October 13th, 2014 | Articoli, News

The day of the communication for the Nobel Prize of the Medicinetook place in Stockholm 6th October 2014 time: 04:12 PM .

Here the following constellations :

Nobel Prize for Medicine 1

AS=MC=ARIES POINT = SUN/MERCURY = SUN/MOON = Asteroid MNEMOSYNE/ (APOLLON = VULCANUS) = ZEUS / (APOLLON = VULCANUS ) = CUPIDO/KRONOS = John O’Keefe/ natal Asteroid O’Keefe = Sun Edward Moser / Kronos = SUN May Britt Moser / Mercury.

With the meaning : Stockholm is on the axis of the world, in the day of a powerful communication from a famous Community for the “successful scientific research” on the Place Cells of the Hippocampus . All three scientists are involved.

Nobel Prize for Medicine 2

Asteroid MNEMOSYNE = ZEUS = MC/KRONOS = Aries Point /MOON = AS/KRONOS = JUPITER/ APOLLON = KRONOS + APOLLON = *SUN O’Keefe + SUN May Britt Moser + SUN Edward Moser : The research on Hippocampus (place cells) goes in the direction of a great success for three scientists in front of the whole world in that hour in Stockholm special place.

Note : *The constellation above is the result of the SUM among the natal SUN (at noon) of three scientists, which longitudes are the following :

John O’Keefe : 26°28 Scorpio

May Britt Moser : 13°22 Capricorn

Edward Moser : 06°40 Taurus

Total : 16°30 Cardinal Signs in the 90°DIAL