . These constellations emphasize the growth of both economy and science in the country and among the people . There are changes taking place in the country which carry discussions, comparisons and likely struggles for power.

On 360° DIAL (graph 11), the Annual (t) AS falls in the 12th house of the Earth Horoscope . The contents of the 12th House , according the Hamburg School’s method of interpretation , reflect themselves on the 10th house , place of the government. The 12th house makes us think of situations that are not entirely clear, of agreements that do not come entirely revealed , and how often the political practice used to be. In the 10th House, we find the constellation of politics ( KRONOS and VULCANUS with the addition of HADES ) . The political problem may be the conditioning of the country to its past (that is the link with England and the English style of governance) .

Earth Horoscope 2014 India graph 11

The Meridian (t) in Gemini falls in the 9th house of the Earth Horoscope, place of politics. The 9th house is the reflection of the 1st “cardinal” house where MARS and ZEUS are positioned. These are planets that show activism aimed at leadership ( the TNp planet ZEUS is a symbol of both control and individual power, used to direct energies toward the fulfillment of the goals ) .

A prominent constellation is as follows: NODE / ZEUS / / KRONOS / VULCANUS = ARIES POINT = MC t . INDIA ( image outside of the country .) With the meaning: “There will be political elections inIndia” . They bring winds of change in the vision of the things (= SATURN/POSEIDON = SUN r . INDIA / URANUS t . ) in the political leadership of the country ( SUN r. INDIA / KRONOS t . ).

From the news reports there are two candidates: NARENDRA MODI and RAHUL GANDHI. About both we only know the birth date but not the true time so we should take the average time of the SUN at noon. The missing data (MOON, AS, MC) do not allow a thorough investigation. However, even with incomplete data, we can identify in broad terms the qualities of both leaders who bring into play their chances in view of the major changes planned for 2014 (Asteroid POLIT / SUN r. India).


His natal chart reveals a strong and charismatic personality combined with a communicative uncommon talent ( SUN = MERCURY = VULCANUS ) . Politics is his passion and the center of his life , as indicated by the following powerful constellations : ( KRONOS / VULCANUS = SUN /KRONOS / / MARS and KRONOS ) with the meaning ” the political leadership , the ability to be a leader and to govern with authority, is a dominant theme in his life” . However , the constellation : = HADES / ADMETOS is an adverse component with respect of the previous strong meanings . It may reveal a tendency to nationalistic closures , and URANUS / ADMETOS a tendency to sudden and violent reversals of situation. This creates alternating phases of consensus and powerful hostilities that hinder his objectives ( = JUPITER = SATURN ) .


The SUN , or the external I, puts emphasis on his origin from a family of the cultural elite ( SUN r =NODE / CUPIDO = KRONOS / POSEIDON = JUPITER / NEPTUNE ) , and he himself is a man of culture ,and high idealism . He is mentally active , speaks several languages and is capable of big projects. Besides he tends to direct and to control (like a leader) but he is not totally capable of adapting to others in public life , so that his ideas may encounter resistances ( MERCURY =APOLLON = ZEUS / KRONOS = ARIES Point / SATURN = SUN / HADES ) . The constellation of politics ( KRONOS / VULCANUS ) suffers from its refined personality and does not possess the qualities of political cunning and hardness. At best Gandhi is a leader who looks to the future ( = NEPTUNE ) .

With the constellation: PLUTO / ZEUS t. = NODE t.= SUN r. INDIA: India is an emerging country in2014.

IRAQ (in brief) AS t. 12° 08′Leone – MC t. 5 ° 10 ‘Taurus

The SUN r. IRAQ 10 ° Libra, like Syria, has a worrying constellation in 2014. As follows: SUN r. Iraq = URANUS / ADMETOS t. = MARS / ADMETOS t. = KRONOS / ADMETOS t, with the meaning of “War, Terrorism and complicated leadership.” The Sun of the U.S. is just in the axis = NODE t. = JUPITER + POSEIDON t. = MERCURY+ MERCURY t. = AS t. IRAQ: The United States could mediate to ensure the humanitarian rights in the country.

