Disorders of the Soul : a study on emotionally unstable personalities on the Dial 90°” di Lietta Catoni

October 19th, 2012 | Meeting Uraniani

Dear Valerij, Baltic friends, Uranian colleagues :

The topic I have chosen to lecture in this beautiful Baltic town and in the frame of our “Uranian astrology for body, soul and spirit”, wants to inform you about the results of a research of mine on personality disorders, taking as examples some sick, injured or traumatized souls. The cases I propose are different as are their causes but all of them contain – in my opinion – a key planetary picture of this particular pathology creating so much sufferance and disturbance.

Working usually in collaboration with a woman psychotherapist (fellow in Otto Kernberg’s Institute) I could collect useful material for my research and select the recurrent planetary pictures. In particular I have been able to verify that the pp. Uranus-Admetos, both Sum and Half-Sum combined with the “personal points” and often with a strong Hadés, results in cases involving personality disorders.

Let´s start briefly with the symbology of Uranus and Admetos.

Astro-psychology puts Uranus, the anti-conventional planet par excellence, in connection with  trauma if other disturbing constellations are involved, while, as far as Admetos is concerned, I can cite the research of our “Uranian” colleagues, starting from the Hamburg maestros: first of all its discoverer Friedrich Sieggrun till Udo Rudolph who is present here. The latest researcher has been Meira Epstein with her excellent lecture first presented in the meeting of Den Haag -May 2007. She also is present here. Summarizing we can see in the graphic the symbology of Admetos, its connection with matter, earth, depth, and psychologically with the qualities of stability, resistance, loyalty (definition of Meira) and also with cyclical and repetitive mechanisms – according to the words of our friend Bill Meridian : “Admetos is a vicious circle on a personal level” .

Admetos is considered a cause of suffering together with 3 planets more:  SA, NE, HA.  Describing its positive values we mustn´t forget the negative ones. Udo Rudolph says: “if Admetos does not work in profundity, it destroys, exactly like Hadés”.  It is for good reasons that it is known as the transneptunian of death!

 Therefore Admetos, deep, stable repetitive and cyclic, is psychologically an internal kernel of compactness. For better or worse.  Combined with a planet of rebellion like Uranus, in the presence of “difficult” birth constellations and involving the Personal Points, Admetos can become a “constant” centre of imbalance, and is often associated with traumatic situations.

This is what I get ready to demonstrate.

For time reason, I’ll introduce n° 4 cases in brief (3 of them by myself, and one by my student Patrizia), while the 5th case will be described in detail. They all are involved in the constellation UR-AD. More information you can take reading the appendix of this lecture or visiting my web site : 


 -


Constant factor of imbalance

Traumatic situation in difficult birth constellations

URANUS : Anti-conventional


Impulsive and new impulses

 Suddenness



ADMETOS : Matter

Earth, Ground




 Loyalty




Vicious circle


Let’s look at the bank robber John Dillinger :

UR/AD = SA = NO/CU =HA/AP=MO/ME; UR+AD = SU/KR : his trauma has the roots into separations and adversities in the family and in the relationship with his father.

We can see how his thinking is influenced by feeling – nerves out of the normality and wickedness : MO/ME=UR/AD = HA/AP.

His father was a rich storekeeper, his mother died when he was 3 years old (ME d = HA; SU d = NE). He showed his rebel character in the school age-kid (SU=MA/UR; SU d –7° solar arc = MA) Look at : SU=AR = MA/UR= MA/JU = MA/SA Violent in the public life, he was also lucky, but his luck will finish : death in public.

Look also at the Moon axis : MO=MA=NE+HA he acts under an impulsive basis and through evil influences. NE-HA is an axis of illness ; the reaction of his mind can be abnormal.

ME is = HA/(KR=MC) : criminal mind and leader among the criminals.

MC=KR (dominant personality)=JU/AP=CU/KR (much money and banks) = ME+HA-MA (bank robber) = MA+HA-NO (criminal acts) = VE he likes to do it!

He was traumatized and alone in the soul : UR+AD = SA/HA (his loneliness) = MC/(SU=AR)

Now let’s go on with Harold Fred Shipman: “the doctor death”, an English serial killer of at least 215 patients in more less 30 years of activity :

His shocking chart shows the following hard p.p.

