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Personality disorders n. 2 : from patients to psychotherapists

by Lietta Catoni

Italian representative of the Hamburg School of Astrology

Dear Michael, friends and collegues !

It is a great emotion to be here in Hamburg in the city that saw emerging more than 80 years ago a new method of interpretation of astrology. Letting flow my imagination today I could recall the beloved personalities of the Hamburg School Astrology, from the genius Alfred Witte to the other researchers among whom arises a marvellous personality: Ludwig Rudolph, editor of texts, the missionary of the Hamburg School.

It is to Ludwig and his family –his wife Emma, his son Udo, the here present grandson and organiser of this congress Michael Feist- that I owe a gratitude out of my heart. Having been his privileged student during the last 7 years of Udo’s life, this meeting in the temple of the Hamburg School fills me with commotion.

It is to Udo, master, pioneer open to experiments, ambassador of the Hamburg School in the world, in continuation of the missionary spirit of his parents, that I dedicate my lecture.

The issue: “personality disorders n 2: from patients to psychotherapists” is the continuation of the conference held in Riga a year ago during the 3rd Uranian Astrological Congress. This issue is born out of an experimental research of significations of planetary pictures about which Udo and I exchanged our views. Since a couple of years I collaborate with an Italian female psychotherapist associated with the Kernberg Institute in New York, I have dedicated myself to the research of problematic and suffering factors in the cases treated by her.

The data collection enabled me to discover a particular constellation: URANUS- ADMETOS, always present in the borderline typology and more generally speaking in disorders of the personality.

Last year I introduced in Riga 5 cases of differently disturbed subjects who had a very prominent constellation UR-AD. It concerned the bank-robber John Dillinger, the medical serial killer and murderer Harold Shipman, the assumed murderer of Martin Luther King, James Earl Ray, the Italian poet Dino Campana and last but not least the famous Italian writer of the Shoah, Primo Levi. All of them died in tragic circumstances.

For those interested in this issue, see the complete text in english or italian on my website: 

Introducing the continuation of the topic started in Riga I have to define the link between patient and psychotherapist.

The patient whose constellation UR-AD means a personality disorder (traumatized and borderline person) tends to cancel the traumatic memories that however continue to influence his/her behaviour. According to Freud the patient instead of remembering “repeats”. Astrologically Uranus-Admetos can indicate this problem, not for all, of course. If Uranus SUDDENLY hits, Admetos turns around towards the point of origin (ROTATION). In Admetos we find the concept of repetition that is to say the constricting repeat (AD) which manifests unexpectedly (UR).

The task of the psychotherapist is to interpret correctly the “hidden memory” of the patient so that he can relive it emotionally. In particular dr. Peter Fonagy has developed a special treatment that works on the internal emotions of his most resistant patients (mentalization based treatment).

I came to think that who has formulated this theory must be in resonance with the emotional mechanism of the patient, having the same dynamics of him/her. Dr. Fonagy has a prominent pp. UR-AD in his natal chart and also the other psychotherapists I’ll show after, have the same constellation underlined. All that must have a sense.

Udo confirmed that UR-AD is a constellation outside the normal state of affairs, and therefore also persons of a high mental level can have it. So both borderline people and masters of wisdom can be included in this constellation.

Now I’ll show in brief n. 4 charts of prominent American and Italian psychiatrists and psychoanalysts who have the p.p. UR-AD underlined in their chart.

We will start with dr. Marta Vigorelli, psychotherapist of the SIPP (Italian Society of Psychoanalysis and Psychotherapist). See please her chart : the axis UR/AD of the trauma shows that she is very concentrated and deep in her working in association with others. She is liked in public and successful. Then we go to dr. Antonello Correale, ordinary member of the SPI (Italian Psychoanalyst Society). See please the chart (his UR+AD axis shows that he is master in this field in connection with diseased people. And now please be careful to the chart of dr.Otto Kernberg founder of the New York Kernberg Institute. He is famous all over the world and created the name “borderline” for a particular kind of personality disorders. See the chart : the axis UR/AD shows his capabilities to go in the dark (HA) of the mental illness being a wise authority and successful in this field. At the end we go to dr. Dori Laub professor in Psychiatry at Yale University and also director of trauma genocide studies. His UR/AD axis shows how he is involved as scientist and researcher in this field, especially on the oppressed and decimated communities (see in the axis the p.p: MA/SA=HA+VU-CU). Please note how HADES (the dark) is always involved in the constellations of psychoanalysts and psychiatrists I showed you.

