CARLO MARIA MARTINI HAS RETURNED TO THE LORD IN HEAVEN by Lietta Catoni – Hamburg School Astrology – Edited by Catherine Thomas

November 19th, 2012 | Articoli, News

Cardinal Martini – an approachable man of freedom, charitable, open to dialog, and possessing a

great mental/spiritual strength – left his physical body to ascend to our Lord in Heaven.

Words cannot express the sense of singular purpose in how he lived his life. It has been truly a

privilege to have met him personally and to be acquainted with his books and writings. The main

thread consistently encourages one to be mentally free and for the individual to think for himself

despite what-ever life throws at him.

He expressed the opinion that faith comes from freedom of thought. In his vision, freedom is not an

end in of itself but as a means to search for both “good and justice” because he said that “justice is

the fundamental endowment of God”. He suggested that individuals ought to live life with the spirit

of faith, trusting in its immense value, and hoping to be able to create a dream, and an ideal which

can further assist with daily human difficulties…

“Let’s walk, let’s walk. Let’s walk together in Jerusalem. Let’s walk together towards Jerusalem”.

Lots of times, someone asked me: Why Father do you want go to Jerusalem? I answered: I don’t

know. I go °inspired by the Spirit°, which is that I feel moved inside by the Spirit of God, like St.

Paul. So I am guided to strongly follow these feelings, living them in my heart. Also, I go without

any idea about what will be happen to me there. Nobody knows what can happen in Jerusalem

where so many painful and excruciating things have taken place (from his book: “VERSO

GERUSALEMME”- see the bibliography).

Remembering him fondly, let’s take a glance at his natal, direct (solar arc) and transit chart on the

day of his passing. Using the Uranian interpretation on the Dial 90° (plus Dial 15° only for the

MC axis) and choosing to show only a few main axes. Not enough can be said about his human

qualities, his prophetic gifts, his fortitude to act against the general trend, his great spiritual stature.

Natal chart on the DIAL 90° and 15° Graphic N. 1 and next ones (no graphic for the Dial 15°)

N.1: MERIDIAN AXIS (MC): his personality


(Other planetary pictures to follow):

Carlo Maria Martini’s personality (MC), is totally reflected in his external behaviour (Sun).

He grew up in the nobility of the spirit (Neptune = Poseidon) through the fundamental

relationship with his Mother starting from the early childhood (Moon+Kronos-Lunar Node):

These are the other planetary pictures in this axis:

= VENUS = MERCURY* = VULCANUS* = MOON* (* these are the main factors on the


SATURN (33°45’) = Local Meridian MILAN = Aries point / APOLLON = (VENUS/HADES)


…In relationship to his Mother, Carlo Maria possessed great empathy, sensitivity, and

perception (MOON). He grew up in a harmonious environment with his mental equilibrium

becoming receptive/open to refined psychic perceptions as well as high minded thoughts (MC/

Venus with Mercury-Vulcanus). He also developed the capacity to meditate and to reflect

upon everything forming a personal opinion on what he observed. He also cultivated his mind

both on the psychical and spiritual planes with a view to applying this knowledge for a higher

purpose (Venus = Mercury, Vulcanus = Neptune = Poseidon).

During his intellectual spiritual and physic wanderings, his personality lent him (=Jupiter

= Saturn = Poseidon) to take part in the cultural and spiritual transformation of Society

(=Pluto/Cupido), both in Milan than in other circles around the world (= Aries Point

/ Apollon) through his words, sermons and personal books (=Mercury = Vulcanus). A

significant spiritual contribution was in his teaching of Theology, being a great expert on

the Bible (= Jupiter = Saturn = Poseidon). The planetary picture (VE/HA)/ (ME=VU) shows

his love for research of very old texts (like the Bible) while PL/ (JU/KR) points to great

authoritative success.

Note: Even though people would know him as a courageous man (MC=Mars), often he

mentioned his weakness (see his book: “Night Conversation in Jerusalem” where the planetary

picture MC=Neptune is pointed out).

“I would ask him (Jesus) if He loves me although I am so weak also having made so many

mistakes…” On the other hand, by reading his books we see that Card. Martini trusts his

consciousness a.f : “ The consciousness is the most secret place and also the shrine of the human

being…it opens towards the divine aims which inspires courage” (MC=Poseidon)

Now a short historical frame to remember what Card. Martini really did. He was a teacher who

encouraged debate about the Bible at the Pontificio Istituto Biblico (He held the chair of “Textual

Criticism). Then when he became Archbishop, he coached classes on “Divine Letio” (interpretation

of the Scriptures) for people who attended Milan Cathedral during his 22 years of service. His

behavior put the personal human consciousness above the external rules. It doesn’t facilitate

the mental, psychic and philosophical agreement with the religious and more conservative

Community (= Pluto/Admetos =… in the MC axis above). Nevertheless, he attained greater

realizations in the higher spiritual concepts (= Vulcanus = Poseidon). “Card. Martini had a

terrific capacity- being a priest of souls – to express faithfulness without any compromise to the

Word of God all the while living in the external world” (from Marco Garzonio in the book : IL

CARDINALE. M. Garzonio’ words go in the direction of card. Martini constellations).

N 2. SUN AXIS: The external I.



