Earth Horoscope 2016 : General trends and particular analysis of the European Union

March 7th, 2016 | Articoli, in homepage, News

Earth Horoscope 2016 :

General trends and particular analysis of the European Union

By Lietta Catoni

Hamburg School Astrology

World Horoscope 2016 graph 0
Here we are going to introduce the annual World horoscope 2016 with a quick look at the key constellations of the Aries Axis which describes in general the tendencies of the year.

ARIES Axis – graph 1 (The World, the society, the public)

Annual Horoscope 2016, 90°Dial, graph 1

= MARS = NEPTUNE: is an index of chaotic and / or ruinous actions in the absence of an effective project. This constellation portrays a picture of uncertainty, weakness, due to the following factors:

= CUPIDO / HADES = URANUS / VULCANUS: In the outline of uncertainty of these times, the (CU) secret / occult lobbies (HA is the “shadow” of a company, group, etc,) enter operating (MA) in the absence of transparency (NE) , in an unscrupulous way but influential and timely (UR / VU) in the public scenery (AR). This is not casual, but it is a symptom of the lack of confidence in a stable economic growth. Another meaning of CUPIDO / HADES refers to unhealthy companies whose economic basis is insufficient or bankruptcy, endangering the economy, and so on .

= CUPIDO + KRONOS-HADES: … it refers to big business and Joint-Stock Companies which fell impoverished, indebted or in bankrupt …

JUPITER = // HADES / KRONOS: … is an index of financial scandals or collapse of the banks that have problem loans with the large companies just mentioned. Italy’s annual ASCENDENT (AS) is in this axis.

= APOLLON / ADMETOS: Economic growth, at best is slow or stagnant. The lobbies profit in this climate of uncertainty …

= JUPITER+ NEPTUNE-PLUTO: … with far-reaching speculations.

= PLUTO / APOLLON: The planet PLUTO always feels that something is not working properly so it needs to be updated or changed in order to have a positive impact in the above situations. It indicates the urgency of the changes to break the deadlock of a sluggish economy, or that it grows poorly, and to relaunch vigorously the economic recovery in some countries of the world.

During the Uranian/Hamburg School astrology investigation, it will define the causes of uncertainty in these days, mainly due to the following factors: The economic system in crisis since 2008, still under the influence of “variables” that do not ensure a stable recovery. The economies enter into retrocession in the emerging countries. The volatile financial markets. The collapse in oil prices (such as double-edged sword). And in Europe, in addition to the paralysis of the European policy that undermines the credibility of the euro area, terrorism and migration particularly in the Mediterranean.


15° DIAL, annual horoscope 2016,graph 2

Through the 15° DIAL (graph 2), the axis of Aries provides additional clarification. There are signals of change compared to the schemes in recent years. There might be a tendency to inflate the money to give breath to the economy, especially in emerging countries currently in crisis or slowdown (MARS / NEPTUNE = JUPITER = ARIES Point = SUN CHINA), while growth cannot be consolidated in those European countries that had initiated a little recovery in 2015. Also the US, after years of expansion, begin to slow down. A speculative climate, even wild, takes hold of the markets that operate in the absence of transparency (MARS / APOLLON is on the axis of HADES = POSEIDON). The monetary authorities intervene with measures which defend the stability of the market. By virtue of their power they put themselves in total contrast to the shadow side of the speculation (HADES).

Let’s take a look at all the constellations of Aries axis, since other factors are destabilizing, such as terrorism and migration:

ARIES Point = NODE = NEPTUNE: the world is connected to dispersion phenomena, chaotic situations, where the team spirit is lacking. The climate is uncertain

= URANO / ADMETOS… Big tensions, upheavals, terrorism

= SATURN / HADES (= NEPTUNE): migration of people by sea.

= JUPITER / NEPTUNE: Not clear view of things. Also: speculative tendencies. This pp., on the economy level, aims to raise inflation, while on a social level creates an atmosphere of conflict between the optimistic visions and reality. It makes difficult to plan. On the markets it may cause transfer of securities, even from one currency to another, from one country to another.

= MARS + APOLLON-KRONOS: The actions of the authorities in the markets tend to find solutions to fight against the uncertainty of the times.

= CUPIDO / POSEIDON: Cupido’s key-word is “integration” in groups that tend to clarity or truth (to correctly interpret reality) in opposition with groups motivated to disintegration: = NODE = NEPTUNE. The former try to prevent it.

= JUPITER / PLUTO = MARS / PLUTO = MARS / VULCANUS = MARS / NEPTUNE. The planet Mars – which is the operational active arm, – strongly intends to change things for the better through a quickly actions. Both MA / PL and MA / VU can obtain a lot of good results but also destroy a lot.

NOTE: MARS opposite NEPTUNE is located in the natal chart of the BANK of England with the Sun conjunct to Jupiter and Pluto: so “The Central Bank strongly operates on the liquidity (MA-NE) and on the sign of an excessive expansion”. This could be, more or less, the signal of the behavior of the Central Banks in 2016: encouraging inflation, pumping money into the system, in order to allow the recovery or the stabilization of the economic recovery in the Western countries.

(This chart finds in the manual of Bill Meridian, cited in References)

The constellation MARS / NEPTUNE = JUPITER also finds in the natal chart of the FED , which has a tendency to appropriately inject liquidity into the system. We will see it at pages 12-13


Annual Horoscope 2016, graph 3

In 2016, a first and significant information comes from the axis MERCURY = ZEUS = NODE = KRONOS / VULCANUS = NEPTUNE / PLUTO, with the meaning: “the proposals of politicians and the government directives to launch the changes may not follow a definite plan but only tender dab the difficult situations, such as that of migrants who leave the terrorism ( = MARS / ADMETOS). When applied to markets it shows the weight of migration, that is of refugees whose continual influx is changing the geometry of Europe and the world, and is a factor destabilizing the markets (= MA / AD).