Now we go in the deep of 2 charts and their ramifications, that is to say the chart of dr. Peter Fonagy, and the chart on 3 levels containing the natal data of my friend psychotherapist, her patient Silvia (borderline) and myself as researcher of the planetary picture UR-AD, expression of the personality disorders.

Let’s start and go into detail of Dr. PETER FONAGY, psychoanalyst and psychiatrist

Who is he? Dr. Fonagy is Freud Memorial Professor of Psychoanalysis and Director of the Sub-Department of Clinical Health Psychology at University College London, Chief Executive at the Anna Freud Centre in London, Co-ordinating Director at Child and Family Centre and Centre for Outcome Research and Effectiveness at the Menninger Foundation (Source : INTERNET).

I have chosen to present at first the natal chart of the Ascendent (Dial 360° – equal houses) and then some axes of the Dial 90°.

At first sight I was struck by the position of his Sun in 12^ house, and by the connection of the Sun with Pluto in opposition with the North Lunar Node in 6^ house (suffering axis). Then by the importance of the karmic houses 2^-8^.

The structure of this chart was so interesting on the karmic side because of the strong connection with the houses 12^, 6^, 8^ and 2^, that it impelled me to make an interpretation of its factors according to my knowledge of karmic and uranian astrology blended together.

1.-Let us start with the position of the Sun (exterior I ) in 12^house, typical for doctors and hospital. According to the French evolutionary astrologer Iréne Andriéu, in the 12th house we find serious damage of the physical body, karmic tests that hit the physical and psychological body, as well as invisible signs of former past lives.

2.-Then let’s go to the conjunction Sun-Pluto or to the symmetry Sun=Pluto in the 12th House. For the karmic astrology. Pluto is the karma of the present life and for the Hamburg School Astrology is a factor of evolution or involution. The constellation has made me think that dr. Fornagy had the obligation to dedicate himself to psychic diseased as psychiatrist and psychoanalyst.

To purify his past karma? Maybe. Anyhow it is evident that dr. Fonagy is the doctor and not the patient in this life. Let us examine on the Dial 90° his personal planetary pictures to have a confirmation that he is doctor and also psychiatrist (graphic n.1) : SU/HA=AS = MA/HA ! By the way it is easy to see from the graphic that the axis SUN=PLUTO contains the p.p. MA/JU (3rd-9th) informing us about the success in his work of high intellectual esteem.

3.- Now let us observe how the overwhelming presence of the houses 2 and 8 both locations of karmic retribution, normally positive in the 2nd and negative in the 8th.

If in the 2nd there are precedent acquisitions, the visible and invisible planets in there:

POseidon, SAturn, Neptune speak of mental illness. It seems that dr. Fonagy has a predisposition to “handle” this issue and to drag it along from other lives into this life as positive karma. But it is when we go to the 8th, place of negative karmic accumulation, that we find HADES and ADMETOS. The Rules for Planetary Pictures from Witte-Lefeldt inform us that together they represent the ancient past, a karmic heritage. Even more significant is the position of both in the 8th house, place of fundamental psychic problems, painful revisions, karmic debts and obsessions from former past lives.

To have some information more, let’s look at the HADES Axis on the Dial 90° (graphic n. 6)



= MC/NO = MC/PL = HA + AD **

meaning : “Dr. Fonagy occupies himself with others of the obscured (dark) evil of the psyche (MA/SA=HA)”.

