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The Uranian Society, New York presents a Webinar by Lietta Catoni 11 October, 2020

Uranian friends!

Our discussion today is focused on two topics:

1. Planetary Pictures

2. The Question to the Horoscope: What was happening in Wuhan those days?

Before getting to the heart of the “planetary pictures” topic, allow me a brief introduction on how Alfred Witte, founder of the Hamburg Astrological School – and forerunner of Uranian astrology- came through his research, deviating from the traditional method and thereby finding a new key to astrological interpretation. Over time it has proven to be solid, adequate, reliable and accurate.

URANIAN APPROACH TO ASTROLOGY (basis of interpretation)

- The rotating disc movable at 360° and 90°, as well as 45° and 22°30

- The Planetary Pictures

- The use of the equation A + B = C + D in relation to the Planetary Pictures

- The Transneptunians or invisible or hypothetical planets

- The Aries Point and the other 5 personal points: MC, AS, SUN, MOON, NORTH NODE

- The 6 investigation systems through the Houses

Let’s start with the Planetary Pictures, calculated according to the mathematical equations and displayed interchangeable on both the 360​​° and 90° dials.

Uranian astrologers now have astrological software programs that avoid the manual calculation of the planetary pictures, but some of us continue to use the mobile rotating Dial (myself among them) that allows us to manually arrive at the result.


Uranian astrology does not work with traditional angles but with planetary pictures.

Witte discovered that planets work together when they are arranged to form a symmetrical pattern.

In particular: when two or more planets, personal points, Trans- Neptunians are symmetrically positioned around a common axis, a planetary picture results.

There are different types of Planetary Pictures.

The first and simplest occurs when a planet, a personal point, or a TNP, is at the Mid-Point between the other two.

Here I emphasize that the mid-point is called the axis of symmetry, and consists of each degree or factor in the zodiac that is used in the calculation.

We can add that the Axis of Symmetry is also the Reflective Plane of two planets that are at the same distance from the axis. Therefore the midpoint between two planets, personal points, TNP, indicates the axis on which they cast their mirrored image.

This is the concept of Antiscion already known in classical astrology
although the Antiscia of classical astrology are the reflecting points of the Cancer / Capricorn axis only.

Instead, in Witte’s astrology the reflecting points are built around each axis. In other words, each degree of the zodiac can be the center of an axis. Each planetary picture grouped around the axis must be interpreted individually and then synthesized as a whole for the vision of the whole.

We will deal with this in the second part of this talk on the subject: Question to the Horoscope.

Let’s go back to our examples.

Mid-points refer only to the combination of three factors. You can see that JU and SUN are on an axis where the MC is in the center:

JUPITER __________________MC____________________SUN

Jupiter 10° Virgo, MC 10° Libra, Sun 10° Scorpio.

So the Meridian is exactly the same distance as the Sun and Jupiter.

This is the first class of direct planetary picture.

There are three classes of planetary pictures, which derive from the fundamental equation expressed by Witte:a + b = c + d

By changing the values ​​of this equation we get sums and half-sums (or mid points, which are the same), differences and sensitive points.

Let’s mathematically prove the above example using the longitudes of the planets.


Jupiter10 ° Virgo ……………………….. 160

Plus Sun 10° Scorpio …………………… + 220

Total …………………………………………… = 380

Minus Meridian 10° Libra ……….. – 190


Balance ……………………………………. 190

If we express these calculations in the formula of the fundamental equation we will have:

160 + 220 = 190 + 190

380 = 380 — this is the SUM that we will indicate with the equation a + b = c + c

But we can also indicate it in the following way:

Jupiter+ Sun – MC = MC; 160 + 220 – 190 = 190.

We can express this equation with a + b – c = c.

It takes the name of

We will deal in more detail with the Sensitive Points later.


If we want to obtain the HALF-SUM from the Sum, it is sufficient to divide the values ​​by 2. As follows:

(160 + 220) / 2 = (190 + 190) / 2, we get

380: 2 = 380: 2

190 = 190

This is the HALF-SUM (MID-POINT) which we will mathematically indicate with:

(a + b) / 2 = (c + c) / 2

A simpler way to express the half-sum (mid-point) formula is: JUPITER / SUN = MC ;

NOTE: In our example, the SUM and the HALF-SUM (MID-POINT) have different places in the zodiac.

The interpretation of sum and half-sum is the same, since they derive their meaning from the same planets,but we can ask ourselves what is the difference between the two, since they occupy different positions. When can we use one or the other?

Hermann Lefeldt prominent astrologer of the Hamburg School gave this indication:

“the half-sum represents the outside while the Sum represents the inside”.

My teacher Udo Rudolph used to say that half-sums are the most used,

but through the sums we get important information, so in his opinion, both Sums and Half-Sums are needed for a complete picture.