JAPAN (in brief)

Annual Horoscope 2014, graph 12

SUN r. 04/28/1952: 8 ° 12 ‘Taurus at the time of’ peace agreement between the U.S. and Japan. Annual AS (t) at 1 ° 36 ‘Scorpio, Annual MC (t) at 5 ° 52′ Leo

Let’s look at its SUN radix Axis :

SUN r. = CUPIDO r = ZEUS t. , with the meaning : In the 2014 Japan is an emerging country, restless creative, well organized and planned.

Its problem could still be the nuclear risk: MC / AS t. = PLUTO t. = URANUS / ADMETOS t. (the latter is also the constellation of the earthquake). On the positive side: radical changes are looming.

MC t. (the image of Japan to the outside world) = NODE t. = KRONOS+ VULCANUS t. = ADMETOS t. = SUN r. USA: the country is closely connected with other powerful nations (USA)

= APOLLON / POSEIDON t. It is a country of peace, science, and business specific reports ( especially with USA). It is in economic growth, tends to enhance the research and educational and cultural institutions.

= NEPTUNE / KRONOS t.: its leadership looks at the future. On the negative side, the current leadership is not aligned with other powerful countries.

CHINA ( in brief)

Annual Horoscope 2014, graph 13

( SUN r . 7 ° 47 ‘ Libra, AS t . 11 ​​° 55 ‘ Libra, MC t . 13 ° 44 ‘ Cancer)

In short, the SUN r . falls in the 12th annual House and as a reflection of the 4th house (where the play of power remains private and internalized ) , can put the emphasis on the less visible side, dark secret of the country , with its inner turmoil and its tendency to suppress and segregate.

However, in the Earth Horoscope 2014 the AS t . falls in the 1st House and underlines its independence from other countries.

The constellations highlight the great commercial and economic power that China holds :

SUN r. = KRONOS t . = APOLLON t . = Asteroid POLIT t.,

but also the rights denied to the population : = JUPITER / POSEIDON t . = MOON / ADMETOS t . ,

and the spirit which only requires discipline : = NEPTUNE / POSEIDON t . = SATURN / PLUTO t . ,

with a dark side that is restrictive of freedom : = HADES / ADMETOS t .

This climate creates sudden violence , rebellion and imprisonment :

= MARS / URANUS t . =AS t . / SATURN t .

From the point of view of pollution, those who wonder whether China will eliminate toxic emissions , the following constellations do not encourage any hope :

MARS + HADES –NEPTUNE t . = MC t. Peking = NODE t .The image of China is that of a country overwhelmed by toxic clouds ( also in 2014 ) .”

NORTH KOREA ( in brief)

The only axis of the natal SUN at 17 ° 18 ‘ Virgo (the country is independent from September 10, 1948 ) reveals violent constellations , whereas the governance of the country is very aggressive and cruel ( KRONOS= SUN r . / VULCANUS ) as follows :

= MARS / ADMETOS : trend of terrorist acts, = NODE / VULCANUS : related to the use of force, = JUPITER / ZEUS / / HADES : pleasure of malice and destructiveness , MOON / NEPTUNE : rapid changes and chaotic , even unpredictable.

THAILAND ( in brief)

Annual Horoscope 2014, graph 14

The axis MC t . = AS t . (annual), respectively at 29 ° 06 ‘ Gemini and 29 ° 02 ‘ Virgo .

While SUN r . Thailand ( 2 ° 27 ‘ Cancer) = HADES t . = MOON t . = CUPIDO / ADMETOS t . = Aries Point / SATURN t . = URANUS / POSEIDON t . = KRONOS / POSEIDON t . = ZEUS t . / SATURN r . = MERCURY / URANUS t . = Asteroid POLIT / Asteroid POLITES t.