SU/SA =NO/SA=MA/SA show us that he assumes it together with others as a task in an activity of high intellectual profile (MA/PO) which makes him an indisputable authority (MA/KR) and leader (MA/ZE). Psychiatry is the direction of his activity and contains his interior as well as exterior self evolution (MC/SU etc)”. In this axis we find also the sum HA+AD.

**I’m pleased to add what Udo would say about HA+AD: The suffering factor of Hades transforms itself in spirit of service to mankind whereas Admetos goes into the depths to help others. This invisible planet is important in specialised studies because it allows to proceed step by step.

To synthesise: the constellations of dr. Fornagy show the features of a possible karmic retribution (obligation) regarding a psychic illness. On behalf of his talents of the 2nd house with PO and SA and NE, he could have fruited his ancient knowledge of psychic illness for retribution of a painful karma of the 8th house (maybe an improper use of psychiatry in past times.).

4.- To conclude the reading on the Dial 360° I have to add something regarding his SUN-PLUTO in the 12th house in opposition with the NORTH LUNAR NODE in the 6th house.

According to the evolutionary American astrologer Jeff Green, Pluto in 12th tries to give a spiritual and universal meaning to the present life. By the union Sun-Pluto the individual concentrates on a

particular aspect of himself, and expresses it till he becomes a potent figure having a powerful impact on the lives of others. His original intention (to occupy himself with mental disease) finds through the opposition with the North Node in the 6th house an outlet in the social significance, being connected to others and to share with others. In the 6th house dr. Fonagy develops mental methods, specific and practical for the analysis regarding his field of interest. The work (6th house) becomes for him a vehicle of personal knowledge through which the unlimited energy of his SUN=PLUTO in the 12th house recharges and canalizes. While at work he brings himself on fire and therefore his work becomes the focal point of his existence even further than the normal levels of awareness. If it concerns a karmic retribution dr. Fonagy is fortunate : his work can extinguish it in this life through a positive activity for himself and others. So I think.

Now we’ll go to see the constellation of the personality disorders, according to my research:

We’ll look at UR-AD (halfsum) on the Dial 360°, then at both UR/AD and UR+AD on the Dial 90°.

a.- UR/AD on the Dial 360°

We can observe that the constellation UR/AD is exact on 4°35’ degrees Gemini on the cusp of the 10th house (after the opportune correction with 4,25 minutes of the birth-time). Therefore the constellation of TRAUMA plays in the life of dr. Fonagy a professional and social role. It is right here that he must concentrate his forces.

Let us go now to the Dial 90° at UR+AD : (graphic n. 2 : Uranus Axis)

b.- Please note that in the axis UR+AD there is the modern ruler of the North Lunar Node : Uranus. I gave it not only the karmic meaning of “obligation” but also the uranian meaning of “reformer, innovator”.

The graphic n 2. shows :

Uranus = UR+AD = MC/AS = SU/MO

We can say : “at the professional level dr. Fonagy, as innovator, busies himself with trauma”.

At this point I’ll make a digression : I wouldn’t like to distinguish between sums and halfsums, it is a complex argument, I limit myself to use them both, thinking as Michael Feist suggested to me according Lefeldt that the Sum is the inner nature and the starting point to find the exterior through the Halfsums of its axis.

Maybe it is not incidental that this sum is on 9.01 Leo in the 12th House !

c. - Now let’s go to look at UR/AD in the Dial 90°. (Graphic n 1 bis of physician and psychiatrist).

We find it (UR/AD) on the potent axis of doctor and psychiatrist of which we can complete the analysis started on the beginning of this lecture:


= CU

= MA/ HA

UR / AD in cusp. 10th House

= NE


= SA+NE+PO (notice this constellation that confirms the research done on the Dial 360°, 2nd house)

= MC / MO

Meaning : “ He is the doctor who works in an association (CU) of psychoanalysis – psychiatry (MA/HA it is work on the obscure evil of the unconscious of traumatised (AS) or disturbed (UR/AD) persons through a perceptive work of psychological research on factors that sleep under the conscious threshold (NE). It is work of a scientist who connects to the people (MC/MO), and collects honour and glory (SU+AP)”.

