October 21st, 2012 | Meeting Uraniani

Forecast for the year 2011

It is based on the Annual Horoscope of the world (EARTH HOROSCOPE ) in the day-ingress of the Sun 0° Capricorn: ie: 21st December 2010 : time 23:39:52 GMT , for the year 2011.

For time reasons I have given ONLY a panoramic glance on the Dial 360° to verify the position of both planets and TNp in the Earth Houses. Then I went to the depth of the interpretation through the Dial 90° but only looking at the Aries Axis to have information of the external world and of the general trend of the public life.

1^ House : It is the place of beginnings, of new enterprises and challenges. From 1993 to 2014/15 , the TNp ZEUS and APOLLON have been together: enormous growth of science , technique and technology. Starting from October 2009, SATURN entered the first house. With the meaning: “it starts a new way (SA and ZE), and the expansion in every field must follow a method . It cannot continue uncontrolled (AP) as before. When AP will MAKE ITS ENTRANCE in the 2nd House where Poseidon stays, let’s hope in an illuminated management of economy, in general.

2^ House : the TNp POSEIDON entered in 1990-92 and will go out in 2050.

The economic mechanism, also the mechanism of the economic power in the world become more visible. There is more knowledge about the system of the economic values and of the richness (the resources) of the planet.

The 8^House in opposition to the 2nd House, is occupied by ADMETOS from long time. In my opinion this means that AD underlines the scarcity of the raw materials. It informs that this richness is not without limits. So the world should be conscious of it! At least in the next few years before the going out of AD from the 8^House in 2015.

3^House : the TNp CUPIDO entered in 1998 till 2019. The opinion groups have an important role in the world. HADES was in 9^H. for long time (19…till 2010-2011) bringing a general impoverishment of the culture + intransigent and fundamentalist culture. So the task of Cupido was very difficult but in the next 2011 when HA will again enter Cancer, the opinion of the groups will be free to express their opinion. The 3rd House reflects itself into the 7th : soon URANUS will enter the 7th H. Of course rivalry among the groups but also new impulses. In 2011 there will be Jupiter in THE 7th H. too, so these groups (journalists, books and other sources of information can hope in growth and success.

4th House : No TNp but NODE, MARS and PLUTO this year. In the last few years a profound change HAD JUST BEEN INITIATED at the basis of society and also in the political parties by the power of command . There is a form of connection in this field that will be very active (MA) during this year with consequences in the daily life. We have UR in 6th together with JU, so we can think of sudden events, tensions. Perhaps the connection between UR and JU can be also positive, in any case UR together with PLUTO just brought in the last few years the consciousness that an old chapter has been closed and a new one is opening (not an easy one, of course).

5th House : No TNp but still again the planet NEPTUN which brings a bit of chaos especially in the economic cycle. Speculation in the financial markets is the result of mistakes from the past about an uncontrolled deregulation (we’ll speak later about this topic).

10th House : KRONOS definitively entered in 2003 (war in IRAQ) . VULCANUS has been for a long time in 10^H. Together the two TNp underline the meaning that “the power of the governments in the world becomes more and more aggressive”. But HADES will enter again Cancer in 2011 and this is a signal that even the rich nations will become poorer also because of lack of energetic resources, pollution and so on . Problems from the past now impossible to avoid. Also bad governments will be stronger in the life of the world.


First of all on the Dial 360° it is important to see if planets or TNp are positioned on the cardinal axes. In fact the full factors are the most important to understand the annual tendencies. Any other constellation must be referred to the full factors.

We find there only one FACTOR : the TNp HADES at 29°40’ Gemini, very next to the 10th house of the Earth Horoscope (0° Cancer).

Now a premise : As all of you know, the TNp HADES was just in Cancer ON the 1st August 2010 and will go out on the 1st December 2010.

Uranus first was in Aries at the end of May and went out on the 15th of August 2010 . Both will enter again in Cancer and in Aries during the year 2011 (UR in Mars, HA on the half of June)

but we must have in mind only their positions when Sun enters 0° Capricorn. It is the right date to interpret the TENDENCIES of the year 2011.

On HADES it is just necessary to tell that it was connected with the Aries point starting from the year 2008 which was the beginning of the most serious economic crisis which hit the Western countries .

We cannot interpret the future if we don’t keep the past in mind! In synthesis here are the constellations of our recent past :

2008 : Aries Point =(Kronos= Mars) / HADES, with the meaning : “ World dominated by an active disrupting power ”.