With the meaning : ” the situation in Thailand has a dark side : it may be secret or hidden components of groups bear difficult and dangerous situations . They have a destabilizing and separatist power in the country which the ” media ” inform the outside world of their problems with poverty that creates internal strife. There is a component in the country of cultured and spiritualized “elite” which perhaps is not capable of producing a reformist attitude . Repression seems to prevail.

Meanwhile, the constellation of the political Election is enhanced, a.f.: (NO / ZE / / KR / VU) t. = AS and MC Thailand. The poll will be on February 2nd , 2014. The mid-point between the two constellations is: URANUS / ADMETOS t. = PLUTO t.: It can start a change after breaking the schemes.


Annual Horoscope 2014, graph 15

SUN r. 9 ° 22 ‘Capricorn, MC t. and AS t. (annual): 26 ° 44 ‘Aries – 5 ° 31’ Leo

The main constellation is as follows: SUN r. Syria = URANUS t. = MARS / ADMETOS t: with the meaning: Rebellion and terrorism!

Then follows :

AS t. = ADMETOS t. with the meaning “Syria is a blocked country”

MC t. = SATURN t. = NODE+NODE-ADMETOS t. : “The country outside reflects an image of blockade and suffering.

From news reports and press releases it seems that President Bashar al-Assad (Sun r . 18 ° 02 ‘ Virgo at Noon) has declared that he intends to run again for the elections 2014 , against the will of the U.S. which will exert pressure on him so that he doesn’t do it . In addition, Russia, on the date of 12.19.2013 , warned Assad not to make communications that could exacerbate tensions before the peace talks in Geneva (which will start in Montreau on January 22, 2014) . There are high expectations that ways to achieve peace or a truce will be negotiated between the current Assad regime and the current Opposition for Syria. USA and RUSSIA are promoters of the conference and have predicted a transitional government and then new elections.

The constellations highlight a climate of tension in Syria and also the attempt to mobilize the final changes of leadership. United States and Russia have a key role , as well as the opponents to the President Assad, as follows:

MC / AS t . Asteroid POLIT t. : In Syria 2014 politics dominates.

= URANUS = SUN r.Syria / KRONOS t . tense situation towards the present government

= KRONOS t . = MARS / URANUS t . rebellion against the government

= SUN r .USA / SUN r . RUSSIA = NEPTUNE + ADMETOS : Together U.S. and Russia can ” dissolve ” the situation.

But it is likely that Bashar al-Assad does not want to leave, looking at the following planetary pictures:

SUN r. Assad = URANUS / ADMETOS t. = KRONOS / ADMETOS t = PLUTO t: Assad scorns the terrorist methods, but his leadership would decline if the opposition came to power: = URANUS + KRONOS-VULCANUS. In the event that Assad remains in power, he will continue to exercise destructive leadership that is both restrictive of freedom, and oppressive.

With similar constellations crime could win and be legitimized.

The elections would tend to isolate Assad because he is considered an enemy who sowed hatred and lies, as follows:

NODE / ZEUS t. = HADES / SATURN t. = (NODE / SATURN r.) = SUN r. Assad / NEPTUNE t.


Annual Horoscope 2014, graph 16

SUN r. 03 ° 26 ‘Capricorn. MC t. and AS t. (Annual 2014): 28 ° 05 ‘Aries – 17 ° 43′ Leo

Let’s look at the annual MC (t) = VULCANUS t.: “The image of Russia is the one of a powerful country . With its superior influence inside and outside the country. “

Then to the AS (t) = HADES t. with the meaning :”The country has a dark side, hidden or secret, especially with regard to its police, to the prison system, to the taboo in any atrocities, and to the security issues top-secret”.

The mid -point MC / AS t : = CUPIDO = (NEPTUNE = Asteroid POLITES) / ADMETOS = NODE / MERCURY = ARIES point / APOLLON = Aries Point /Asteroid POLIT, with the following meaning : “The culture and traditions of Russia have an even stronger importance in 2014 and the its dominant influence determines the attitude towards others (countries) , and in particular groups ( nations ) that are under its influence . Discussions and talks lead to understandings, openings and changes. However, the policy dominates the scene of the country and its textures are invisible.”