UR/AD = AS=MA=HA=SU (è indicato nell’asse di Ariete): he was inclined to homicide; MC=NE=PO abnormal vision of the sense of life. UR+AD=SU = NE+AD-SU* :we can see, he was violent person and drug addict*. The frame of his constellations brings quick and compulsive violence.

AR =NO=HA=AS=MA/SA=NE+NE-AD* =UR/AD: connection with the others in public through dark death by *poison (injections of morphine).

SU/(NO=AR) = CU* = MA+SA-AP : he was connected in public with many deaths of people (CU* the group of his clients).

Please look at the Mercury axis (indicarlo nel grafico) : abnormal mentality, the evolution is blocked (PL/AD).

And now we’ll have a look at Dino Campanaan Italian visionary poet (indicare sul grafico VE; VE=NO=CU=ME+VE-NE). His chart is a very shocking example of serious psychopatology. Together with the p.p. UR/AD, we’ll look at his Vertex axis, which is also an indicator of psycho disturbance, according to an Italian researcher in astrological field.

Vx = UR = MO = PO = (UR/AD)/(SU/HA = NE) = SU+NE =SU/ME*=HA/AP* : unusual behaviour, fixed ideas, mental problems*, hallucinations (Vx=UR), mental disorders (PO), blocks in the affective sphere (MO). Violent and disruptive reaction of his mental illness.

We can see how the direct p.p. UR/AD (31°38’) was involved in the Vx axis when he was definitively confinement into a psychiatric structure.

UR/AD =Vx / SA =Vx / (HA/VU) =SA/PO = PO / (HA/VU) This axis. shows a frame of affective and mental problems and violent attacks of his unforeseen illness (SA/NE = HA). We can see what was the treatment for mental illness in that old time: elettroshock UR+VU-MA).

Look at his significant Admetos axis: it underlines the isolation (SA/HA) and the blockage (SA=AD) into a close structure, i.e. the hospital (HA/ZE, complete relaxation). While UR/NE shows the alternation between excitement and rest (catatony) in the dark violence of his illness.

We can see the role of the direct Admetos – solar arc 31°38’- in the natal UR/AD axis. From that time he began to die : please look what pp. lies in this axis. It is : MC+PO-SU, the “Perch point of death” with the meaning “ life elements leave the body”. In the day of his death, 14 years after his confinement (solar arc 45°21’), the natal constellations meet the direct ones. In the UR/AD axis we find MA/HA t= MA/AD t, both transit = AS/VU = CU t. The nurses found him dead, but the question was : did he kill himself or was he killed?

Now we will examine the case of James Earl Ray : he was condemned as Martin Luther King’s killer.

He is an example of mentally unstable personality, strongly influenced by the others to commit acts out of the normal order. We find in his chart the p.p. UR/AD=NO

Quickly looking at the Axes : Sun, Mercury, Moon, Mars, Ascendent, Sun/Mars, you could see his abnormal personality easily influenced by the others . He was not clear mind and for this reason his planetary pictures of the shooter, of the soldier able to kill, were so dangerous (SU/MA=MA/ZE=MA/SA=ZE). He also was not able to realize the consequences of his acts (MO=MA) being so excited . And he might forget what he did.

Perhaps it is not incidental that the Sun of John Hoover, the evil dark head of FBI lies in this weak Mercury axis. As many people know, Hoover had been involved in disquieting events, also in the case of M. Luther King’ assassination.

Looking at the Moon Node Axis, we can see that Ray is involved in the planetary picture Uranus/Admetos : NO = VE = HA = UR/AD : he likes to have connection with dark people, violent and terrorist. This people don’t reveal their mind or they tell lies = NE/PO=ME/PO.

They have no difficulty in convincing him because of his ego without any limits (=SU/AP=MC/AP).

In the day of the assassination, this axis is involved in the p.p. : MA+SA-ZE t. : assassination by shooting. Please note that in his natal chart there was: MA/SA=ZE!

Now let’s look at the Aries Axis in the day of the assassination. It is very significant :

AR = LM and LA Memphis = SU r / SU d of M.L. King = SU d Ray / SU t = AS r = NO d = HA d = UR/AD d = MA/HA r = MA/AD r = UR r / UR d = MO+ME-HA r : please note that Sun of M.L.King is = MA/SA t. The meaning :

In public, in the town of Memphis, there were both Martin Luther King and Ray (in that day). Ray was involved in the attack of the murderer, suddenly, but perhaps he couldn’t remember his act. Maybe he was not alone (NO d = AS r).