According to Witte, Identical Differences are Planetary Pictures.

Let’s consider the example proposed by Niggerman who places 4 planets, warning that they must be taken in a certain order to obtain the difference. This is easily understood.
We will express them in the equation:
A – B = C – D

The planets are: Sun 20° Aries, Mars 5° Gemini, Saturn 20° Cancer, Jupiter 5° Virgo:

He expresses the difference in the following way: JUPITER – MARS = SATURN – SUN:

155° – 65° = 110° – 20 ° obtaining 90° = 90°. He purposely puts them in this order and then combines them transversally, thus arriving at the sum and half-sum, as follows:

155° (Jupiter) + 20° (Sun) = 65° (Mars) + 110° (Saturn) ……… 175° = 175°

Half sums (mid-points): 175/2 = 175/2 = 87.5 = 87.5 and we will write:

JUPITER / SUN = MARS / SATURN That is : a / d = b / c

As for the sums, the differences can also be expressed : Jupiter + Sun – Mars = Saturn.
This is also a Occupied Sensitive Point .

When are the Differences used?

Although there have been astrologers expert in Differences in Hamburg and I imagine also in the USA, Differences are usually little used except in particular cases to investigate the past or especially karmic factors.


In one of his fundamental scripts Witte wrote the sentence :
“ You will recognize them by their sensitive points”.

Witte’s starting point with regard to the sensitive points was the manner in which the Ancient Astrology used the Antiscion. In the old system a planet was reflected over the Cancer-point or over the axis Cancer/Capricorn.

As we said before, Witte noted that around every axis these reflecting points exist. In other words he admits that every degree of the zodiac can be the centre of an axis. We take the following formula for the sensitive points : a + b – c = d.

All sensitive points are based on half sums (mid points). The half sum (or mid point) is the axis of symmetry or the plan of reflection to which all planets cast their mirror-images.

Although they may be occupied or unoccupied, Witte focused on the Unoccupied by arguing that a Sensitive Point is the missing element of a planetary picture not yet symmetrically formed. And the missing element is necessary to restore symmetry to the planetary picture.

In conclusion, we say again that a sensitive point is for Witte the reflecting point that is not occupied by a planet or other factor in the radical chart.

Now we go to an example from a real chart showing the position of the planets.
It is the chart of George W. Bush:



The two examples are represented on the 90 ° Dial. First, suggested by Witte and developed by Ludwig Rudolph, the 90° Dial is a complete tool in itself and serves to immediately recognize the planetary pictures and extract Half Sums, Sums, Differences and Sensitive Points.

ADMETOS + POSEIDON – MOON : 19° 16 + 7° 21 – 16° 42 = 9° 55 Cardinal (We can avoid the calculation manually through the rotating Dial)

The meaning of the sensitive point is: “to be unconsciously influenced by educators”: Who are these educators? The answer is obtained if one of the corner points is occupied (it is occupied if a planet, a Personal Point or a TNp is at 22° 30 from 9° 55 Aries, at 45 ° or at 67° 30). In our example, as we can clearly see from the graph, the sensitive point is occupied. In fact at 67° 30 from 9° 55 (that is at 77° 25) with the difference +/- 1 we find the TNp CUPIDO(at 77° 46):
therefore the educators are Cupido.

And the meaning of the sensitive point occupied is the following: “to be unconsciously influenced by one’s educators: family-clan – group of referents”.

The occupied sensitive point : Admetos + Poseidon – Moon = Cupido, is the equivalent to the equality of two sums or two half sums, we can write as:

AD + PO = MO + CU ..or

AD / PO = MO / CU

The first member = 206° 37, it is located at 26° 37 Cardinal signs.

The second = 363° 88 = 3° 88 = is 4° 28 Cardinal Signs. They belong to the same axis, as you can see in the graph, however they are not the same in 90° scale but are the same in 22° 30 scale (In fact: 4° 28 + 22° 30 = 26° 58). Deviation +/-1

We can also say that on a scale of 22° 30, Cupido is 10° 16 (77° 46 – 67° 30). Therefore, being the Sensitive Point at 9° 55, it is equal to Cupido 10° 16 on a scale of 22° 30.

Let us dwell on the Sum:

AD + PO = MO + CU = 19° 16 + 7° 21 = 16° 42 + 10° 16 (26° 37 vs 26° 58).

Now all the planets are at 22° 30 scale! Therefore they are comparable.

And only in this case the first member of the equation is equal to the second member.


Example of AN UNOCCUPIED SENSITIVE POINT . graph 1 and 2

It is clear to us that a Sensitive Point is the reflective point not occupied by a planet, or by a personal point, or by a TNP. Witte argued that a planetary picture becomes effective when the sensitive point is made active by a progression or transit or by a planet of one’s partner or by a person with whom one has a close connection. In the last case of an Occupied Sensitive Point or a point which subsequently becomes such, as we have already seen, is equivalent to the equality of two sums or two half sums and is expressed with a + b = c + dor with a / b = c / d.