Another confirmation of the need to intervene in the markets, comes from the constellation of Central Banks (Dial 90 °, graph 1: AR = KR + KR-CU = JU / KR: organisms of the highest monetary authority) that brighten or depress the stock markets through their decision-making interventions, removing or injecting liquidity into the system through the maneuver on the official discount rate (base price of money). This constellation s to be found in the ARIES Axis = NEPTUNE = MARS, and calls for taking a stand.

Other ruling constellations in the Annual Horoscope 2016

The problematic Aries axis opens the forecast framework of the year 2016 through its symbolism, while other key-constellations add meaningful information that we will go on to outline. (We interpret the constellations through the 360 °, 90 ° and 15 °DIALS, focusing on the 90°.)

Before coming to the point, some information is appropriate:

The final settlement of the TNp APOLLON in Scorpio, in the 2nd house of the Earth Horoscope (360°Dial , graph 0), is an important event, after its entry in the annual horoscope 2015 at 0°34′Scorpio characterized by a “stop-go” pattern, inside / outside the sign during the year. This special event destined to these current times, underscores the growing importance of the real economy and of the business around the world. Its definitive entrance is the signal of an increasingly globalized economy also subject to tensions related to the contingent situations of the various countries, to their growth and expansion, and on the contrary to their slow motion. APOLLON will remain in the 2nd house for many years (until the end of 2061!) and not coincidentally that “era of the technology”, also represented by Apollon, continues to play a leading role in the world.

In parallel, in 2016, the Aries Axis, occupied by the full factors (90 ° DIAL): MARS = NEPTUNE reveals the connection between the economy (such as expanding = PLUTO / APOLLON, or slowed or zero growth , = APOLLON / ADMETOS , or at a loss = CUPIDO / HADES) and the financial markets basically in crisis during this year 2016 (= MARS+ADMETOS-PLUTO) and subjected to interventions by central banks (=KRONOS+KRONOS-CUPIDO = JUPITER / KRONOS). As always, the financial markets in the world can infect the economy, can be the prelude to new crises since volatility and speculation are related to each other (see Michael Spence, Nobel Prize).

So these two themes are significantly correlated: 1. the real economy represented by TNp APOLLON, permanently entered in the 2nd House of the Earth Horoscope. 2. Financial markets (on the 90°DIAL, the favorable constellations are: MARS / APOLLON, MARS + APOLLON -PLUTO; unfavorable: MARS+ADMETOS-PLUTO), which usually do not reflect the real economy but may condition it. In the present climate of uncertainty they transmit the shock waves of speculation downward that can represent the prelude of a new crisis, especially if the corrective intervention by the monetary authorities and the national policies should be inefficacious. In fact in the 2016 chart, we find the alarming planetary picture (p.p) : MARS / APOLLON = HADES (graph 4) where HADES is the “shadow side” of the market, deliberately ignoring the rules of fairness, and tending to break them causing damage, even despair, for just utilitarian aims. This is typical of speculation “tout court”. It is the forces that move in a coordinated manner (= PLUTONE / CUPIDO = CUPIDO / ADMETOS) tending to change the existing conditions.

Annual Horoscope 2016, graph 4

In addition we find a tendency to volatility / instability, represented by the constellation : MARS+ADMETOS-PLUTO in the Aries Axis, with the meaning of “stock market downward” and, in the same axis, by NEPTUNE (instability is reflected in general on the world) stimulated by the active energy of MARS, in turn committed to finding a way out even intervening in various ways on the liquidity (other Neptunian meaning) of the system, if necessary. The good results are not always guaranteed.

We got the indication on how things can evolve by examining the Aries Axis on the two Dials, especially on 15° DIAL. The last one has revealed the weight of speculation and the possible counter-moves to tackle the situation by the competent authorities and by the high opinion groups. Things can evolve positively with the help of the central banks, but some constellations (such as JUPITER / PLUTO) may indicate both a growth factor and a descent of the real economy. It all depends on how the authorities manage to reassure the markets through their decisions addressed to stop the deflationary trends, which create a framework of instability for the future. So the situation is delicate and requires great care and skill on the part of decision-making bodies (central banks and governments).


In addressing the year 2016, it is understood that the current constellations inherit the old ones. And since 2015 has marked a turnaround in the economies of emerging countries and consequently in the financial markets, it is necessary to examine “afterwards” both the APOLLON axis and MARS = NEPTUNE axis, the last one being very significant in 2015, and dominant in the axis of Aries 2016.

Annual Horoscope  2015 graph 5

1) In 2015, the TNp APOLLON (AP) just entered the 2nd House, was structured as an economic factor around the following planetary pictures (90°DIAL, graph 5): = KRONOS (KR) = JUPITER (JU) = MERCURY (ME) = MARS / ZEUS (MA / ZE) = Aries Point / SATURN (AR / SA) = SUN r. CHINA (07 ° 47 ‘Libra) = Aries Point / MOON NODE (AR / NO): With the meaning: “news of great and rich (JU) emerging economies (KR), with particular reference to the People’s Republic of China”. The full factors JUPITER = APOLLON = KRONOS are a sign of wealth and growth, but if they show the resumption of “productivity” in certain areas of the world they also point to the crisis and the slowdown in others (= ARIES Point / SATURN), including China. As confirmed by the following planetary pictures:

= URANUS and PLUTO (UR = PL) / HADES (HA): It is the experience of an irreversible change. Through: = HADES / ADMETOS (HA / AD) it sounds damaging, and this shocking transformation is linked to the crisis (HA) in commodities prices (AD) .

