KAREN BLIXEN : Scrittrice, Donna – Writer, Woman di Lietta Catoni – by Lietta Catoni – Edited by Francine Rasenberg

October 19th, 2012 | Meeting Uraniani

Dear Colleagues, Friends, Ladies and Gentlemen!

The choice to present Karen Blixen astrologically an extraordinary talented writer, a weaver of stories of prophetic depths and a woman with a tragic destiny is tied to my personal emotional development, to the mechanism of intellectual attraction and the mystery of fatality.

According to events, fatality can be considered as nonsense or on the contrary a meaningful issue : In the astrological version it is an appointment with destiny’. Already Hermann Sporner, pioneer of the Hamburg School of Astrology poetically defined man: a receiver of cosmic suggestions’, meaning I believe that his choices apparently accidental and events considered fatal, insert themselves into a significant plan’ reflected here on Earth by the passing of the visible and invisible constellations. The horoscope describes this plan and its temporary appointments and when astrologers want to interpret its meaning of what will be the ultimate outcome, it escapes as Karen Blixen would say.

A touching fatal personal experience can become an occasion, when time permits, of a overall representation in an appropriate context. Today the time of Karen coincides with the time of this conference, and it is not by chance that her life and her destiny is represented here, on the platform of the 2nd Meeting of the Uranian Astrology where body, soul and spirit are analysed, researched and evaluated.

Let’s look now at the constellations in her natal chart that indicate the characteristic and the moments in time which her earthly destiny was to come true, by means of the system and techniques of the Hamburg School of Astrology that I will now briefly summarize:

  • The Symmetry, as the principal base of an astrological investigation, model of order and form, of creative strength and harmony of Creation (the cosmic law)

  • The planetary Pictures in the axes of symmetry, from which results the interaction between the opposite types of energy that work to find an equilibrium and integration.

  • The Transneptunians or Invisible planets whose validity has been proved by 80 years of experimentation.

  • The Aries Point and the other 5 personal points.

  • The Solar Arc of the progressive constellations

  • The 90° movable Dial, as a fundamental instrument of the investigation.

Before starting to work on Karen Blixen’s Chart, we can simply observe the contact between her and my constellations (Graphic No. 0). When two people meet each other at any level, there must be a tie, a connection. The planetary confrontation reveals if this is important and significant. In our case we find a strong Moon Node which, according to Western Astrology indicate a karmic tie and as such approaches and enriches the very same meanings of the Hamburg School Astrology. For these reasons, Hamburg School considers the Moon Node as a personal point” :

Karen’s constellations.*…………………………………… My constellations**

………………………………………………………..AS/ close contact between us

AS =  …………………………………………………..  d. = harmonious mental contacts

/ ……………………………………………………..AS =  enter into a personal rapport

………………………………………………………….. our bond

/ ……………………………………………………..  close contact through her life-elements

/ ……………………………………………………… /reciprocal affectionate bond

/ ……………………………………………………..   bond between us in public

 = */**…………………………………………. communications of the soul

+- contacts between the now and the hereafter /=+- with my life Elements

(*  /** ) = her  = my /: elevated spiritual contact

A glance at Karen Blixen

Known principally as Isak Dinesen, Karen Blixen, born in Denmark in 1885, wrote many stories and a romance, obsessively touching the spiritual subject of the sense of life.

Through the symmetry of her constellations we find her psychological make-up impregnated with prophetic visions, a courageous and rebellious nature, a destiny marked with illness and death, the sense of always being an alien and exiled everywhere (from : Shadow on the Grass I was constantly in flight, an exile everywhere), the risk of succumbing to events and a way of accepting her own destiny through the ‘salvation’ of narration (any sorrow can be borne when it is transformed into a tale). Therefore art becomes part of the empty space of her existence, and substitutes the €˜absences’, it is like a symbolic exile that gives meaning to the path between life and death. It is not by chance that Karen took up writing after the loss of everything, and after she had been deprived of everything, so art took the place of reality, it was the opposite of a living reality but it allowed her to escape the prospect of an empty existence, and actually became her only opportunity to survive. In order to reach this aim, Karen did a pact with the prince of this world (my Angel Lucifer, the rebel) promising him her heart in exchange for the gift of writing. Against all odds, it was not a wicked pact but a compromise with the Inferior God, the master of this reality where, according to her mind, Good and Evil run together and people must pay a price for their destiny.

The constellations of the Pact are situated in the Appendix 1

Nevertheless, through the creativity of storytelling Karen conquers the admission to the Superior God and reaches the higher levels of spiritual perception and of universal meanings, as demonstrated in her symbolic stories (comedy is a divine art, tragedy is a human art). In one of the last stories, the most spiritual inspired (Babette’s Fest), her artistic visionary capacity seizes the divine grace in the human experience, however subject to the whim of destiny, that is to the power of the ineffable and the absurd. “So her prophetic creations place themselves onto a basic scenery of deep significance at times diabolic, at times overwhelmed with divine grace, but where the very end is ultimately incomprehensible (Clara Mucci : A Memoria di Donna)”.