2009 : Aries point = Saturn/ Admetos : blockage, obstacles . Deep problems that ARE impossible to ignore, particularly economic ones. In fact :

Saturn+Neptun ( economic crisis, recession) = Aries/ HADES : because of HADES the crisis cannot be solved within a short period . In fact the roots of evil come from incompetences and negligences of the past .

2010 : Hades = Moon Node = Aries / HADES (again!) : still problems of difficult solution.

Looking at the economy we find : Jupiter = Neptun = Admetos : hard speculation in the financial markets (involved the 5^ e 8^ houses).

To get more information from the half-sums, here’s : JU/SA = PL/AD = HA/ZE : in the present year the economic renewal has begun. Also a profound economic transformation is just into action (PL/AD) but the growth will go slowly (HA/ZE) because of the old mistakes from the past (HA).

In the 2011: ARIES = HADES = VENUS : Hades (again!), as full factor brings its influences during the entire year.

We can just say that old problems, serious mistakes from the past, negligence, delays, inabilities, still weigh on the year 2010-2011. And looking at the year 2012 they will keep on weighing .

Through the halfsums of the Dial 90° we’ll get some more information trying to give an homogenous meaning to the chain of the planetary pictures of the Aries Axis.

AR point = HADES = VENUS : “disturbed harmony on the Earth ”


= NEPTUN + ADMETOS : “to change radically the situation is difficult ”. There is a block of ice not easy to dissolve. It is a question of SPECULATION (5^-8^) which plays a role on the economic unbalances. – Unfortunately Hades makes the world understand that a solution will require a longer time.

= MARS + ADMETOS : There is a danger of terrorist acts from the interior (MA in 4^) which can bring death (AD in 8^).

= MOON NODE / URANUS (4^- 6^ H) , while NODE = KR/HA (10^-9^): this constellation can make us think on fundamentalism (9^) and also on the bad governments that support it. “All of a sudden URANUS can break out and together with HADES can bring some difficult and disruptive situations in the daily life of people provoking panic (UR).

 = MERCURIUS and JUPITER / PLUTO (3^ and 6^ – 4^) : this pp. is positive because there is a good COMMUNICATION (writings, words) that inform people and can bring fortunate changes.

= MARS / CUPIDO ( 4^-3^) : this is a confirmation about the activity of opinion-groups which try to face the disruptive power of HADES. Perhaps their action will not get to a true result. In any case they will prove to do it. Please note how both negative and positive factors move from the inner of the world. (NODE and so on)

= SATURN /APOLLON (1^-1^). Note : As we know, Apollon will enter the 2nd House only on January 2014, so at present it acts through the 1st H. Saturn entered Libra on October 2009 . Now they are connected to the Aries Axis through a half-sum.

We can give two different readings of it : 1) economic problems, restrained expansion

2) prudence and rules about the expansion .

There is no doubt that a tremendous economic crisis started just in 2008 bringing recession and other problems in Western countries. I would like to say again that an expansion without limit – ie:APOLLON- brings chaos. But also an excess of control (SA) can block the renewal. The halfsum SA/AP tells the world that it is necessary to find a method to balance both factors. For ex: Saturn can promote the economy where means (money) lack but not (WHERE) the talents. (LACK?)

A new order of the things has just started through PLUTO at the basis of the horoscope. It entered in 4^H. in January 2008. In fact :

=PLUTO / POSEIDON (4^-2^) = KRONOS /POSEIDON (10^-2^) being long since PO in 2nd H, with the entrance of Pluto the 2nd House must evolve in a behaviour marked with ECONOMIC ETHICS not only a basis orientation but “changing the vision” in the field of the economy on the part of the governments (10^).

But there is a problem :

= ADMETOS / CUPIDO ( 8^-3^) = NEPTUN/CUPIDO (5^ 3^) : in order to get to the aim above it is necessary to break the block of those groups who act on the speculation. Please remember what I have said about Neptun in 5th House.

During the year 2011 the real economy can improve (even if through ups and downs) but we must remember that HADES = Aries as full factor doesn’t allow easy or quick solutions.


- difficult or slow solution of the problems which originate from events or mistakes of the past.

-opinion groups can have an important role for information.

- The real economy is not yet able to stabilize itself, but following a rigorous method of intervention into the field of the economy there will be a recovery .