It’s interesting to look at the axis of the radix SUN : = HADES = ARIES Point/ MARS = MERCURY / PLUTO = PLUTO / POSEIDON = NODE / ZEUS = MOON / SATURN = SATURN / HADES = AS t . = Ukraine / ADMETOS t . In summary : RUSSIA does not shy away from fights, battles and military actions . Tends to influence , through its system of principles, those who are closely connected with Russia, always trying to maintain its direction , its fixed points, also taking distinct stance and, if it is necessary, postponing decisions . The last planetary figure in the axis refers to the relationship with Ukraine. Newspapers and TV talk about economic and financial agreement between the two countries. But the presence of ADMETOS suggests that there may be an agreement disadvantageous to Ukraine. Basically it seems an act of submission for Ukraine .

Let’s take a look at the map of Vladimir Putin (Sun r . at Noon: 14 ° Libra – Saturn r . 17 ° 28 ‘ Libra) at the mid-point with the Sun r . Russia ( 3 ° 26 ‘ Capricorn) :

SUN r.Putin SUN / SUN RUSSIA Russia’s president

= URANUS t . = Asteroid POLIT : his behavior can be rigid , and there are political tensions with some of the states (satellites ) claiming freedom.

= (NEPTUNE = Asteroid POLITES) + ADMETOS : He unlocks some rigid behavior in politics.

= SUN r. Ukraine / / MC / AS t. RUSSIA: especially with Ukraine. With a dominant URANUS, Putin will change his strategy towards Ukraine.( See above about Russia-Ukraine agreement).

= MC / AS t. SYRIA: involvement in the Syrian situation

= SUN r. Rouhani / SUN r. IRAN: alsoin the Iran situation

= SUN r. ISRAEL: Israel may be indirectly involved in the Russian involvement with Syria and Iran.

Out of curiosity, we look in the chart of Putin at the precise transit of JUPITER on SATURN radix (JU t. 17th 28’ Cancer, SA r. 17 ° 28’ Libra). A.f:

JUPITER t . = SATURN r . PUTIN = NEPTUNE t . Putin promises more open to human rights ( JUPITER / POSEIDON =SUN r . PUTIN )

Note : The constellation JUPITER t. = SATURN r . Putin, informs that changes will have repercussions in the future. Not surprisingly, in view of the Winter Olympics in Sochi, Putin has released the “Pussy Riot group of artists” from prison and granted the release of Mikhail Khodorkovsky . A gesture -effect which confirms the great power of this top-down leader , a man ” most powerful on the planet ,” according to Foreign Policy and Forbes. His constellations give a confirmation, as follows :

SUN r . Putin (14 ° Libra) = ARIES Point / VULCANUS t . = JUPITER / PLUTO t . : He holds the greatest power in public life and also on the world. His leadership has big plans . He is just like a czar !

= ( CUPIDO+ VULCANUS ) t . – SUN r . = MARS t. = MERCURY + MERCURY t . : He acts as a clever politician and strategist ( especially in the cases of : Syria , Ukraine and Mr. Snowden ) .

RUSSIA is rising to the rank of a great power in 2014!


Annual Horoscope 2014,graph 17

SUN r. : 13°19’ Cancer, AS t. (annual 2014) 02°27’ Aries, MC t. (annual) 01°20’ Capricorn

MC t . ( image of the United States in the world ) = MOON t . = JUPITER / APOLLON t. = ZEUS / APOLLON t. = ZEUS/Asteroid POLIT: There may be rapid changes due to the large volume of money in circulation which boosts the production . It seems that the growth is sustained from the issue of money in the financial markets in accordance with the policy direction .