Udo stated that Neptune is the first step on the scale to reach Poseidon when PO is strong (bright vision). So Neptune is inspired and open to the vision of the future. But it is worthwhile to dedicate some words to the constellation of 3 sums SA+NE+PO ( mental disease) . These 3 factors, separated from each other, were positioned in the 2nd house, do you remember?

Udo and I worked on an experimental level on the issue of 3 sums – we found out that they “functioned”. Udo wrote me: “the 3 sums are an unity of concentrated energy that express an evident concept common for a person of advanced level who is capable of transforming suffering factors into positive possibilities.”

To have information about it please let’s observe on the graphic n. 4 to see how he works:

The constellations ME/PO = JU/PO = ME/KR = ME/ZE = ME/SA = MA = NO = SU indicate the elevated level –spiritual and ethic- of his work (here is an enlightened mind in action, and authoritative words in a concentrated work which is done together with others).

Now we’ll go to observe the Poseidon Axis to have some information more. UDO worked long time on PO. This invisible planet was his “ button-hole”, his speciality and he looked at it in order to assess the high mental level and spirituality about any single individual.

As far as PO = SA = KR = AR/NE = MC/MA = ME/UR = JU/UR : he exerts an inspired work and leans upon mental lucidity, intellectual superiority and happily innovative qualities

(see graphic n. 5)

At last I would like to linger on the interesting cluster ME = JU = PL = SU= NO = MA =(AR/PO), that to my opinion not only tells of his excellent mental and intellectual qualities-also oratory- in his public role, but also of his capacity to formulate the theory of Mentalization helping his borderline patients by getting them out of the schemes of attachment to their past .

Both DIALS 360° e 90° have revealed the intellectual-spiritual consistence of dr. Fonagy, and the sense of his destiny. His activity as researcher and therapist in the field of the personality disorders (UR-AD) is socially useful and allows him even more to go into the depths of himself and perhaps to free himself of his past karma.

For all of these reasons I found so special “to discover” dr.Fonagy’s chart and make him the protagonist of my research!

Graphic : Silvia – Clara – Lietta

In short: first of all here’s the solar equation of the 3 women :

SU Silvia = SU Clara / SU Lietta

Meaning : “the 3 women are connected”

Let us look at this axis, gathering the planetary pictures of each single person :

for Silvia : = UR+AD the trauma of Silvia

Do we want to see if there is a disorder problem of the personality ? :

We look at her UR/AD ( manifest trauma )

= NE/HA = PO is a psychological discomfort, an evil hided by the psyche.

Let us ask ourselves: is there a responsible?

= AS : yes, the surrounding, parents are responsible.

For Clara : = (UR/AD) / SA : concentration on trauma

= KR/AP = AD : as specialised researcher

= SA/ (MC =NE) : in this type of disease and disorder of the personality (SA/NE is the axis of the illness)

=AR/SU : in a public role

= MA/CU : in a work association with others

For Lietta : MO = UR + AD : the perception of the constellation of TRAUMA

= ME/UR : through an innovative-astrological thinking

= ZE/PO : and creative ideas

= (UR/AD) / MA : working on trauma

= SU/UR : as “uranian” person, astrologer, innovator

= UR+AP-VU : with a succesfull astrological research activity

Note : errata corrige : For Clara : MA/CU instead of MC/CU

Conclusion: I have tried to prove and demonstrate by 2 lectures,- the first in Riga last year and the second now in Hamburg- the coexistence of the factor UD-AD as well in patients as in psychotherapists and also in others occupied on this research. It is important to stress (sottolineare) that even if all the people I have analyzed, here and in Riga, presented the same p.p. UR-AD, it is the half-sums in this axis that make the difference!

Thank you for your attention

Hamburg, 6-7 June 2009

4th Congress of Uranian Astrology

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