In the axis of APOLLON = KRONOS = JUPITER = MERCURY etc…., the sensitive point: MARTE+ APOLLON-NEPTUNE pointed out as the “stock market upward” (MA / AP) met the volatility and instability (NE) due to the crisis of emerging countries (China = SUN). The problems were also evident in some European countries: for ex: banking crisis, particularly in ITALY: = ARIES Point + CUPIDO – KRONOS (banks) = CUPIDO / NEPTUNE ( chaotic situations) = AS t. ITALY / MOON NODE (in connection to Italy).

Annual Horoscope 2015 graph 6

Observing the disturbing constellation (graph 6): PLUTO= URANUS = ADMETOS (UR = PL = AD), when putting it into relation with the “profit culture of certain speculative groups” (= CUPIDO / APOLLON), we find a “panic” index (UR = PL) on financial markets and Stock Exchange (= ARIES Point + MARS – APOLLON), with sudden dislocation of financial investments, even reducing them into liquidity waiting for the best moments in future: = JUPITER / NEPTUNE. While the stock market collapses (= ADMETOS).

Note: All this really happened towards the end of 2015, and could worsen in 2016 if authorities will not take some appropriate measures of monetary policy, being aimed at curbing the wild speculation. The planetary picture URANUS = PLUTO is generally a sign of “panic” index in the financial markets, although not always justified from real situations. But panic leads to increase the tendency to speculation. Therefore, although in 2015 the stock exchanges have not closed at a loss, the trends of the last two months of the year had changed, and the Stock markets became unsteady more or less everywhere around the world. The year 2016 began its journey with this legacy of instability of the markets due mainly to the slowdown of the economies of the BRICS (among the emerging countries: Brazil, Russia, China, South Africa).

So the economic crisis, which began in 2008 and still in progress, met the dramatic fall in demand in emerging countries during the 2015.

2.) In 2015 the constellation: MARS = NEPTUNE in the houses 5th and 6th (DIAL 360 °) with reflections in the 4th house (according Hermann Lefeldt, Hamburg School Astrology), could have the following general meaning: “to operate on both social and humanitarian level, to correct errors in the workplace, adopting care reasons. This constellation is dominant in 2016 as the axis backbone of the Aries Axis (90°DIAL), of which we say below. The axis MARS = NEPTUNE in 2015 chart, is an ill constellation. Together with the following planetary pictures: JUPITER + APOLLON- CUPIDO =AS and MC Italy = SUN r. Italy / KRONOS and MERCURY, stated: “a weak situation of the banking organisms (groups) in Italy”. With probable actions (MARS) on the liquidity (NEPTUNE) of these banks by the Italian government authorities (ME = KR : directives). In fact at the end of 2015 it was made a partial rescue of four banks so that their bankruptcy couldn’t weigh on all investors.

YEAR 2016

To continue the previous topic, in 2016, the constellation MARS = NEPTUNE = ARIES POINT now repeats itself but placing itself in the houses 1st – 6th with reflections on the 9th and 4th . It means: “tendency to want to overcome obstacles despite the daily difficulties that are beyond the rational control and increase the destabilizing factors. The idea of ​​coexistence between humans, and the cultural influences, should motivate behavior in this difficult circumstance”. Therefore in 2016 the theme is even more relevant and involves all countries (AR) with companies that are struggling to stay afloat (= CU / HA), and other economies stagnating or in crisis (= AP / AD). Government authorities (= KR + KR-ME and ZE) and Central Banks (= KR + KR -CU) will have to intervene in order to control the volatility of the financial markets where the prices of securities may collapse creating panic behaviors (UR + PL = AP; AP = AR / UR).

It is to be emphasized the strong turbulence in the markets with speculation downward: URANUS / VULCANUS = MARS+ADMETOS-PLUTO, caused by operators- shadow = CUPIDO / HADES.

About this, we said examining the POINT of ARIES through the 15° Dial, on page 1.

Axis APOLLON = KRONOS in 2016 (graph 7)

Annual Horoscope 2016, graph 7

Also in 2016 we have the axis: Apollon (AP) = Kronos (KR) unchanged: It is worth remembering that if for APOLLON the business and market meaning is prevalent, KRONOS is authority, generally understood, and therefore connected to the decision-making power, in the sense indicated by the other planetary factors symmetrically arranged around this axis of observation. In 2015 we saw both a recovery (little growth) in Western countries (but with a tendency to a check on growth in the US) and crisis in emerging countries, although still in a climate of risk for the world economy. Let’s see what happens in 2016.

In the Axis AP = KR , we still find the sensitive point: ARIES POINT + CUPIDO- KRONOS (Banks), which repeats the planetary picture of deception or chaotic situations seen in the previous year , that is: CUPIDO / NEPTUNE and URANUS/Aries Point (turbulences). Therefore banks, protagonists of monetary and financial markets, with NEPTUNE / POSEIDON = (PLUTO / HADES) still run the risk of being in problematic, unclear and equally less transparent situations, especially in Italy (AS t. Italy / NODE = SUN r.Italy/VULCANUS) ​​and Greece (SUN Greece = APOLLON).