Confirmation from : MC t . / SUN r . USA = MARS t . = APOLLON t . = LUNA / ADMETOS t . = NEPTUNE / POSEIDON t . : Expansion of markets and of business ( this constellation means ” strong energy ” that comes into play ) . However, the situation is not smooth , there are old obstacles ” restrictive in economic terms ” in order to achieve greater stability . It also means that there is a band of poverty to be taken into account . We may think that the crisis which began in 2008 is not yet over . The system of principles and values ​​in the U.S. both ideological and realistic still struggles to combine with a more charitable view of the problems of the country. This situation causes uncertainty and disappointment.

The mid -point between the SUN r . USA and the SUN r . of President OBAMA offers the following constellations in the axis : = VULCANUS t . = URANUS / HADES t . = KRONOS / HADES t . = (ARIES Point = KRONOS + VULCANUS – NODE ) t . / PLUTO t . Aries Point /ADMETOS = JUPITER / CUPIDO t . = NEPTUNE / CUPIDO t = MARS / SATURN t . With the meaning :”The president does not have an easy life. He has to face hostile situations with uncertain results . The groups that are concerned with the “social programs” of the lower classes tend to support humanitarian objectives . But the political party of opposition is against him and will prove it with evidence of strength by their actions. “. Pluto and Admetos involved with the Aries Point may indicate whether the path of radical changes or the limits to such changes.

It is not incidental that the Annual ASCENDENT of the U.S. falls on both HADES and MOON , with the meaning : “There is a dark side of America, about destitute poor communities that will need adequate social services .”

The U.S. is in close relationship with many countries around the world. The Annual Ascendant (t) falls in the 1st house of the Earth Horoscope, where the power and influence over others is highlighted.

TURKEY (in brief)

SUN r. 5°18’ Scorpio, AS t. 3°04’ Leo, MC t. 18°55’ Aries

The axis of AS t . ( that is : the Turkish nation in 2014 ) = PLUTO t . = URANUS / ADMETOS t . (the country is on the way to drastic changes )

= KRONOS / ADMETOS t . the government may face a difficult crisis

= NEPTUNE / HADES t . due to errors or cheating of the government

= CUPIDO / VULCANUS t . but the ruling political party is very powerful.

A look at the premier ERDOGAN ( SUN r . 6 ° Aquarius at noon ) connects him to the problem of “rights” : SUN r . Erdogan = NODE t . = JUPITER + POSEIDON t. , the prospect of him having to deal with these problems and to initiate something new = PLUTO / ZEUS t . , in a climate in which he holds strong power and will use violence if necessary = Aries Point / VULCANUS t .

Turkey in 2014 is connected to the TNp planet ADMETOS that restrains the freedom of the population and operates through restrictive and disruptive behaviors :

= MARS / NEPTUNE t .. The country lacks stability . Prime Minister Erdogan is implied by the following other constellations : SUN r . TURKEY = ADMETOS t . = AS t . / SUN r . Erdogan = KRONOS / ZEUS t . = URANUS / ZEUS t. : The premier will not give up but gives battle behaving as a dictator .

Note : Even if some other countries should be investigate, we conclude the Uranian forecast of the World 2014 with Egypt again in the throes of political disturbances .

EGYPT (in brief) : Sun r . 0 ° 27 ‘ Gemini, AS t . 29 ° 51 ‘ Cancer, MC t . 21 ° 22 ‘ Aries

This is a very significant axis , the mid -point : AS t . / MC t . = HADES t . = MERCURY / URANUS t = NODE t . / SUN r . Egypt = ( POSEIDON + POSEIDON – ADMETOS ) t . ” The situation is the worst in the country, linked to its dark side, and violent fundamentalism .” With the following constellation:

SUN r . Egypt = CUPIDO t. = Aries Point / APOLLON t. = MC t. / URANUS t. = NEPTUNE / ADMETOS t., “The country reflects in the wide world tensions of certain social groups, bursting suddenly to reverse the situation.”

MONTEPULCIANO (ITALY), December 31, 2013


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