febbraio 18th, 2018 | Articoli, in homepage, News

The renowned American astrologer Martha Lang-Wescott has drawn her attention to the asteroid LIE, transiting during these days (particularly: 20 February, 2018). Looking at the LIE position in the Annual Horoscope, we find a connection with the position of transiting LIE and other planetary pictures which involves USA, the President, and ITALY.

See the following 90° DIAL

Asteroid LIE

It is true that most of the constellations emphasize the climate of a single day, however some annual constellations (12/21/2017 : 16:29:19 GMT) show the climate of lies which involves both USA and Italy. About USA the transit of LIE on the natal Ascendant of the nation, comes out from the fog of the 12th house becoming more visible in 1st. house. Now some truths come to the surface in USA while in Italy the electoral propaganda (annual LIE = URANUS/POSEIDON t.) is full of lies in this period before the political elections of the 4 Mars, 2018.