The constellations show that especially in Italy and Greece, “speculation” works in the financial markets (NEPTUNE / CUPIDO) through powerful lobbies (= MARS / CUPIDO = VULCANUS / SUN r. ITALY = SUN r. GREECE). Widen the view, it is no coincidence that in 2016 KRONOS = APOLLON is also connected on the sensitive point: = JUPITER+APOLLON-PLUTO with the meaning of a power that lies in the trans-national areas of financial flows. And being Kronos on the constellation: (MERCURY = ZEUS // ARIES Point) it is clear that the power of information is another expression of the real power at present times.

Annual Horoscope 2016, graph 8

MORE INFORMATION: In 2016, the constellation (graph 8): KRONOS + APOLLON-JUPITER (the economic and financial authorities) contains the following planetary pictures: SATURN = SUN r. Treaty of Maastricht r. = SUN. BCE (European Central Bank) = (KRONOS+KRONOS-JUPITER) t. = Aries Point / HADES = MOON / HADES = JUPITER / ADMETOS = KRONOS / POSEIDON = MARS / VULCANUS. With the meaning: the EU (European Union) which was born in Maastricht (this figure was always significant in the forecast) and the BCE have an influential operating power (MA / VU) to be asserted in these difficult times (AR / HA), and through clear and realistic measures / directives (KR / PO). Without forgetting that the natal chart of Maastricht Treaty was intended to ensure tighter control of accounts in Community countries, we realize that the previous constellations seem to tend to the stiffness when disbursing money to the system (JU / AD = SA). The governor of the BCE, Mario Draghi (SUN r. 10 ° 03 ‘) is located exactly on this axis, particularly on SATURN t. He is completely absorbed by finding solutions to the problems and risks that the community runs (AR / HA), and see what should be done with extreme clarity and high mental qualities (in his natal chart: ME d. = KR r // PO t. ). Therefore he perseveres on his ideas according his natal p.p. = ME / AD r. Connected with KRONOS they probably will have success. The BCE Sun axis, strongly connected with Draghi’s natal SUN, on the BCE’s chart allows to see how things are going. We must have in mind that the presence of SATURN in transit suggests obstacles in the economic life of some countries of the Community. It weighs in general on the whole community during the year.

BCE graph 9

Through the natal constellations, BCE (graph 9) as a Central Bank is used to direct, to supervise and execute different plans at the same time (MARS / PLUTO). It does routinely with privacy (= NEPTUNE = HADES), so it tends not to make clear in advance the control over liquidity fearing the shadow side of speculation. In 2016, this axis contains MERCURY d. KRONOS = t. APOLLON = t. and we can conclude that ” the BCE will give directives to try to control the harmful phenomena on the economy, and the ones equally destructive of the speculation.

Also the natal constellation of the CENTRAL BANK (KRONOS+ KRONOS-JUPITER) = MARS = PLUTO = URANUS confirms the importance to design and to plan promptly. On this constellation finds ADMETOS d. , and this means that the BCE will tend to make its interventions at least about well defined issues, during the year. If we look at the axis of the SUN d. we see that BCE meets the “blocks” of political authority through the constellation: KRONOS + VULCANUS-CUPIDO = SATURN / ADMETOS.

Annual Horoscope 2016, graph 10

It is necessary to add that the natal SUN of the European Union (9° Scorpio), graph 10, finds on the following annual constellations: URANUS = HADES / VULCANUS = (PLUTO / MERCURY = ZEUS) = MOON / APOLLON not seem to find a cohesion, at the political level (= KRONOS+ VULCANUS), with regard to directives and to the formulation of monetary policy agreements (= JUPITER/CUPIDO = NODE). Inside, disruptive forces (HA / VU) and conflicting (UR) forces, play a negative role. Moreover, it is known that the German Bundesbank is holding back on the “financial lifesaver” – a European system of deposit insurance that would protect small savers who are the customers of banks at risk of failing (MOON / HADES on the previous axis KR + AP-JU) in all the states of the euro area.

Still, some other considerations, going back to the graph 7: in 2016, the axis AP = KR shows the power of speculative lobbies through := NEPTUNE / CUPIDO, with the risk of unreliability or dangerousness of the markets (= PLUTO / HADES). While in parallel, a “culture” (CUPIDO) of power (KRONOS) tends to boost the economy (APOLLON) through the expansion of credit (NEPTUNE) even with possible increases in the inflation rate. Here are also the powerful financial apparatuses into play (= CUPIDO + VULCANUS-JUPITER), which try to overcome the crisis and promote recovery (= JUPITER / SATURN). But JU / SA is still a factor of crisis which, however, can prepare for recovery in the coming years, perhaps as early as the summer of 2017 when it will form the JUPITER-SATURN-MARS constellation. Although, theoretically, the real growth should occur when the two planets get to the conjunction (end 2020).

In particular, in 2016 we find the “non-aligned” Chiron in the axis of Kronos, which makes difficult to follow the rules for those who “governs economy” because there are differences of opinion about the programs to be implemented. It is no coincidence that on this axis we can find the half-sum of the European Union (Sun r. Maastricht Treaty / Sun d. European Union). It is a clear sign of difficulty of the EU summits to impose their will, at least in those states-members that show different points of view. For example, in 2016 Italy (Sun r./AP = KR = Chiron) does not agree about economy rules from EU summits, finding too rigid their weight (= MC / SATURN) t . Greece also is on the same line since her Sun radix (0 ° 49′Leo) covers APOLLON t. While her AS t. / APOLLON is: (= CHIRON = KRONOS = APOLLON, and her MC t. is: (= HADES / KRONOS = VULCANUS = Aries Point / ADMETOS) with the meaning that Greek authorities are hampered by the errors of the past. With (= Chiron / SUN d. Maastricht Treaty = AS t./SATURNO) Greece also tends not to align herself with EU rules, deemed too onerous.