As we will see, her constellations, represented in the following graphic n° 1 and n° 1-bis, reveal her prophetic dimension and the fight between Good and Evil, underlining the complexity of her personality.

1.The Aries Axis , the prophetic dimension (Graphic No. 1)

 =  = / =  = / = / =  = / = / = / = /  : Her prophetic vision (/ = / = ) is communicated to the world(/ = ) through the strength of her personality (/), of her thoughts and writings (/) inclined towards a deep analysis (/ = ) and enlightening explanations ( = ) which reveal how human beings live on Earth () according to a religious or spiritual vision(/ =  =  = )* but without omitting the boundlessness of the evil (/).  We also can read the constellations above* as the connection with the Word brings towards the Higher

1bis. The fight between Good and Evil (graphic n° 1-bis)

 =  = / = / = + = / = / = / = / : In Karen, the power and the influence of the Evil( =  = /) manifest with dynamic strength (/ = / = /) together with a high level way of a spiritual mind (/) which is near God (+).

We continue the investigation only with some representative axes which nevertheless inform us of the whole design of her life:

2.The rebellious and adventurous spirit (Graphic No. 2):

/ = / =  =  = / = / = / =…= / = +- : a dominant female () who manifests her vain rebellion () and negative influences (/) in the period of adolescence when she develops her sensitive mind (/ = ). Through  = + we see how great her loneliness is during adolescence, and through / we also see how great her rebellious power is. But both the planet Neptune as well as the halfsum / open other keys to read her constellations : an extraordinaire() imaginative perception () coloured by obscure tones, a magic that puts on gruesome fantasies(/) as well as great truth(/) (from Seven Gothic Tales Deluge at Norderney : we want to put a beautiful mask on this world of ours, but there is always something underneath : truth/illusion truth/illusion) .

Let’s look at / which is also the watershed between the past and the future, so it is not surprising that the will power of her rebel spirit could realise itself. But the rebellion claims a price : in Karen’s destiny as well as that of her father’s, the price was an incurable illness, the same for both.

/ is already an Axis of chronic and worrying illness, difficult to diagnose, and the sensitive point+-tells about the impact on the physical body, while+ herein in this axis - underlines a hard destiny.

In the progressive Chart of 14/1/1914, the date on which Karen reached Mombassa (graphic n° 2-bis), the constellation (/)d. at 12°23′ of the cardinal segment/ = L.A Mombasa 5°50′ Leo =  d = the happiness of this young woman now free in Mombassa is of a short duration : in the meantime the axis of the illness is in motion  d. gets closer to, and in a few months explodes. On this axis we find (/)d (venereal diseases). but the danger comes from d. on the Sun axis which triggers the dangerous constellations  =  = / = +- See besides the graphic, not drawn) : it is the outbreak of the evil forces. By the following October 1914, her illness had already exploded : (/)d (the illness) is situated on the  Axis = the body

3.The illness and Men : In the Axis of the Moon (Graphic No. 3) we find the worrying signs of her destiny :

 =  = / = / = / = +- = / = / = +- /// = /// : in synthesis, it is a woman hit by the violence of an illness*, by many obstacles and separations**, who manifests a visionary fantasy and directs it towards a talent for narration. Together with the Sun Axis that involves men in her life as well as her physical body and the illness, also the Axis of the Moon with regard to her illness is equally insidious. In it is told the story of a young wife hit by syphilis. Let’s consider the Axis of the Moon (Graphic No.3-bis – external circle) both natal and directed’ around October of 1914, remembering that Karen was transferred to Kenya together with Bror Blixen in January 1914. There they were married in the same year.

In the progressive constellations (solar arc) we see that Bror is involved. The progressive Sun (d) of Bror is exactly on the Moon of Karen : in fact they were a couple! In the Moon Axis we find the  progressive (d) that triggers the two worrying planetary pictures(/ : destruction, and+- : : a terrible illness difficult to diagnose). Observing the mid-point between the married couple(graphic n° 3 externalSU d. Karen/ SU d. Bror = (+-) d =  =  d  =  d./ = (/)d = (/)d = (+-)d: it is a very bad union, the illness (venereal diseases) explodes during the sexual intercourse with the husband.

The syphilis will be added later by disturbing eating habits, the risk of anorexia (see : ***Appendix 2)

Let’s move on to the Axis of the Sun (Graphic No. 4) where we find the following worrying p.p.:

 =  = / = AS/ =  = / = + = + = / = / = +- : in synthesis, it is a breaking out of the bad forces that announce the destructive and incurable illness of the body with bad influences also on her female soul*. We had already seen in the graphic 3-bis that when Karen and Bror arrive in Mombassa, Uranus progressed at 27°37′ covering the natal Sun, stirring up with its revolutionary power the inauspicious axis( d = ). The Sun Axis is also significant not only for the illness but also for the unfortunate tie with men. In fact when her beloved father committed suicide on 27/3/1895, unable to bear the fact that he had contracted syphilis, Karen was 10 years old and her  progressed ( solar arc at 9°41′) is found in the Sun Axis ( d = ). When her friend Denys Finch Hatton died in Africa 14/5/1931 the progressive Sun of Karen at 12°14′ Gemini was at 30′ of the Axis of the natal Sun. Not by chance this axis has the constellation+ =  which indicates the death or separation from men.

