LEONIDAS KAVAKOS, virtuoso. The voice of his violin is celestial

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Leonidas Kavakos

MERCURY Axis = CHIRON = URANUS = CUPIDO & POSEIDON (all full factors) : Leonidas is the original and unique messenger of his heavenly art.

Some other planetary pictures :

= SUN/APOLLON = SATURN/ADMETOS : He is a musician soloist,

= SUN/HADES : linked to tradition.

= PLUTO/HADES : he evolves always remaining in the wake of the musical tradition.

= PLUTO/APOLLON : And develops and spreads his ideas everywhere in the world.

= JUPITER/KRONOS : He’s a true, lucky leader.

NOTE : It is important to clarify the meaning of SATURN / ADMETOS in this horoscope. According to Nona Press (“New Insight into Astrology”), ADMETOS also focuses on the practice of the musician playing and the repetition of the repertoire. In addition, musicians are playing all in circle when they play together. Besides we have to think that one of ADMETOS’ meaning is “root”. So the roots of the music are at the basis of the classical music.

SATURN, on the other hand, ensures concentration (on score), and depth. Even it shows the solitude of the “soloist”.

He is a musician full of charisma, with an attractive personality. Leonidas movement (of the bow). The leader of musical tradition. Success of his technical skill through his sensitive instrument (UR / NE), and his creativity associated with inspiration. In the tradition of HADES, Leonidas considers the art of the violin as a great mystery and a secret not yet discovered (HA / KR).

Continuing the examination of the Mercury axis:

= Ast. APOLLO// VENUS/JUPITER : a musician full of charisma and personal charm.

= Ast.APOLLO / LUNAR NODE = : Moving Leonidas his bow connected with many musicians in the group (of orchestra).

= SUN/Ast. LEONIDAS // HADES/KRONOS : He is the leader of musical tradition.

= VENUS/JUPITER // HADES/KRONOS : His success as a leader of the tradition, including the secret and the mystery of the bow and violin.

= JUPITER/URANUS (= MARS+ZEUS) // NEPTUNE : Technical skill and creativity combined with inspiration masterfully playing his sensitive instrument (JU / UR // NE)