Since KR = AP, both in 2015 and in 2016, finds on HADES / ADMETOS, the judgment on the work of the decision-making power is conditioned by the lack of transparency, secrecy, even from inadequacy tendency to destructiveness, typical of this constellation. But if, in general, this planetary picture emphasizes, in its essence, the “evil”, – dealing with HADES- is an ancient evil, that is of occult power practices stabilized over time and still irremovable (AD) in the year 2015. While in 2016 with ADMETOS up and down, incoming and outgoing from the 8th financial house, something might start to unlock.

We think that all that about ADMETOS will take a transitional phase since Admetos in 9th house presupposes a philosophical way of thinking, of culture and ethical foundation, which has never formed in all the past years, before 2000, when POSEIDON in the 2nd house faced to Admetos firmly in 8th . Indeed, the culture of ethical indifference and then of the fundamentalism has prevailed. In recent years, the most authoritative moralizing voice heard in the world was, and is, that of Pope Francis.

However there may be other problematic meanings related to HA / AD problems that governments should face. ADMETOS refers to raw materials, while HADES can represent its depreciation. On this axis lies the planetary picture: Aries Point + ADMETOS – HADES, which can refer to the extraction of raw materials from the earth, that is: the “oil.” Here the question becomes evident for the complex crises in emerging countries than in January 2016 have ditched the stock exchanges.


Referring to governments, the constellations of 2015 and 2016 are not comforting, especially in certain areas of the world. We find: ARIES POINT / KRONOS (governments, nations) = HADES (see graph 4), with the meaning: a non- autonomous power, in which dangerous and treacherous components enter, where shortcomings and errors prevail, anchored (being the p.p.= ADMETOS / POSEIDON) to the old obsolete styles of the past (HA). Even at the risk of living with the power-shadow of the powerful enemies that hinder a more balanced (= VENUS) “governance” (= SATURN / VULCANUS). In 2016 we find this constellation on both the asteroid ISIS (caliphate) and MC t. MOSUL (Iraqi) where with the unambiguous meaning “long-term terrorism”, ranks the sensitive point: (= URANUS + ADMETOS – SATURN).

AR / KR = HA also finds on the axis of the direct SUN (solar arc) of the Maastricht Treaty at 12° 16’ Pisces (Note : this figure was astrologically significant because it revealed the intentions of the European Union. Here means that the EU is involved in these hard constellations). But in this sense, the significance of these constellations is evidently different from the previous ones, although terrorism is a thorny problem for the EU, too. In 2016, the difficult constellations reveal the “disharmonies” existing in the community governments implying that there is no agreement between them. This axis also fit the planetary pictures: = NODE/CUPIDO = NODO/ PLUTO = PLUTO/ CUPIDO = MARS / APOLLON: with the meaning: “the existing conditions tend to change”, “but a profound and radical change develops slowly : (= NODE / ADMETOS) “. In particular the pp.: MARS / APOLLON “underlines the importance of the economic growth and of the markets, as a driving force of the change,” while we have just said that the recovery is moderate with downside risks to the world economy and with global forces that combine to keep low the inflation (see: report Mario Draghi, BCE governor). There is a constellation which is indicative of occult groups maneuvering economies in the world through the markets, for utilitarian reasons. It is showed through CUPIDO and NODE + APOLLON – NEPTUNE (groups of speculative business) = MARS / APOLLON (markets) = NEPTUNE / APOLLON (speculations), all in secrecy on the axis AR / KR = HA! That is why reforms go slowly, so it will be difficult to see them realized in the course of 2016. The fact that the EU is politically weak, is perhaps the main cause of delays. No coincidence that on this axis, dominated by the disquieting HADES, there is the sensitive point: NODE + CUPIDO-KRONOS = NEPTUNE/APOLLON. The set of all the constellations can be read a.f: “While it would be necessary a global strategy, the European Union currently does not seem to be able to join it and thus to implement the project of its founding fathers. It remains conditioned by the history of a past of belligerency of the member states and to date their nationalistic selfishness “.

But for some time the governor of the BCE Mario Draghi argues that only the central banks without a real political counterpart cannot draw some countries of the EU out of the crisis. The BCE, for its part, can only administer the narrow interventions to avoid the crisis being triggered, but nothing more. The revolutionary proposal from Mr. Dragi (Frankfurt, February 2016) is to create a Unique Ministry of the Treasury in the Euro-area (only for the 19 countries which have adopted the common currency), as the BCE’s political party led by him. Mario Draghi personal constellations, that is: (MERCURY = ZEUS) t. = URANUS r. = URANUS d. = (SUN / NODE) ​​r. where the Sun is : = Jupiter + Kronos-Apollon (highest monetary authorities) presumably will lead to a few openings and emergency provisions (from Witte-Lefeldt: “give the alt!”). It would be the first step towards a Federal Europe. But as we have seen from the constellations, the path is still long. From media sources we know that a few decisions will be taken by the BCE at a meeting already scheduled for March 10, 2016.

In 2016 a European political project of this magnitude requires the courage to abandon the old patterns. SATURN annual transit of the BCE natal Sun (= the one of Dragi) tells us that reforms are complicated and difficult, but at the same time Saturn is aware of the crisis situation. However, it is stimulating the annual constellation (KRONOS / VULCANUS) t. = ( APOLLON = VULCANUS = KRONOS) r. = ZEUS d. = (MARS / PLUTO) t. with the meaning: “the BCE’s political project starts to be planned.” Bearing in mind the meanings of MARS / PLUTO r. (to which we have referred above), an intervention, at least on the currency, it is necessary.