4. The talent of the narrator (Graphic n° 5) :

Besides the pp : +- (already seen in the Axis of the Moon), we have :/ =   / = / =/AS =+-: a truly talented narrator with a profession of a writer, indeed an inspired writer*! It is very interesting to glance at her personality in the Axis of the Meridian (MC) in which the talent of writer is part of the whole. Her talent is rich of simulated scenarios which are being revealed at the end (+) = (+-). It was typical of her to create an aprs coup plot for a novel, where the first part was not yet clear at all to her (..) to find then at the end an easy interpretational key (..)and clear meaning (..). Let’s observe to close orb p.p. in the graphic: her extraordinary visionary talent for writing and communication (/ = +-) enlightens her ego (/) going into the direction(/) of an intellectual-spiritual activity(/). It is perhaps the counterweight of her bizarre character, lonely or difficult, which results in a destiny (karma : /), of good (/ : the higher ego) or evil (/ : the illness of the body).

These constellations can have a different reading : through the story telling, her soul meets her karma, her destiny!

Coming back Denmark, alone, ill and depressed, Karen considered her illness at first as an opportunity of spiritual growth, then in retrospect as the price she had to pay to receive her gift of an artist. As already stated, it is through her writing talent that she realises the passage towards the healing aspect of life.

***We will find the constellations for her farm in Africa in Appendix 3

5. The first success as a writer occurred immediately after the first publication in the USA of her story Seven Gothic Tales (Graphic No. 5-bis) :

on 9/4/1934 we find the constellations :

 =  d. =  t. =  d. =  t. =  t. =  d. = /  is the evolution (the beginning) of a great success as a writer. In fact (Graphic n° 6):

()d = (/AS)d = / d. = (/)d = +- = (/)t = / t. = / t. = ( d./) =  t./ = / is the confirmation of her great professional luck and her special public role. Karen is in the influential limelight, her success is resounding!

In 1957 the name of Karen Blixen circulated as a candidate for the Nobel Prize for literature. It is not surprising that it was not given to her, but Ernest Hemingway who received the prize – was the spokesman of this injustice. During the acceptance he declared : this honour should have been given to at least three authors, among them the marvellous Isak Dinesen.


Karen Blixen had contemplated the grace in the destiny of creative people, especially those who had found a thread between life and death through the special contact with the word. (Please remember the Aries Axis with the last meaning of the constellations /)

let me finish by quoting from her Last Tales, 1957 : Night conversation in Copenhagen: Verily, verily- he cried- all my life I have loved the Word. Few men have loved it as deeply as I. Its innermost secrets are laid open to me. Therefore, also, a knowledge has been communicated to me. At the moment when my Almighty Father first created me by his Word, He demanded and expected from me that I should one day return to Him and bring Him back His Word, as speech. That is the one task allotted to me, to fulfil during my time and my course on Earth. From his divine Logos the creative force, the beginning I shall work out my human mythos- the abiding substance, remembrance . And in time to come, when by His infinite grace I shall once more have become one with Him, then we will look down together from heaven I myself with tears but my God with a smile demanding and expecting that this mythos of mine shall remain after me on Earth.

Today I would like to think that Karen would venture herself on the balcony of Heaven to look at her mythos that has been represented here with love in the hospitable Country of Holland. We can try to verify this through her direct life-elements outside the body(/), about which Mr. Rudolph will inform us during his lecture(Graphic n°7) c.s:

Progressive constellations of Karen at the 19/5/2007 -….My birth and progressive constellations at the 19/5/2007

(/)d. her life-elements outside the body ………. (AS/)d. = / = (/)d. in a privileged contact with me,

(+-)d ………………………………………(+-)d. in reciprocal communications from other dimensions

my natal(/) / (/)t : through the astrological science

AS Den Haag/CU // SU)t. : at this Meeting, today 19/5/2007 in the city of Den Haag.

Nota bene : *** le parti contrassegnate dai tre asterischi non vengono commentate durante la lecture

Legend of planetary symbols :

Punto d’Ariete :  AR   …….

Meridiano        : MC ……..

Ascendente      : AS ………

Sole ………      : SU ………

Luna………      : MO …….

Nodo Lunare    : NO …….

Mercurio          : ME ……

Venere ……      : VE …….

Marte …….       : MA …..

Giove …….       : JU ……

Saturno ….       : SA ……

Urano ……        : UR …..

Nettuno ….       : NE …..

Plutone …..       : PL …..


Cupido …..        : CU …….

Had©s ……         : HA ……

Zeus ……..         : ZE …….

Kronos …..         : KR ……

Apollon ….          : AP ……

Admetos …         : AD ……

Vulcanus …         : VU ……

Poseidon ….        : PO ……

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