Let’s examine an example on the Bush chart (first and second graph)

ADMETOS + POSEIDON- ZEUS. Meaning: “to be educated in the use of weapons”

The sensitive point (19° 16 + 7° 21 – 50° 55) is located at 5° 42 of the mobile segment.
As we can see, the three corner points are free of planets, TNp, Personal Points. (It is important to recall here that what is at 45°, at 22° 30, at 67° 30 is the same as what is at 0°).
Therefore the sensitive point is unoccupied.

But let’s look at the next graph which contains, at the date of the Annual Horoscope 2003, the directions and transits.

And here, you see on the graph 2, that one of the unoccupied points is occupied by the
direct URANUS
(43° 16) and by transiting MARS (43° 10).

Therefore during 2003 the Unoccupied Point would be occupied! Meaning: “In 2003 he is ready to act with weapons, indeed he is and eager to act”.

Calculations: 1st member, the sum is 26° 37, in the second member the sum is 93° 71 = 4° 11.
The two values ​​are on the same axis of symmetry but are unequal in 90° scale.

As for the previous example of Occupied Sensitive Point, they are comparable on a scale of 22° 30. (verification 4° 11 + 22° 30 = 26° 41 or 93° 71 – 67° 30 = 26° 41)

PART TWO: Question Posed to The Horoscope (graph 3)

The Horoscope Question is a key point in Uranian astrological research.

A question is posed to the horoscope in the form of a Planetary Picture

and the horoscope provides the answer through the Half-Sums, the Sums, the Sensitive Points built around the Axis of Symmetry that Represents the Question.

The example below and the graph will clarify the concept better.

We choose the Chinese city of Wuhan for our question because at that time it was a city beset by a terrible pulmonary virus.

Particularly we submit the Wuhan chart of the New Moon in January 2020.

The choice of the New Moon, 24 January 2020 is due to the fact that in those days the Wuhan city case (11 million inhabitants) exploded in China and the news spread all over the world. So there was the fear to meet at the same destiny because of the risk of contagion.

In the chaos of those moments, cases of death and contagion in Wuhan began to increase exponentially. There was talk of virus, previously denied by the Chinese authorities even if news was reported of a Chinese researcher (later deceased) who had anticipated the out break of this horrific disease.

The first drastic decisions was made by the Chinese government in those days. In fact on 23 January 2020, the central government of China imposed a lockdown in the city of Wuhan. On that day, Wuhan, as a Coronavirus outbreak, was isolated from the rest of the world in an attempt to stem the virus.

In those days, there was still no talk of a pandemic, but the climate was very rough in the city and it was not totally clear what is happening.

Instead the graph already speaks of pandemic through the asteroid Thucydides.

And the graph also contains some asteroids that better outline the problem.

The question to the horoscope is the following:

What was Happening in Wuhan During Those Days?


We choose the ASCENDANT axis (AS) which represents the place of the investigation – Precisely WUHAN.

The constellation is:AS = NORTH NODE = HADES = VULCANUS :
serious danger, destructiveness. The force of the evil in WUHAN

The other constellations follow with their meaning and they are connected with each other

= MARS + SATURN : connected internally with death

= MARS / NEPTUNE: and with the disease

= Ast. MORDEN / Ast. AVICENNA: death by contagion

=( Ast.PASTEUR =MC) / Ast.PHOENIX: death by virus in Wuhan

= Ast.MALPIGHI / Ast.ORPHEUS: disease of the respiratory system having a risk of death.

= MARS / URANUS : sudden and violent change

= VENUS /APOLLON = The great harmony has broken by destructivity

= Ast. AVICENNA / Ast. STENBERGA: it is a contagious pneumonia

= (Ast. PASTEUR =MC)/ Ast. THUCIDIDES: in fact it is a pandemic . Death

= Ast. ORPHEUS / ZEUS : death suddenly awakens

= Ast. WUHAN / KRONOS : the city of the “crown”. It is a city that stands out from all the others

= URANUS + VULCANU – HADES // MORDEN: a great and sudden danger is coming. It is death

= SATURN + PLUTO – MARS // (MERCURY = POSEIDON : It is a perception of worsening situation. Destructive energy.

=ADMETOS +VULCANUS – Ast.Wuhan // (NEPTUNE /Ast.STENBERGA): An unfavourable change in the existence of the city because of the pneumonia. Wuhan is isolated.

Here we have seen the sequence of delineations in synthesis that gave the tragic answer to the initial question asked to the horoscope. But now we go to analize the deep meanings of every planetary picture.