Since the natal constellations of the BCE envisage strong obstacles towards the European political project, two countries that in 2016 might have to “row against”, are Italy and Greece : ( KRONOS + VULCANUS-SUN UE) r. = (ASMETOS / VULCANUS) r. = AS t. Italy = (AS / KRONOS) t. Greece.


An additional risk factor for the EU is the referendum proposed by England to decide whether to stay or leave the EU.

Annual Horoscope 2016, graph 14

The constellations of the United Kingdom, graph 14 (Horoscope of the UK reorganization, 1922), with the Sun radix at 14° 57′of Sagittarius meets the conjunction of SATURN t. in the first ten days of February 2016. This conjunction focuses on a period of great responsibility in the UK, but it is also a period of isolation and separation from others which can lead to a political defeat. SATURN t. also connects to the annual MC of London (11° 13′Virgo) from the beginning of the year, so the emphasis is tipped over a period of “testing ground”, a project that includes oppositions and forces to assess whether the targets are valid or not. In the 90°DIAL, finds the following pp .:

SUN r. = VULCANUS t. = HADES / KRONOS t. = ARIES / ADMETOS t. = NODE / ZEUS t., with the meaning “a government that proceeds in a highly specific but also in a highly dangerous. There could be some resistance from the public, through the referendum”. As said before, on these constellations will transit SATURN with the task to be on guard (= VU), assessing the dangers of the situation. A final significant constellation is the L.M. London at 29° 52′Pisces, practically on the mentioned axis of Aries, while the mid-point between the Sun r. of the United Kingdom and that of the current Prime Minister David Cameron (15 ° 27′ Libra) also is placed on the Aries axis. It is better for the United Kingdom, led by Cameron, to avoid hasty and disruptive moves with MARS =NEPTUNE = Aries Point.


Europe will have to take into account a destabilizing factor which is the asteroid ISIS (graph 4), located in the just mentioned axis ARIES POINT/KRONOS = HADES to a position 27° 35′Libra, connected to the pp. ADMETOS / POSEIDON with the meaning of “religious fundamentalism”. The disturbing perspective is of a Europe still targeted by ISIS in 2016.

We must emphasize that the rise of terrorism and the huge influx of refugees (axis ARIES Point / HADES = SATURN = MOON = ARIES / VENUS), graph 15, are problems that European solidarity is lacking to fully address (= SUN Treaty of Maastricht). The axis also contains the following planetary pictures: = AS-LAMPEDUSA ITALY = AS t. / (SATURN + HADES) “a place landing of humanity on the run, with people and ethnic groups that addressing the shipwrecks (= NEPTUNE + HADES-SATURN). They are discordant times (= AR / VE = AR / HA) and are particularly sad for women (= MOON) who are victims of horrific sexual violence (= + HADES MARS-VENUS).

Annual Horoscope 2016, graph 15

In Short: In 2016 the EU structural problems mentioned above remain, although in 2015 there was a home recovery in the weaker European economies including Italy, supported by the monetary policies of the BCE’s support. We repeat that it is the paralysis of European policy to undermine the credibility of the euro-area on the financial markets which usually penalize the weaker economies.

Moreover, besides the ISIS terrorism, the migration of people attempting to flee from war zones or hunger, and landed in the Mediterranean countries, another factor explaining the volatility of financial markets is the uncertainty about the prospective of growth of the economies in the emerging countries (this is of concern even in the US). The collapse in oil prices to below $ 30 a barrel, while Saudi Arabia refuses to slow down the production, is a destabilizing factor .


Annual Horoscope 2016, graph 11.

The constellations are strongly focused on the presidential elections, through the two axes NODE / ZEUS and NODE = ZEUS. The strong resonance in the world is highlighted by the constellation: NODE + ZEUS- SUN r. USA = Aries Axis. Looking at the first of two axes (graph 11) to understand what forces are playing: ZEUS / NODE = MERCURY and ZEUS / AS and MC Washington (transit) = SUN r. USA (13° 19′Cancer) / ARIES Axis = VULCANUS = HADES / KRONOS = Aries Point / ADMETOS = URANUS / POSEIDON. With the meaning: “There are ideological issues that weigh heavily on this election, and the electoral propaganda forces to stimulate attention and create tensions. Powerful candidates whose intentions are not clear or not explicitly declared, can foretell a return to a past of strong conservative values that can deteriorate the present values. ” However we find other pp. in this axis which indicate strong oppositions and presumably will fight hardly (SATURN+HADES = SATURN+VULCANUS-MOON). The frame of the election is excited (= SUN r. USA + URANUS) and twists and turn are possible.

Annual Horoscope 2016, graph 12

The second axis NODE = ZEUS (graph 12) is placed on the annual constellations of MC (26 ° 06 Gemini) and AS (26 ° Virgo 34) Washington, a.f. : = CUPIDO = POSEIDON = MERCURY = MARS / NEPTUNE = ADMETOS / PLUTO = Aries Point / JUPITER = VENUS / APOLLON = KRONOS / VULCANUS = NEPTUNE / ADMETOS, meaning “One school of thought is not unique, both intellectually-educated, that the uncompromising contrary, live in this country with strong social traits, and this year will be able to express themselves through elections (presidential). The political landscape will change radically and some important project (the old management) will be set aside although it is not quite so obvious. The issues related to the economy, the wealth and market instability, will have its weight in voters’ choices. The common interests of American voters (NO = CU = MC = AS = ME = ZE) tend to express themselves through elections, which however do not indicate a safe direction in the general constellations of the year 2016 (r = SUN. USA / NEPTUNE) and in any case fuelling uncertainties”.

