Francine Rasenberg – Celebration of the Uranian Society of New York

ottobre 19th, 2012 | Meeting Uraniani

Dear astrological friends,

First of all I would like to thank the organisation of your Uranian Society for granting me the opportunity to congratulate you with your 25th Celebration, also on behalf of the dutch association W.K.O., a cosmobiological research group in the Netherlands, of which I am a board member.

As such I and my association consider it a privilege to contribute to the recently founded Hamburg School Astrological Research Centre by Udo Rudolph and Lietta Catoni. A major step towards further international expansion and innovation of the Uranian astrological principles developped by the great Alfred Witte.

Like Udo and Lietta already stated, Wittès genial mind introduced the principle of symmetry into astrology, a today’s overall accepted natural law in quantum fysics. Recent research on the human brain has illustrated that the quantum principle of symmetry resonates in mankind: in the moment that the mind decides where to focus upon in the outer world a specific quantum particle out of the wave of particles becomes fixed. With other words the awareness of the observer determines the observed particle and in fact creates its own reality.

Studying Uranian astrology therefore means studying the cosmic natural laws, re-affirming the ancient principle of Hermes Trimestigos: as above so below. Traditional astrology links the planetary influences to human life, whereas Witte introduced 8 more so-called transneptunians, 8 mathematical, invisible points reveiling a transcedental and divine vibrational character.

Since ancient times esoteric teachings like Theosophy – and it is no coincidence that we are gathered today in their building- tell us that man is a 7 fold manifestation of the so to speak 8th factor: the absolute eternal Infinite, known as Parabrahman in the Vedic-, and the Kingdom of Heaven in the Christian tradition . According to these teachings Man’s evolutionary mission is to transform and transcend his awareness of the 4 lower conscious bodies towards the 3 higher conscious bodies to finally emerge fully aware through the 7 levels back into the Absolute All.

The evolutionary stage of humankind has come to a point in the age of Acquarius where we all consciously want to know where we come from, what we are doing on this planet and where we are going to.

In the past decade, especially in the Netherlands and France, another form of transpersonal astrology, the Black Lights Astrology developped by the french astrophilosopher Jean Carteret is flowering, introducing also 8 mathematical invisible points with a transcedental connotation trying to answer the above raised questions about man’s evolutionary mission on earth..

Is it a coincidence that the Hamburg School came up with the number 8? Esoterically the number 8 reveals the upstanding Lemniscate, symbol of man standing between Earth and Heaven.

Already in Ancient times people were impressed by the stellar group the Pleiades, consisting of 7 stars, the so called watchers around the 8th nucleus solar star. This stellar group is mentioned 3 times in the Bible as well in the Odyssee of Homer.In ancient cultures it was believed that the star Alcyone of the Pleiades was the centre of the Universe and that mankind came from where the gods resided as well as the spirits of the dead. We know that the earth rotates around the centre of the Pleiades in 25.800 years.

Let the spiritual astrological impulses in this coming Acquarius Age maybe an inspiration for all uranian astrologers and invite us to even explore deeper into Wittès genial writings to find more innovative formulations, especially with the help of the fine vibrational influences of the 8 Transneptunians.

The horoscope of my dutch association W.K.O. contains in this respect the sensitive point of 3 sums that Lietta is testing for our Research Centre: on 22.30 Libra Librawe find:Lunar Node+Poseidon+Kronos= (Mc/Cu)/(Su/Cu)= Aries point=Ma/(Ar/As)=Ve/ZeusNorth Moon Node+Poseidon+Kronos=(Meridian/Cupido)/(Sun/Cupido)=Aries=Mars/(Aries/Ascendent)=VE/Zeuswhich tells us that our group is motivated on a spiritual level and aims to move creatively towards its spiritual connotation by internal aspiration as well as external image.

A remarkable discovery I made is that this sensitive point on 22.30 Libra Libra coincides with some of the 8 points of the forementioned transpersonal astrology of Carteret: namely the point of the Black Moon (14.07 Scorpio Scorpio ) : symbol of the hidden spiritual treasure to be found and unveiled by the hero through conscious efforts and on 22.11 Libra Libra the Beast. The Beast is the point of the basic compelling creative yet unstructured unconscious energy, the mother battery so to speak with a minimum of form yet , which triggers the Lunar Nodal Axis in order to reach its opposite point on 22.11 Aries Aries, called the Dragon, where a maximum of form in consiousness is accomplished with a minimum of energy. But as we all know the Dragon needs to be defeated before it defeats us, so that we can return again to the point of the Beast, the mother battery to trigger a new shot of creative energy in our search for awareness.

Since this sensitive point of 22.30 Libra Libra is conjunct my personal Lunar Node it feels for me therefore as an honour to give this mission a positive impulse right here today on your 25th Celebration in New York.

Thank you for your attention