MOON/APOLLON = L.A. Jerusalem / (MERCURY = VULCANUS) = AS / L.A Jerusalem =


Carlo Maria Martini was conscious about his aims to have a mission during his life

(SUN=MC). His activism (=MARS) was strongly underlined from his idealism and faith

(=NEPTUNE, gave him Afterlife perception). The loftiness of his soul (MO/AP) put him in

touch with many people, he was always in constant motion and travelled frequently (JU=SA //


He often was sad about the separations. These are his words:

“I felt saddened particularly having the task in life to separate and bid farewell when some

people left me or when I had to leave them. Or when I felt unable to find a solution. All that brings

wound…Then again I had the chance to feel that doubt brings something new and deeper…Of

course, one must place one’s trust in God ” (from the book mentioned above).

The place where he was able to express the force of his thoughts was Jerusalem. (LA.

Jerusalem. /ME=VU = MA = VE/KR = VE/ZE = AS/LA Jerusalem.). There he worked with

joy and love by himself and together with others (In fact his book: “Conversazioni Notturne a

Gerusalemme” was written in collaboration with Father Georg Sporschill).

PLEASE NOTE: The planetary picture MARS=NEPTUNE refers to his SUN which underlines

his generous nature. It enables him to steer his energies to inner research for both himself and

others. This planetary picture is demonstrated by personal action undertaken by his personal

participation chiefly aimed at good causes. His willpower and aims tend to be idealistic, but he is

also able to have control over both feelings and passions, in part, due to his mental high qualities

and aspirations.

MARS = NEPTUNE = SUN is also an illness constellation that biologically can bring the

diagnosis “Paralysis of the Muscles”. By the way in 2002, Hades direct triggered his natal Sun

=Mars = Neptune: Cardinal Martini fell ill with Parkinson’s disease!

By taking a more in-depth look at the planetary pictures above, we can add that MERCURY/

POSEIDON made him happy when he could immerse himself in his studies.

By VULCANUS/POSEIDON Cardinal Martini radiated a strong “aura” and expressed

himself with great confidence (MC/KRONOS = MC/ZEUS). In fact he clearly was a higher

human being and also an authoritative person who was able to act independently. He was

both a courageous leader and a good strategist, always being ready to give help even focusing

his will where noble causes were concerned. He was a mental spiritual reformer, having

a creative mind and in possession of a strong intuition complemented by his outstanding

communication skills. He was also an individualist (in fact the planet Uranus ruler of his Sun

underlines his sense of “singularity”. Please see the planetary picture MERCURY=VULCANUS



Carlo Maria MARTINI was a terrific prelate and he sought “to obey” according to the main

doctrines of Catholicism. Being a Jesuit he couldn’t occupy a highly visible position in the

world. However, Pope Johannes Paulus, II, thought differently and assigned him Archbishop

of Milan, from 1980 to 2002 . When he reached his 75th year he had the right to retire and

did so. Retiring into the academic world, studying the beloved Scriptures in Jerusalem.

Unfortunately, he suffered from Parkinson’s disease (Hades d. solar arc at that age. This was

connected with his natal SU=MA=NE, see above). He stayed in Jerusalem from 2002 till 2008.

The planetary pictures on the Aries Axis show both his religious/spiritual role and being duty


ARIES AXIS = POSEIDON = CUPIDO/KRONOS =MC/SUN: “He is a religious head

(Archbishop) in the public life”.

= JUPITER : “ lucky leader ”

=SATURN: “he must obey. And so was not totally free to do what he wanted”.


Let’s look at two significant axes:

Day and hour of the death (graphic n. 4): SUN t. = MOON t = ADMETOS d. = LUNAR

NODE d. = VENUS t = SUN/KRONOS r.: “A religious person (VE=AD) who is very

prominent (Father Carlo Maria Martini : SUN/KRONOS), is connected (LUNAR NODE d.)

harmoniously (VENUS t) to death (ADMETOS d.).

The MINUTE of his death (graphic n. 5) : MC t. (the minute at Gallarate) = MARS/SATURN

r. (death) = JUPITER and SATURN d. (transiting to another “place”) = NEPTUNE t. (that

is : Afterlife ) = POSEIDON t. = ARIES d. = POSEIDON d. = ARIES/MC r. (all the last 4

constellations show a condition of spiritualization) = (KRONOS d = MARS/SATURN t.)

/ HADES t. (the last 2 constellations show a dying ill body. It’s the death of a leader or a

king though) = SATURN t. / (KRONOS=URANUS) t. (that gives the confirmation that an

authoritative person passes away all of a sudden) = MC/SUN d. = MC/NEPTUN d. (he holds

fast to his ideals) = SUN t / SUN r. = LM / LA Jerusalem (considering that the 2 constellations

are connected with POSEIDON t., it is clear that Jerusalem is his destination). In synthesis we

can say:

“The day of his death and particularly during the last minute of his life,

Cardinal Carlo Maria Martini was still in his body being at the same time

spiritualized and ready to leave. He is intended to go to the Afterlife, that is

towards the Jerusalem in the Heavens (LM/LA Jerusalem = POSEIDON t.)”

Quoting his words: “…Besides I would ask Him (to Jesus) if in the moment of my physical death,

He will come to pick me up. If He will receive my soul? In those difficult moments, I’ll pray to

Him to send me his angels or saints or friends who are able to hold out my hand and help me to

overcome my fear” (from his book: Conversazioni notturne in Gerusalemme).

Written on his grave in the Cathedral of Milan there are the special words of the Psalm 118,105

NUN, that he chose during his life: “Your word is a lamp to my feet and a light to my paths”.


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