Annual Horoscope 2016, graph 13

Moving on the axis of the natal Sun USA (13°19′Cancer), graph 13, we find the following constellations: = ADMETOS = SUN r. OPEC = SUN d. FED = ZEUS / KRONOS = MARS / HADES = NEPTUNE /HADES = VULCANUS/POSEIDON = APOLLON / AS and MC t. Washington = NODE / APOLLON = CUPIDO / APOLLON = Aries Point / SUN d. Maastricht Treaty. First we give Admetos the meaning of “raw” materials, and as it is connected to the OPEC Sun, it shows the “oil problem” of which the strong leadership of the government and the central bank deal with strategically (as it affects companies of shale oil). The real economy is in the foreground while Admetos indicates a slowdown or at least an obstacle in some business sector. Moreover, the two constellations Neptune / Hades = Mars / Hades reveal the secrecy in the management of liquidity.

To conclude, we must clarify the meaning of VULCANUS / POSEIDON in the axis SUN r.USA: there is a chance that the strong sense of honor and self-esteem, typical of American culture, become radicalized pushing the country towards a more subtly authoritarian power and impregnated with ideological foundations. This is what the most conservative population want (MOON / SATURN = … = Admetos) and would play in favor of war and intransigence.

FED graph 18

If we move on the chart of Fed (graph. 18), there are the significant natal constellations: Aries Point = MC = PLUTO = MOON = KRONOS / VULCANUS; and MC / SUN = JUPITER = MARS / KRONOS = MARS / NEPTUNE (Fed policy in liquidity management tending to expansion, so as to inflate the money supply, operating on the open market: MO = PL). In addition the natal p.p. MERCURY / POSEIDON = NODE = JUPITER / ASMETOS is connected to the idea of ​​being right even in difficult conditions. They are not lacking, looking at the following constellations: URANUS = CUPIDO = HADES = APOLLON = NEPTUNE / ADMETOS = PLUTO / ZEUS. So when the situation suddenly changes for the worse, the Fed builds on the past experiences, quickly adapting to the new and is capable of acting in the frame of change.

Currently this constellation, in the solar arc progression (d), is to deal with URANUS r. = HADES r. = APOLLON r. = ADMETOS t. . Therefore, “it is a period of great upheaval that must be managed carefully by the FED. It is perhaps outlining a turnaround, a slowdown (although physiological) of the economic growth in recent years, partly due to the collapse in oil prices which is putting the little companies of the “shale oil” on their knees . The Wall Street banks that financed these companies now have their claims stranded. While the bonds market is subject to a massive sale of bonds linked to the energy sector, which threatens to destabilize the system. The highest monetary authorities must take account of these realities.”

In 2016, the natal constellations meet the well-known p.p. MARS = NEPTUNE. However if we look at the Fed’s policy in the present time, we find the following constellations with their meanings (graph 19): (KRONOS / VULCANUS) t. = MARS r. = (MC / POSEIDON) r. = POSEIDON t. = (MERCURY and SATURN) d. = (NODE and MC) t. “The policy of the Fed is used to acting independently, and now does it through a clear vision of the situation and the current problems. Therefore will manage the liquidity with caution and may follow a less expansive model regarding monetary maneuvers on the open market. ” “Since the situation seems to be changing for the worse, the Fed may adopt a more restrictive policy = (HADES t / CUPIDO and URANUS r.) = (SATURN / ADMETOS) t.” Therefore the Fed is in the foreground in the control of liquidity by entering or removing it from the system (= MARS r./SATURNO t. = Aries Axis = MARS t. = NEPTUNE t).

FED graph 19

CHINA 2016

Now let’s move on to a brief survey on CHINA, the country that much is affecting the financial markets of the world through the two devaluations of its currency in 2015, and most recently in January of 2016.

China 2016 graph 16

In 2016, the natal constellation of the Central Bank of China (graph 16) (Aries Point + Cupido -Kronos ) finds itself in the axis of the annual APOLLON = KRONOS = MC t (the image of Peking / China in general) = SUN r = KRONOS r. (the great authority of this country, his government) = ZEUS d. = POSEIDON d. (practical purposes) = ZEUS/KRONOS (large and strong activities based on the own beliefs) = Aries Point d. / CUPIDO t. (this one referring to the Chinese central bank) = JUPITER / CUPIDO and VULCANUS r. (monetary policies and high finance) = SUN / POSEIDON r. = KRONOS r. (the clear vision of the Government) = MARS / JUPITER t. (effective and successful action). With the clear meaning: “The authorities of the country – government and central bank – intervene effectively and practically through financial policies to protect economy.”

Obviously, China has problems of “recession” with SUN d. = VULCANUS t. = HADES r. = (MC / HADES) t. = (MC t./HADES d.) = (MC t./URANUS r.), also adverse situations, and stop signals (= ARIES Point / ADMETOS) t. Growth has stopped, economy s sick: (PLUTO/APOLLON)t. = (NEPTUNE d./PLUTO t.)/APOLLON t. = MARS t. = JUPITER r. = MARS r. = NEPTUNE t. = (SATURN t./ADMETOS r.) : “Growth has slowed down and this seems a disease destined to last over time.”

However, the natal constellation NEPTUNE / PLUTO, which is located in this axis, is now highlighted by PLUTO transit. The constellation is emphasized in the course of 2016, and may mean that, beyond the secrecy with which the Central Bank is accustomed to act, “her choices may be dictated by an no correct view of the future.”

China influences the world for several reasons: it is the main buyer of raw materials, one of the major exporters of manufactured products, the largest purchaser of western bonds and also an important investor mainly in less developed countries.

