Sergio Marchionne : the great manager of FIAT-CHRYSLER, passed away the 25 July 2018

July 26th, 2018 | Articoli, News, primobloccohome

The graphs about him show his great capabilities in the economic fields, his mental independence and his originality. He was a genius of creativity. On the other hand, all the planetary pictures tell about his concentration on the left brain. His emotions (right brain) were under a strong control. According some psychoanalists this may create the condition for cancer. As it was during the last time of his life.
To dispel false information about a surgical error during his operation, the Swiss clinic in which Marchionne was hospitalized declared that he had been serios ill for a year.
In the second 90° Dial we had found the constellations of cancer, sarcoma and embolism risk.

Marchionne 1

Marchionne 2

Marchionne 3