In all the cases here represented, the constellations UR-AD of which Udo Rudolph also says: “they are out of the normal order” show their belonging to the “disorders of the soul”.

According to the psycho-therapist mentioned before, every personal reaction to the trauma is also influenced by a genetic base. And also for suicide a predisposition exists. The cases in brief are examples of “antisocial behaviours” and Dino Campana was a special case of mentally serious disturbance. While the following case of Primo Levi belongs to a special category of traumatized people : the survivors of the Shoah.

Dwelling in detail on his chart we will observe how a devastating and traumatic experience can bring him to commit suicide 42 years after the bad event.

Now, let’s proceed with him even if I have had to simplify it, due to time limitations.

Who is Primo Levi :

A first glance on his constellations shows that he e was an Italian Jew who came from a Turin upper middle-class and aristocratic family: Mobile G

SU = CU/KR = MC/AR : a person of upper class family

MC = JU = PL = JU/ZE noble and fine personality, highly-civilized and creative

MC +PO – JU = MO = PO : deeply sensitivity, noble character. MO is also = NE : the fine writer.

ME = SA = SU = KR/PO : high ideals, high minded thoughts, cultured writer and speaker, logical and philosophical thoughts.

When, in 1938, the racial laws were inforced in Italy, Levi was 19 years old (The Meridian directed towards Admetos : MC d =AD). And as MC = UR/HA “Difficult circumstances which the soul has experienced and that with AD (stable factor, a “rock”) cannot possibly be removed or changed”.

He graduated very young at 21 years old in Chemistry from Turin University, with honours.

SU = AP = ME the man of scienceAP+AP-NE = SU = ME = SA : the chemist, the logician, the thinker.  And again : NE+AP-MA = NO ; NE+AP-SU = LA Auschwitz. ”He is the chemist at Auschwitz“. And  chemistry will save his life!

In December 1943, at the age of 24 years, while joining the Jewish partisan group “Justice and Liberty” he was captured by the Enemy and interned first in the rice mill of San Saba (Northern Italy) and then two months later – 11th February 1944 – he was deported to the death camp of Auschwitz (Poland) where he survived working in the chemical laboratory for about a year until the Red Army arrival.

Please look :(altro grafico) his SU* also contains the pp. = MA* = MC/HA = MA/SA = SA/UR = AR/MC =  ME/AP = PL/VU = UR+HA* = NE+HA =… : ( leggere queste costellazioni e dire) : Considering that his soul is tinged with solitude, affliction and depression (MC/HA) , we find in this axis the constellation of the active will power which can also have a negative influence on the mental process transforming itself rapidly into dangerous acts (suicide : UR+HA* is MA* and SU*. Also not clearness with NE+HA, perhaps under the effects of anti-depressive medicines). NE-HA is an axis of illness. The atrocity of the past felt him ill (HA: the past – NE: the future; the constellations show how difficult was for him to overcome the memory of the past.

His words during all his life will be: “The worst thing is to survive. The more suitable survives, but the best are dead”.  The sense of guilt for having survived is typical of the survivors of the Shoah.

Now we go ahead to look at the ASCENDENT (The Others), i.e. his main axis. Here we find the key of his destiny. The sense of it escapes our power of investigation, our understanding, like all the fatal events in the history of the human beings.

 1. : AS = KR = UR/AD = MA/AD =  HA/VU … first of all we ask ourselves: who are these diabolical authorities, these uncanny killers?

So we see that the Ascendant is the most inauspicious axis on his chart, it contains UR/AD.  The Others are responsible for his disorder, for his trauma. 

The axis continues with = MC/SU = ME+PO-HA (the memory) = LM Auschwitz / HA = *MC+PO-SU (* Perch point of death : “the vital elements leave the body”). ” He preserves the memory of his persecutors until his death”.  

2. Indicare l’asse MC/AS e dire : But now I would like to show you a particular constellation UR+AD = UR/VU in the MC/AS axis ( the relationship with the others). It can be the pp. of RAPTUS. In medicine it is an unexpected impulse of great intensity, an anxious state that can lead to the temporary loss of any logical capacity (HA/PO=HA/MO). Considering the depression (=SU/AD) it can induce an attempt of suicide (=MA+HA-NE) : this risk was written in his chart.

Please note : We have just seen that both Sun and MC/AS axes contain a risk of suicide. Also in the next axes – MC and HA – we will find a confirmation. 