So let us clarify better through the most significant constellations of the natal Chinese horoscope:

China 2016 graph 17

Graph 17: CUPIDO = VULCANUS = NODE : the powerful apparatus of the China country (= KRONOS+ KRONOS-JUPITER) has in its hands the control of the monetary system. In 2016, these powerful constellations find on the annual chart (URANUS = JUPITER = MARS / KRONOS ), with the meaning of “swift and all of the sudden interventions in monetary matters through precise directives (= MERCURY = ZEUS // PLUTO) t. Moreover, considering the pp. PLUTO t. = NEPTUNE r., these directives have a character of secrecy, so the countries outside cannot understand the intentions, even if this is a method increasingly adopted for interventions on exchange rates. However, these adjustment maneuvers (NEPTUNE / KRONOS) t. reveal a supervening weakness in the economic system of China (= ARIES Point / APOLLON) d., which obviously does not grow as in previous years at an economic level (URANUS r. = HADES t.) / SATURN r: loss, HADES r / (SATURN d. = VENUS r.): Obstacles and disharmonies. In 2016 the natal planetary pictures URANUS / HADES = VENUS / SATURN meet SATURN d. : Double emphasis on obstacles, disharmonies and losses.

The consequences are reflected in the financial markets of the world, which find themselves at a loss and tend to speculate, having no more reliable references (NEPTUNE = MARS) t., speculating downward (MARS+ADMETOS-PLUTO) t. = ARIES POINT (all over the world).

Further confirmation is found on the axis of Aries, of which we have already said before about growth –growing against block-recession. The following constellations show a crisis of production in China : (PLUTO/APOLLON = MARS = NEPTUNE) t. Since China is involved in this axis through the natal constellations MARS = JUPITER (meaning: a significant upward trend in production and acceleration), at present (2016) the recovery will come from credit cheaper (money printing = NEPTUNE t.) , creating probably an inflationary phenomenon.

Economists in the world call for a change in strategy: give up on investments mainly based in infrastructures and exports and switch to a model based on domestic consumer goods and growth of services. However there are no constellations that indicate this trend. While China seem to enhance the actions of the central bank since the Chinese strategy from the beginning of 2008 has been to maintain the growth at any cost. Confirmation comes from (APOLLON/VULCANUS) t. = (ZEUS/KRONOS)d. = SUN d. = SUN r. = (Aries P.+CUPIDO-KRONOS) t. = (Aries P.+CUPIDO-KRONOS)r.

However, despite the advantages related to the collapse of oil prices, the slowdown of the Chinese economy tends to disadvantage the manufacturing economies, like the Italian one, which rely on export.


More could be said in relation to other countries in the hot zones of the planet. Only brief references: For SYRIA, her natal Sun (9°22’ Capricorn) is now exactly on KRONOS = HADES / ADMETOS = PLUTO / HADES with the meaning of great adversity and friction, as well as situations that tend to get worse for the Head of State. It is the constellation of leadership failure. But for years on Syria there have been tremendous constellations.

About IRAQ, both the annual AS (10°Capricorn) and MC (29°13 Libra) find themselves in difficult planetary pictures, as follows : MC= VULCANUS = ARIES Point/ADMETOS = HADES/KRONOS = URANUS+ADMETOS = ARIES Point+SATURN-MARS/ADMETOS, with the meaning “the country shows its imagine of violence, scission and terrorism, into a frame of an unmovable situation, so difficult to manage from the government (also dark), due to the terroristic forces of the opposition.”

Besides, on the MC MOSUL (IRAQ), former capital of the Caliphate, at 27°34’Cancer, find: = HADES Asteroid ISIS = ZEUS+KRONOS. Both are not of peace constellations but of atrocities in war. On BRAZIL, the MC Brasilia at 23°02’ Cancer finds on the axis of Aries = MARS = NEPTUNE = Chiron/ ADMETOS = PLUTO / APOLLON: it looks like the start of a break-up rather than a recovery. The development seems to stop. RUSSIA also lies on the axis constellations of Aries, having the annual MC at 22° Libra, and of which we know the problems of general instability. But the annual AS at 14°14’ Sagittarius finds on VULCANUS = KRONOS / HADES = MERCURY and ZEUS / CUPIDO: the government proceeds with extreme hardness, with “warlike” diktats to tackle the crisis. LIBYA is also on the axis of Aries (AS t. 29°44′ Virgo and MC 29°44′Gemini ) with the prevalence of the pp. : = NEPTUNE = ADMETOS / VULCANUS (chaos, great obstacles, a difficult fate in this period), while the TURKEY is plagued by difficult constellations: annual MC t. (17° Libra) = URANUS = HADES / VULCANUS = KRONOS + VULCANUS = JUPITER / POSEIDON. Only the last constellation leaves an open gate to wisdom. Briefly on Japan which confirms to be one of the strongest and advanced economies of the planet at technological, commercial, industrial, banking – AS t. = (+ KRONOS APOLLON -GIOVE) t. – and stock exchange (secondary market) level, etc. : (SUN r. 8 ° 12 Taurus) = JUPITER t. = URANUS t. = (MC 0 ° 21 Aquarius = APOLLON / VULCANUS) t. = (AS 17 ° 48 Taurus / MOON) t. The p.p. URANUS = JUPITER suggests the turmoil in the open market. Some tension on the axis of the natal SUN, due to the p.p: (URANUS / ADMETOS) t. which may indicate the endemic phenomenon of the earthquake as well as situations of tension and rupture at the level of the ruling political party (= + KRONOS VULCANUS) t. = (MARS / KRONOS) t.

We shall stop here.

Montepulciano (Italia), 02/29/2016


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