-Terrorism is still an unsolved problem

- The governments of the oldest rich nations must think that at present and perhaps in the future their level of life is changed. Poverty and penury is a reality also for them, and the lack of energy, of water- oil- gas- pollution is more and more a serious problem. Hades in the Aries Axis is not incidental. During the year it will enter Cancer, sign of nutrition. All of the world knows about the impoverishment of the natural resources.

-They should change their vision of things in many fields.


Looking back at the twentieth cycle Jupiter-Saturn, we find a dominant APOLLON in the cycle started in 1980. The TNp Apollon with the meaning of the unlimited growth, excess, no control or deregulation, brought some bad promises, as follows:


While in the cycle JU-SA starter in 2000 we find a block or the beginning of recession also for the disquieting influence of terrorism. As follows:

JU=SA=AD=UR=VU. Admetos slows down or interrupts the growth. Just in the previous period it was possible to see some negative effects of the deregulation (AP=:::=UR/HA). This signal showed that the unlimited growth was dangerous in many fields because it opens the door to inflation, to the speculation which enters in the gap between real economy and economy of the paper (money) for a long time. In fact in 2008 the system explodes and the Western world enters into a hard period of CRISIS .

It is interesting to realize that in 2011 we are in the half of the 20th cycle JU-SA. Let’s look at the Dial 90° :

JUPITER (7^)= SATURN(1^) = NEPTUN(5^) : the crisis will continue together with the chaos of speculation on the financial markets. So the world will go up and down, as we have just said.

NOTE : I would like to say that Speculation is not the EVIL. It is necessary to create the “market of the titles after their emission”. Speculation is not ethics, it tries to act during the phases of unbalance of the economy. The governments must check and prevent it and its dangerous instruments like the sub-primes.

=URANO (7^)/APOLLON(1^) : ups and downs but also a renewal (AP). In order to see the economic effects of APOLLON we have to wait for three years. By that time we will have the confirmation of our wisdom (SA).


let’s take a look at the Moon Node that is at the pp:

NODE (4^) = KRONOS/HADES (10^-9^)=PO/AD = MA/PO : the contact between MA and AD brings the fear of ideological terrorism.


Notice : ONLY A LOOKING AT THEIR ASCENDENT OF THE YEAR 2011, PUTTING THEM IN THE DIAL 90°. So information are not complete.

PEKING (CHINA) : AS : 0°30 Capricorn

AS = JU/KR = UR/PL : China is the Queen of the world= the richest nation. She moves away from the past, she keeps on with the new impulses.

But : China produces more and more mephitic gases and doesn’t change its behaviour: NE/HA=AS Peking/MA = KR=AP

TEHERAN (IRAN) : AS 8°35’ Scorpio

AS = KR/VU = SA : politics is a problem in this country. No freedom.

Then : UR/AD = AS / ZE : this pp. is dangerous, it can bring terrorism, atom impulses and new ways in this direction.

Look at the government : AS /KR = NE+AD = HA a hard government, blocked in its dangerous behaviour. It is the government of evil

KABUL (AFGANISTAN): AS 23°32’ Scorpio

AS = HA r USA= AD r USA no comment!

Also: AS = MO = UR+AD : terrorism and much suffering for the population

Also : MA/AD = CU (terrorist groups) = AS // KR/VU : there is a great power of the terrorist groups (TALIBANS).

KARACHI (PAKISTAN) : AS : 25°31’ Scorpio

AS = AD = MA = CU…it is a signal ot terrorist groupS

WASHINGTON : AS 24°39’ Cancer

Notice : I am so emotionally involved as guest in your wonderful country that I cannot speak of the States.


The Dial 90° shows the following two strong axes :

(legenda: r=natal, d = solar arc, t = Annual transit)

AS in Libra = KR t = MO d = NE r =ZE and KR r. = SU d = AP t =….= NE/HA t

With the following meaning :

Year 2011 pursues a not easy balance in the field of the government. Here, there are uncertainty, chaos, quickly changes of scene in a general atmosphere connected with aggressive, fighting and also insincerity and decline of the politics” .

Political elections are possible and the following constellations make think on them :

NO+ZE-AS Italy = (NO+ZE)t. – SU d.Italy = MA t. = SA/KR t. = NE t. = AD t. = SU r. Italy

With the meaning : “if in Italy there will be the political elections, the atmosphere can be permeated by episodes of violence and terror. The situation appears under the sign of a deep change”.