 3. By a look at the Meridian (his personality, his soul) : ( 2nd graphic), we can see that  there are both the constellations of suicide and the capacity to carry it out :

MC  = MA/HA = UR/HA = SU+SU = MA+SA = JU = ZE The 3 full factors should indicate a positive way of evolution.  But overall the axis is difficult, and in other  circumstances“the dynamics of separations, under the action of JU and ZE, tend to accelerate the action and to conclude it rapidly”.

In the fatal axis of Hades (The Evil, the Past: Auschwitz as image) we find :

4. : HA = LM Auschwitz = MA+HA-UR = SU/AD = MC/SA = AS/KR = NE/AD: in the past, in the relationship with the authorities of Auschwitz there is the passage into situations of definite change in which depression and suicide are harboured.

In the 42 years of his life after the experience of Auschwitz,  before  arriving at the fatal date of his suicide and while he historically testifies to the events through his writings, the pp. NE/AD indicates the use of drugs to keep his depression at bay.  While the pp. MA+HA-UR also means “atrocities of war”.  

We can assert that his entire destiny is contained in the events of the year 1944:

Let´s investigate deeper the traumatic constellations UR-AD : (graphic n° 3 : arrival to Auschwitz)

On 11/2/1944, on his arrival in Auschwitz we find : (UR/AD)d = AS* = KR = MC/SU = HA/VU = SA/PL etc. We know about his terrible AS axis=UR/AD, the cause of the disaster in his life. “Now the traumatic birth constellations manifest themselves in Auschwitz: his body and soul are marked by horror. It is a painful change”.

The direct constellations of Sun (SU d) and (UR/AD)d, (UR+AD)d = HA and SU/AD = UR t in Auschwitz show a situation of violence, impotence, indigence, separation, solitude, weakness, depression. 

The liberation in January 1945 doesn’t save Primo Levi from his inner sense of darkness. He’ll write some years later : “Today I think that as Auschwitz really existed, in the present nobody should talk of Providence. But surely in that hour the remembering of the biblical safety in cases of extreme adversities was like a wind which passed through all our souls…”.

During the next years all friends of Primo Levi were convinced that he was the most serene person in the world. Actually he lived on psychotropic drugs to control his depression. His existence had been marked by the memory of the past of which he had wanted to leave a cold and objective testimony.

About his excruciating experience he never wrote words of condemnation. He was convinced that ferocity, of which he had been a witness and a victim,  is a “natural” behaviour, typical of human beings.

I have heard Dr Vittorino Andreoli, one of the best Italian psychiatrists, declare that “the evil exists because is inside the human beings”.

The day of the 11th April 1987 (the day of his death) we observe some constellations:

SU =  MA/SA =UR d = NO d = NE d = MA r/JU t : “the passage from here to beyond is the solution!

SU d =  AP t = VU t = MA+SA-NO : connection to death MA/HA /(UR/VU=UR+AD) dare per scontata questa costellazione: he develops the sudden determination to commit suicide.

MC d = (MA/SA)t = PL d = (MA+SA) d = UR/NE = HA+VU-UR = “he goes towards a sudden and terrible death”.

The great Italian psychoanalyst Cesare Musatti spoke of a suicidal raptus.  In the raptus we are able to notice, in the already noted constellation : UR+AD = UR/VU the factor capable of carrying it out.  Please look : it is HA d. = MA t (suicide). All these constellations belong to the axis : = SU/AR “the body in public” = (SU/AD)d. “the body without life” = ( MA+HA-UR)d = “it is the sudden suicidal act” .

Conclusion :

Dr. Otto Kernberg (Wien : 10/09/1928 he lives in New York City), one of the greatest world experts on personality disorders maintains that the suicide is written in the chromosomes, and one day it will be carried through. We have seen that also in the case of Primo Levi the suicide was written in his chart but it must be read into the frame of his confinement in Auschwitz!

In the chart of dr. Kernberg we find a strong UR/AD axis connected with ME and HA with the meaning “his mind goes in the darkness of trauma. It is not incidental that therapists and patients have the same constellations. This is what dr. Peter Sonagy, the famous English psychoanalyst calls “mentalization”. We can say that for psychotherapists UR-AD is the theme of their life but they try to transform the disorder of the souls into an order!

Thank you for your attention

Riga (Latvia), 2-3-4 May 2008


Clara Mucci : “Il dolore estremo. Il trauma da Freud alla Shoah”. –Borla- Roma 2008

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