By developing the Uranian synthesis of these constellations in greater depth, we can focus on them starting from the axis of Ascendant which corresponds to the city of Wuhan as we said before.

The planetary picture HADES=VULCANUS, connected to Wuhan (=NORTH NODE = AS), is one of the most violent and feral. Please note that VULCANUS finds in the axis of AS as full factor in one of the corner points. All the planetary picture contains the influences of problems , including errors, from the past (Note . We know that the severity of the virus was initially denied).

The power of evil is strong in Wuhan therefore a hard time is present at the New Moon of January 2020 for which indicates more and more serious problems to face, including death

With MARS/NEPTUNE people are sick and angry, they act in a climate of confusion and passivity. A lack of hope and resine anger hangs over the city. A period of lethargy has begun, no one will be able to move from their home because there is no doubt of the danger of contagious due to the lethal virus (MARS/NEPTUNE = Ast.AVICENNA/Ast.MORDEN) which affects the respiratory system in a severe and even fatal form (Ast. MALPIGHI/Ast.ORPHEUS)

The image of the city (MC) is that of a place of death due to the lethal virus (Ast.PASTEUR=MC//Ast.PHOENIX).

The severity of the virus is made clear by the reapeted indications of deathand by the fact that it is a pandemic, something of which there was still no awareness in those days (Ast.PASTEUR=MC//Ast.THUCYDIDES).

The situation suddenly precipitates into violence (MARS/URANUS) and the great harmony of the planetary pictures VENUS/APOLLON , in the context of such strong and disharmonious constellations, is broken by destructiveness. Another significant indication of the constellations is that the virus manifest itself through a lung and a serious disease of the respiratory system (pneumonia) (Ast.MALPIGHI/Ast.ORPHEUS) and is also contagious (Ast.AVICENNA/Ast.STEMBERGA).

With ZEUS/Ast.ORPHEUS death suddenly esplode and the city is hit by the “Crown” (Ast.WUHAN/KRONOS). By the way the name of the virus is “crown”. (Corona)

The remaining constellations (sensitive points) also underline the sudden fatal damage (URANUS+VULCANUS-HADES//Ast.MORDEN) while there is a worsening of the situation so there is the perception o fan evil that grows and goes on (SATURN+PLUTO-MARS//MERCURY = POSEIDON). The change is unfavorable in the life of the city because of the pneumonia as if it were a fate that rages over it (ADMETOS+VULCANUS-Ast.WUHAN// NEPTUNE/Ast.STENBERGA).

Wuhan is an isolated city at the New Moon January 2020.

Thanks for your attention

Montepulciano (Italy), September 2020


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APPENDIX: The Name Asteroids — Stories & Signification

Ast.WUAN: is the asteroid of this Chinese city

Ast.MORDEN: is the evolution of the Latin root MORD which stands for death.

Ast.THUCYDIDES: Thucydides was an Athenian historian, in his History of the Peloponnesian War, provides the only known eye-witness account of The Plague of Athens, which struck the city between 430 and 427 BCE, at a time when the city was under siege by Sparta. The Plague claimed the lives of about a third of Athens’ citizens. Thucydides also set down his own truly remarkable insights into the epidemiology of the Plague. His observations led Thucydides to put forward, perhaps for the first time, the notion that an affected individual might pass on a disease, directly, to another individual who is not yet affected.

Ast. AVICENNA: He was a Muslim physician, physicist, philosopher and scientist who lived in ancient Persia in the 10th century. He wrote the treatise “LIBER CANONIS MEDICINAE”.

Ast. PASTEUR: Louis Pasteur was a French chemist and microbiologist. He is considered the founder of modern microbiology, the branch of science that studies the structure and functions of microorganisms, i.e. of those living organisms that are not visible to the naked eye (bacteria, viruses, etc.)

Ast.PHOENIX: From Greek mythology, Phoinix was a wise Greek leader in the Trojan war who raised Achilles and convinced him to join the campaign.

Ast. MALPIGHI: Marcello Malpighi was an Italian physician and biologist and deadly. He was one of the founders of comparative anatomy. Through the systematic use of the microscope he was the first to demonstrate that the lungs are an agglomeration of alveolus surrounded by a capillary network.

Ast.ORPHEUS: Cantor, musician and poet, the myth of Orpheus is one of the most famous. He descended into Hades to recover his beloved wife Eurydice. It is the story of a tragic love because he had to overcome many tests but did not have to turn to look at his wife before coming out of Hades. Believing he was out of it when he wasn’t, he turned to look at her and she disappeared forever.

Ast. STERNBERGA: George Miller Sternberg (1838 – 1915) was a US Army physician who is considered the first US bacteriologist. He discoveerd the cause of lombar pneumonia and confirmed the roles of the bacilli of tubercolosis and typhoid fever.